Gut Reaction: Week 11 - Broncos @ Rams

The Broncos are the Little Red Riding Hood of the NFL.

They’re cute, everyone likes them, and they can even skip through most of the forest of the NFL season without a lot of fear.

Ah, but there’s grandma’s house waiting at the end. And, like the monster waiting in grandma’s bed, the NFL playoffs have one hell of a bite.

Can the Broncos figure out the signs before they are devoured? Grandma’s big teeth? The horrible play of the offensive line. Grandma’s big eyes? The penalties. Grandma’s deep voice? The turnovers.

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Final Score: Rams 22, Broncos 7 (Updated)

It was hard to get excited for Sunday's game; there was little upside to it, and only a blowout win would be satisfactory from Denver's standpoint.

What followed was pretty much the worst case scenario, short of an injury to Peyton Manning.

Denver (7-3) fell 22-7 at St. Louis, lost Julius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Montee Ball to injury, and dropped into a tie with Kansas City atop the AFCW.

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Gut Reaction: Week 10 - Broncos @ Raiders

We all find comfort in the familiar.

The flannel shirt you wore right out of the dryer, your girlfriend’s banana bread, a Showgirls marathon on TV—these are the things that make us whole.

But nothing gives comfort like a game against the Oakland Raiders.

Perhaps it’s the porous coverage or the liquid tackling. Or maybe it’s just the way Raiders fans act like they could bite the head off a bat but really go home and play 50 Shades of Grey.

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Final Score: Broncos 41, Raiders 17 (Updated)

Denver (7-2) and Peyton Manning overcame an ugly opening 20 minutes to unleash five straight touchdown passes in a 41-17 drubbing at Oakland (0-9).

A pair of interceptions by Manning helped stake the Raiders to an early 10-6 lead, but the first-place Broncos poured it on from there.

Manning finished with 340 yards, five scores, and two picks in three quarters of play.

Emmanuel Sanders and Julius Thomas each caught a pair of touchdowns, while C.J. Anderson added 163 yards from scrimmage and a highlight reel 51-yard score.

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Gut Reaction: Week 9 - Broncos @ Patriots

In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.

“Son,” he said to me, “just remember, good fortune just means life is about to kick your ass.”

The Broncos were at the top of all the power rankings last week. In fact, many pundits were already predicting they’d win it all.

So much for that nonsense. Let the Patriots have the praise.

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Final Score: Patriots 43, Broncos 21 (Updated)

Special teams mistakes, interceptions, and penalties doomed the Broncos (6-2) in a 43-21 (Game Book) beating at the hands of the host Patriots (7-2).

Peyton Manning threw a pair of touchdowns passes, but each of his two interceptions led to a short touchdown drive for New England.

Tom Brady threw four touchdown passes, while his one pick occurred with the Pats already ahead by 20 points.

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Chargers mauled in Miami, passed in AFCW by Chiefs

Kansas City (5-3) leapfrogged over San Diego (5-4) into second place in the AFCW by winning their third straight game.

The Chiefs easily handled the visiting Jets 24-10, handing the LOL worthy team their eighth consecutive loss.

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Gut Reaction: Week 8 - Broncos vs Chargers

It’s still a week away from Halloween, but the Broncos are getting scary.

Too many monsters. Too many ways for the opponent to die.

Tonight, the Broncos fed the Frankenstein that was Emmanuel Sanders.

The Chargers were torn limb from limb.

Be afraid, AFC West. Be very afraid.

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Final Score: Broncos 35, Chargers 21 (Updated)

Denver (6-1) extended its lead in the AFCW to 1.5 games with an emphatic 35-21 win (Game Book) over San Diego (5-3) on Thursday night.

Emmanuel Sanders caught three touchdown passes from Peyton Manning, and Juwan Thompson added two short rushing scores.

Ronnie Hillman had another big game, with 138 yards from scrimmage for his third straight 100-yard game in as many starts.

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Gut Reaction: Week 7 - Broncos vs 49ers

Records are made to be broken, so they say.

When Peyton Manning is involved, though, they are simply broken to be made again. And again. And Again.

With every touchdown pass he throws, Manning rewrites the record books in orange and blue.

Is there any reason to think Manning can’t throw another 100 touchdowns as a Bronco?

No. No there is not.

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