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Gut Reaction: Week 6 - Broncos vs Jaguars

The Broncos delivered an easy victory, 35-19. They held their opponent scoreless in the first and fourth quarters. They allowed fewer than a hundred rushing yards yet again.

Oh, did I mention they are 6-0?

Then why does this win feel like a loss?

I guess that’s what happens when expectations are set as high as the Rocky Mountains, when your team is setting scoring records, and finally, when fans want the sun, moon, and the Super Bowl.

We should probably get used to it.

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Gut Reaction: Week 3 - Broncos vs Raiders

The image that I enjoyed most tonight was one you probably didn’t even notice.

Adam Gase on the sidelines, looking like a football nerd, intensity washed over his face, calling plays as fast as his brain could think and his mouth could move.

On the other end, a football cyborg named Peyton Manning: half man, half machine, calculating the defense’s moves three or four steps ahead, changing the play with the mere flick of a hand.

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Gut Reaction: Week 1 - Broncos vs Ravens

No Von Miller? No Champ Bailey?

No big deal.

We’ve been telling readers for weeks now that as Peyton Manning goes, so do the Broncos. We gesticulated the notion that with Wes Welker, the Broncos were going to score more, not fewer points. What we didn’t tell you was that Peyton Manning would be on pace for 112 touchdowns.

Okay, I’m getting a little carried away now, but you get the drift. Bring me a team that puts up 30 points a week, and we can have a discussion about the Broncos losing a game. Otherwise, John Fox is keeping his foot on the gas this time.

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Gut Reaction: Preseason Week 4 - Broncos vs Cardinals

The final preseason game—little scheming, fewer names, and absolutely zero meaning.

To make matters worse, a lot of dudes wearing orange and blue tonight won’t have a job tomorrow. That’s a cold reality in a colder football world. It’s a little depressing, frankly—like an afterschool special without the moral lesson.

The good news is that Peyton Manning has been game planning to pluck the feathers out of the Ravens for two weeks.

So take a day and lament the Broncos who won’t have jobs tomorrow. Thank them for their service. Even wish some of them a path to the practice squad.

Then get ready for some big-boy football, the kind they play when the scores start to matter.

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Gut Reaction: Preseason Week 3 - Broncos vs Rams

Hey, you want in on a little secret?

Come closer. No, closer. Close enough so you can’t feel the spittle from Dan Dierdorf’s lips.

That’s better. Okay, here it is: the Broncos have exactly zero takeaways over their past two games, yet they’ve given the ball away eight times.

If it wasn’t the preseason, and if Peyton Manning wasn’t a Golden God, I’d probably be worried.

So for now, let’s just keep this between the two of us.

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Gut Reaction: Preseason Week 2 - Broncos @ Seahawks

This week, the US Government confirmed the existence of Area 51.

It means that weird stuff does happen, not just in the proximity of a Skip Bayless tweet.

Tonight, the Broncos saw just how absurd things can get: a kickoff returned against them for a touchdown, a fumble recovery returned the length of the field for a touchdown, and that doesn’t include the freak injuries to key players.

It got so odd, the Broncos should be happy aliens didn’t land on the fifty-yard line and take Von Miller captive for four weeks of testing.

For now, let’s just hope the Broncos get back to Denver, lick their wounds, get to the next game, and leave the strange probing to Roger Goodell.

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Gut Reaction: Preseason Week 1 - Broncos @ 49ers

I’ve been waiting an entire offseason to write this, but here goes:

Rahim Moore, you’re off the hook. In fact, you’re already victorious in my eyes.

How so?  Given that none of us—the organization, the players, the fans—can change the results of last year’s playoff loss, my definition of victory evolved once preseason began.

And once I saw Rahim Moore take the field tonight and play (even just a few snaps) with the ferocity I’d hoped to see from him, I knew he’d already won.

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Tracy Porter really wanted to wear No. 24 for the Oakland Raiders

Tracy Porter wanted to wear No. 24 for the Oakland Raiders. So did Charles Woodson.

As one might expect, Woodson won out, despite the fact that Porter already had the number before Woodson's signing earlier this year.

Porter was less than enthusiastic;with with the result.  That's when he went to Twitter, of course:

Well you Raiders fans...your guy has 24. It was TAKEN from me and given to him. #congrats.....too funny how this biz "works"��

— ♌Tracy Porter♌ (@TracyPorter) July 24, 2013

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Gut Reaction: Broncos may lose Von Miller

Chill.  Just chill the f#$k out.

Everyone is overreacting to the news that the Broncos could lose Von Miller for four games.  Putting aside the moral judgments for a moment, let's look at this from a football perspective.

The Broncos won, on average, by 12 points last year.

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Why making a play is so important (or how Bill Walsh reminded me again of Joe Flacco)

So how's your summer reading going?

I'm currently in the process of reading Bill Walsh's Finding the Winning Edge, the so-called bible of coaching, according to everyone from Brian Billick (who helped Walsh write the book) to Bill Belichick, who says the book confirmed his style of coaching (a manic obsession with details).

As I make my way through the book (it's well over 500 pages), I plan on posting excerpts if they seem interesting.  And let me tell you, there's a gem on every page.  Today I ran across something that is as common sense as it gets, but worth repeating:

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