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Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Michael Schofield with pick #95

There's nothing fancy or pretty with this pick of Michigan tackle Michael Schofield. It was simply made with depth and flexibility in mind.

Like Orlando Franklin before him, Schofield is a tall and powerful run blocker who can grind dudes into the ground if he has leverage.

It's the same reason why he could also flex to guard for the Broncos if needed.

And as we all learned last year, there's no assurance the Broncos will finish the year with their tackles intact.

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Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Cody Latimer with pick #56

At the end of the first round, the Broncos had a chance to grab a top wideout in Marqise Lee. They passed.

The wideout they drafted with their second pick may be a better option anyway.

Cody Latimer is literally bigger, stronger, and faster than Lee, who got a lot of street cred because he played for USC. Latimer's alma mater has no such credibility.

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Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Bradley Roby at #31

There are many truisms in the NFL draft, but the Broncos just got two for the price of one with their pick of Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby.

The first: all things being equal, avoid wide receivers in the first round. They simply have a much higher bust rate.

The second: you can never have enough quality cornerbacks.

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Gut Reaction: Super Bowl 48 - Broncos vs Seahawks

There’s a lot of emotion swirling inside any Broncos fan right now. A loss like this one feels raw, exhausting, and most of all, personal.

After all, we’ve been with this team for 19 games now. We’ve watched them set records, only to fall well short in the biggest game of the year.

But let’s face it, today was never meant to be the Broncos’ day. We need to accept that fact. The first play of the game was a self-induced safety. The first play of the second half was something I can only describe as completely bizarre.

But even without such alien abductions, the Seahawks were the better team.

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Super Bowl 48 Limerick

Welcome to the Super Bowl, Denver. Today's limerick is a little different. That's because it's hard to be obscene when you're so damn giddy. So I went the inspirational route:

Who will put on this game their stamp

to complete the Broncos revamp?

Who will bring to this town

the Lombardi crown

so Pat can say THIS one's for Champ?

For one last time, this season: GO BRONCOS!

Belichick shines light on Welker to remove it from Brady

By now everyone has heard: Bill Belichick thinks Wes Welker's hit on Aqib Talib in yesterday's game was one of the worst plays he's ever seen.

It's laughable of course. Many have pointed out that Julian Edelman's hit on Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie a series prior was actually more egregious. Watch the play and see for yourself. If anyone is going to get fined, it's Edelman, not Welker.

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Terrance Knighton scores a sinister +5.6 from PFF; Champ not far behind

The boys over at Pro Football Focus just came out with their grades from yesterday's game, and the highest of any Bronco came from Terrance Knighton, who scored a deadly +5.6--territory generally reserved for DTs like Gerald McCoy and Ndamukong Suh.

Knighton managed to best even Peyton Manning, who scored a +4.7, and Orlando Franklin, who graded out at +4.3.

And for those who wondered about Champ Bailey, he posted a grade of +2.6.

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Gut Reaction: Seahawks 23, 49ers 17

It's official. The Broncos will be facing the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl in two weeks.

After watching the Seahawks beat the 49ers a few minutes ago, I can safely say: no big deal. There is no 12th man in New Jersey.

What will invariably be billed as the league's best defense versus Peyton Manning, will actually be a banged-up defense facing the best offense of all time.

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Gut Reaction: AFC Championship - Broncos vs Patriots

The smile on Champ Bailey’s face said it all.

A grin as wide as his Hall of Fame career has been long.

And now, thanks to a little Peyton Manning pixie dust (via the legend John Elway), Bailey is going to play in his first Super Bowl and biggest game of his career.

Elway, for his part, did say he was going to restore greatness to the Broncos.

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Playoff Limerick: New England Patriots

On the biggest game of the year, I couldn't help but state the obvious:

It's been fifteen years since we've seen

the AFC champs--that's obscene.

It ends on this day

with the Broncos' big play

and Tom Brady is missing his spleen.

Go Broncos!