Elway: Moore and Bailey staying put

John Elway spent a few minutes this morning discussing the Broncos' offseason plans on 104.3 The Fan. As should be expected, he didn't really give anything away, and of course, it's Lying Season, anyway. With that in mind, here are a few key points from the brief interview:

On how the team feels about its group of safeties:

Rahim made tremendous strides from his rookie year til last year. He just misjudged that ball, and that's something we can work on. Quinton Carter is coming off injury, and Adams had a real good year, and so with safeties, we're happy with where we are.

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Orlando Franklin: Peyton Manning audibled about 80% of the time

Orlando Franklin made his annual in-studio visit to SportsNet 590 The Fan's Prime Time Sports radio program out of Toronto.  The interview (click on January 29th, 6pm) was interesting enough that we decided to transcribe it in its entirety.

Franklin speaks on several subjects, including the potential surgery on his shoulder, the Broncos offense in 2012, Peyton Manning's calls at the line of scrimmage, the differences between Manning and Tim Tebow, and finally, his Super Bowl prediction. 

Franklin is quickly becoming one of our favorite interviews.  He's always chilled out, very measured with this words, and the dude understands football.  He rarely dumbs things down.  Notice that he seems to have put the Ravens loss into perspective already.  If only it were so easy for the fans.

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Virgil Green on pancaking dudes and playing Call of Duty with Colin Kaepernick

Alfred Williams and Darren McKee rarely go an hour without having some fun (I personally have developed a drinking game associated with Big Al's use of the phrase: "Hey, let me tell you something, man").  This was certainly the case tonight when the duo interviewed Broncos tight end Virgil Green.  

It's hard to come away from the interview without liking Green, both as a player and as a person.  Now that I know Green and Kaepernick play Call of Duty together, it's on.    

On if he ever felt lost last year
"There's been times like that, many times, even in college.  Like the coaches always say, 'if you're going to make a mistake, just make it full speed.' So I just run wherever I can full speed."

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Stokley: Fans need to be rockin’ against the Ravens

On Monday night, Broncos wide receiver Brandon Stokley joined Alfred Williams and Darren McKee on the third hour of 104.3's The Drive.  The discussion centered mostly on the Broncos' upcoming game with the Ravens.  Here are some highlights:

On whether the Broncos are going to win one for Brandon on his way out like the Ravens are doing for Ray Lewis:

"Let's do it...If I've got to get out there and dance, I'll get out there and dance."

On whether he's looking forward to seeing Ray Lewis:

"Yeah I am, and hopefully making it his last game ever...I know what kind of energy he brings to that team, I know the difference when he's in the lineup and when he's not in the lineup.  So we're going to see a different Ravens team this time around, a much improved Ravens team, and I think we're all looking forward to that challenge...We understand that what we did in the past doesn't matter."

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John Elway: The Broncos were in the worst shape ever when I took over

John Elway joined the usually gruff Sandy Clough yesterday morning on 104.3 The Fan, Denver's local sports talk radio station.  He opened up quite a bit on his thinking over the last two years on the job. I was struck by one particular answer regarding Clough's glowing praise for Peyton Manning's intelligence:

There were a lot of good things that Peyton hadn't seen before that Mike McCoy and Gase were doing...Peyton saw something he hadn't seen in 14 he got some new ideas from McCoy and Gase.  And to me it made that package that much better and I think that's why we had the year we had offensively.

This is a slightly different narrative than the one we're used to--you know, the one that paints the Broncos as an exact replica of the Peyton Manning Machine that existed in Indianapolis.  Perhaps this was true at the beginning of the year, when the Broncos utlized the fullback more often, but my guess here is that Elway doing what all good bosses do, which is to spread the credit around so that everyone feels ownership over the result.  Elway could be helping McCoy out as well, during a time when teams across the league want to know that McCoy has the chops to be a head coach.  Of course, the final explanation could be the most likely: McCoy knows his stuff, and in his time in Denver (and beyond), he picked up some additional offensive strategies from guys like boy genius Josh McDaniels (gasp!).

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