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Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Cody Latimer with pick #56

At the end of the first round, the Broncos had a chance to grab a top wideout in Marqise Lee. They passed.

The wideout they drafted with their second pick may be a better option anyway.

Cody Latimer is literally bigger, stronger, and faster than Lee, who got a lot of street cred because he played for USC. Latimer's alma mater has no such credibility.

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Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Bradley Roby at #31

There are many truisms in the NFL draft, but the Broncos just got two for the price of one with their pick of Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby.

The first: all things being equal, avoid wide receivers in the first round. They simply have a much higher bust rate.

The second: you can never have enough quality cornerbacks.

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Gut Reaction: Reading into Champ Bailey’s release

Look, we all saw this coming, didn't we? It's been obvious for many months now that Champ Bailey would not be back in 2014, at least not at his $10M cap figure.

The only question was whether the future HOFer would accept a hefty pay cut and/or shift to safety in order to stick around.

Obviously, the answers are no, and no.

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Gut Reaction: Broncos extend Elway’s contract, name him GM

On Wednesday morning, the Broncos announced they've extended John Elway's contract three years - through the 2017 season - and added GM to his title.

With final say on all personnel decisions, Elway has been the de facto GM since he first took over as VP of football ops in 2011, even though Brian Xanders had the title of GM through that season.

Said the Duke of his extension,

I am grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given with the Broncos. Our goal is to continue building on the culture of winning established by Pat Bowlen, and we remain relentlessly committed to delivering a World Championship to our fans.

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Gut Reaction: Super Bowl 48 - Broncos vs Seahawks

There’s a lot of emotion swirling inside any Broncos fan right now. A loss like this one feels raw, exhausting, and most of all, personal.

After all, we’ve been with this team for 19 games now. We’ve watched them set records, only to fall well short in the biggest game of the year.

But let’s face it, today was never meant to be the Broncos’ day. We need to accept that fact. The first play of the game was a self-induced safety. The first play of the second half was something I can only describe as completely bizarre.

But even without such alien abductions, the Seahawks were the better team.

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Gut Reaction: Seahawks 23, 49ers 17

It's official. The Broncos will be facing the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl in two weeks.

After watching the Seahawks beat the 49ers a few minutes ago, I can safely say: no big deal. There is no 12th man in New Jersey.

What will invariably be billed as the league's best defense versus Peyton Manning, will actually be a banged-up defense facing the best offense of all time.

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Gut Reaction: AFC Championship - Broncos vs Patriots

The smile on Champ Bailey’s face said it all.

A grin as wide as his Hall of Fame career has been long.

And now, thanks to a little Peyton Manning pixie dust (via the legend John Elway), Bailey is going to play in his first Super Bowl and biggest game of his career.

Elway, for his part, did say he was going to restore greatness to the Broncos.

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Gut Reaction: Don’t fret over the loss of Chris Harris

Happy Tuesday, friends. We’ve gotten a couple of emails lately wondering how the Broncos are going to deal with the loss of Chris Harris, their best and most consistent defensive back.

The simple answer is that the other defensive backs are going to have to step up. Duh, right?

I’m going to go a little beyond that today, even in a brief little post. The Broncos are actually pretty lucky right now, because none of the other three teams left in the playoffs are particularly well-built to capitalize on the loss of Harris.

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Gut Reaction: Divisional Round - Broncos vs Chargers

While the 24-17 final score won't indicate it, this win was as good as a blowout.

The Chargers couldn't score until the fourth quarter; when they did, it took some pretty fluky stuff to get them into the game. Some garbage zone, blown coverages, and an onside kick later, the game narrowed.

But let's face it, the Chargers came into the game wanting to attack the edges on first and second down. The signing of Jeremy Mincey, which may turn out to be one of the best signings of the year, made this team stronger outside the tackles. And while you may not believe it, Nate Irving and Shaun Phillips both set the edge as well as Von Miller could have.

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Gut Reaction: Chargers 27, Bengals 10

After a week of waiting, the Broncos finally know who they'll be facing in the playoffs.

The good news? The Broncos ended up getting the weakest team in the playoffs, the San Diego Chargers. The Pats can have Andrew Luck--naked or otherwise...

The bad? There is no bad news, my friends. The Chargers are gonna get creamed.

Wait, you might say. Shouldn't we be at least a little worried? The Chargers just beat the Bengals, in Cincinnati, after all.

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