Testing Sly Williams

Sylvester Williams started his college career at Coffeyville Community College. By the time he had finished his second season there, he was an honorable mention Junior College All-American with 12.5 tackles for loss and five blocked kicks.

He was given no shortage of options on schools to attend after that, but he decided on North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and immediately entered the starting lineup there in 2011. He had 54 tackles (seven for loss) and 2.5 sacks, and fit well with the great talent all along the Tar Heels defensive line.

Denver took him with the 28th pick in the first round of the 2013 Draft, and they count themselves lucky to do so. So do I. I’m going through his film at this point, (which isn’t a burden) and I’ll need a few days to get it all done. But until then, an ESPN Sport Science segment featuring him gives us and the Broncos a lot of good reasons why we all should be happy with him:

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Green Bay extends Rodgers; Steelers add Stephens-Howling; Jags may take corner atop second round

We'll continue to keep you posted on the day's developing news here.

Updated 6:15pm ET

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Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Sylvester Williams

The IAOFM staff discuss the Broncos' selection of North Carolina DT Sylvester Williams in the 2013 NFL Draft

TJ: First Manti Te'o mention!  Drink! Another one!  Berman said, Te'o!  drink! I'm already hammered! They've already said it a dozen times.

Doc: Should make this easier; Gruden's having an orgasm over Te’o right now.

Ted: Let the record show that Ted Bartlett says the top two players in this class are Star Lotulelei and Jarvis Jones.

TJ: Haha, I'm glad you said that, since I was telling my good friend Doug Lee that I wanted Lotulelei, but that I wasn't going to get him.

Doc: I only hope that he doesn't fall to the Raiders.

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Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Sylvester Williams

After all these years, after all the whining I’ve done for the Broncos to pick a defensive tackle in the first round, they finally went and did it.

So you’d think I’d be excited as hell.

I'm only halfway there, and perhaps it's not because I'm so down on Sylveser Williams, as much as I was hoping the Broncos would move up and grab Star Lotulelei or Sharrif Floyd as they fell down the board.

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Broncos select UNC DT Sylvester Williams 28th overall

After years of unmet expectations that the Broncos would take a defensive tackle atop their draft classes, they finally did so on Thursday night, when it was least anticipated. Denver went with a former reclamation project at #28, stealing North Carolina defensive tackle Sylvester Williams.

Williams played only one year of high school ball, and when no colleges came calling on the recruiting trail, he assumed his career had come to an end. So he traded the gridiron for working in a factory making radiator parts for trucks.

Updated 4/27/13 11:51am ET

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Live 2013 NFL Draft analysis: First round

Ted Bartlett evaluates draft-eligible prospects in his spare time, among a number of activities he pursues, including managing an accounting team, golf, studying for the CPA exam, insulting various religious figures in writing, and generally, staying ahead of more than a few curves.  During the 2012 NFL Draft, he wiped the passion off of Jeff Legwold's face by nailing the Derek Wolfe pick, when Jeff had never even heard of him.  Ted also focuses on the NFL's business and legal environment, offensive and defensive schemes, going off on unrelated tangents, and all 32 teams in the NFL. Follow along as he offers his instant analysis of tonight's NFL Draft.

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Chiefs expected to take Eric Fisher at #1; could Raiders draft Hayden at #3?

As we often do on the most news-heavy of days, we'll be tracking pre-draft speculation here. It will be updated throughout the day, so check back often!

Updated 6:27pm ET

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Scouting the 2013 Draft: Defensive ends

After watching film until I had become one with the monitor and clicker, I finally threw in the towel as far as writing full pieces on the draft. As is ever the case, there were a few people I couldn’t get to and several stories that asked to be told, but I lost the race with time and health. Here are some of the players that I still thought were worth writing about:

Datone Jones - UCLA - 6-4, 283 lb.

Living out here in California, I watched a lot of Datone Jones’s work for UCLA. He's a very impressive player, and his physical skills are not in question. He’s got a decent explosion, he’s got good size and strength, and his technique is coming along well. I like him. Some mocks have linked him to Denver, and with good reason, especially following the Dumervil departure debacle.

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2013 IAOFM Rational Actor Mock Draft

I bomb atomically, Socrates’ philosophies and hypotheses can’t define how I be dropping these mockeries.

Happy Tuesday, friends, and welcome to my fourth annual Rational Actor Mock Draft.  This has tended to be the only bit of mockery that we do at IAOFM each year, and there’s a simple reason for that – any douchebag with a keyboard and Kiper-style hair cream can do a mock draft, and most of them do.  Then they each do 64 versions of it throughout the spring.  NFL mockeries comprise about 13% of the internet this time of the year.

Well, this is different.  In this exercise, I play the GM of each team, and do things that are rational for the situation each team faces.  Basically, Mel Kiper started jocking my style with this last year, and he did it again this year.  His is only three rounds, though, and mine is four.

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2013 IAOFM Rational Actor Mock Draft - AFC Analysis

AFC North

Cleveland Browns

DT Sharrif Floyd (6), QB Tyler Bray (68), LB Kiko Alonso (104)

The Browns strengthen their defense with the selections of Floyd and Alonso.  I think Floyd could pair with Phil Taylor and really make them difficult to run against inside.  I also see Floyd as giving them some interior pass rush that they haven't really had in a long time.

Bray is talented, and I think he's an excellent fit for Norv Turner's downfield throwing offense.  He just needs to grow up, and learn to be a professional.  The word out of Knoxville is that he was an entitled glory-boy diva there.

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