Denver Broncos 2014 Draft Choice Tracker

Rd Pick Player Pos School Links
1 31 (31) Bradley Roby CB Ohio State NFL, CBS, GR
2 24 (56)1 Cody Latimer WR Indiana NFL, CBS, GR
3 31 (95) Michael Schofield T Michigan NFL, CBS, GR
5 16 (156)2 Lamin Barrow LB LSU NFL, CBS, GR
6 31 (207) Matt Paradis C Boise State NFL, DS, GR
7 27 (242)1 Corey Nelson LB Oklahoma DS, GR

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Broncos will pick 31st in each round of 2014 Draft

Following their embarrassing loss in SB 48, the Broncos will pick 31st in each round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

For the first time since we can recall, Denver heads into the offseason with a full complement of picks. In fact, the Broncos have not (yet) dealt away any of their future picks.

And after a 2013 Draft that provided very little impact in year one, perhaps they'll even use one of those picks to find a better option than Paris Lenon or Keith Brooking at middle linebacker?

Greg Cosell on Denver’s 2013 draft picks

Anyone who's been reading this site for very long should know we're all big fans of the work done by Doug Farrar at Shutdown Corner, and by Greg Cosell at NFL Films. Cosell, in particular, is quite the film junkie, so his opinions tend to carry more weight with us than do those of most NFL analysts.

Over the past month or so, Farrar and Cosell have been devoting their podcasts to draft reviews; today, they're covering the AFCW teams.

Normally, we'd just write a line or two and recommend you listen to the podcast, but there's enough useful information that we've transcribed all of what we thought were Cosell's salient points regarding Denver's 2013 draftees. Here's what Cosell had to say, plus a few stray comments from Farrar:

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The Broncos’ 2013 draft class from the Dallas perspective

The Cowboys under Jerry Jones haven't exactly been praised for their recent draft classes, especially their most recent one.

If there is one thing that Jones & Co. are good at when it comes to the draft, though, it's sharing their entire board with the public.

For the second time in four years, Jerrah gave an interview in front of Dallas's draft board, and the Blogging the Boys guys have done the yeomanlike work of reconstructing the whole thing from screenshots for the rest of us to enjoy.

We shouldn't assume this was accidental on the Cowboys' part, because according to their board, they did a stellar job in April, nabbing six players with third-round grades or better in the first five rounds.

Of more interest to us, though, is what they thought of the players taken by Denver. Let's take a peek:

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Broncos wrap up rookie minicamp, will add two players, release Rippy

Denver completed its rookie minicamp Sunday; here's video of John Fox speaking after practice, and Chris Hall reporting for BTV.

For the coaching staff, it was their first on-field look at the Broncos' draftees and undrafted free agent signings, along with a trio of players invited for an extended tryout.

According to Mike Klis, two of those invitees were impressive enough that they will be signed - CSU DE Lanston Tanyi, and UCLA LB Damien Holmes.

Updated 9:29pm ET

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Huge Decisions: Broncos bypass linebackers in draft

Throughout the offseason, we've heard from Johns Elway and Fox that the Broncos plan to have Nate Irving, Steven Johnson, and Stewart Bradley compete for the starting middle linebacker job.

As always, actions speak louder than words.

So does Denver's decision not to draft an inside linebacker (they instead signed CU's Doug Rippy and BYU's Uona Kaveinga as undrafted rookies) mean they're happy with what they've got?

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Why did the Broncos draft Vinston Painter over David Quessenberry?

With the 173rd pick in the 2013 Draft, the Broncos took Virginia Tech tackle Vinston Painter. Three picks later, the Texans took tackle David Quessenberry. Both players have positional flexibility and might play guard in the NFL. Each was converted from another position - Painter from defensive tackle, and Quessenberry from tight end.

I’ve read in a couple of articles the idea that Painter only has a single year of offensive line work to point to, but it’s not quite true. To clarify how much experience Painter has there, consider this:

Painter, who is the cousin of Virginia Tech receiver Randall Dunn, earned first-team All-Tidewater and first-team All-Eastern District honors on the offensive line as both a junior and senior at Maury High. He was also was second-team all-district as a defensive tackle. Painter actually began his Virginia Tech career at defensive tackle, as he worked there during the fall of his redshirt season (2009), before he moved to offensive tackle for spring practice.

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Medical factors and the Broncos’ 2013 draft

Doc Ponderosa and I were talking about the two known instances in Denver’s draft where a medical issue came into play last week - those of Eddie Lacy and Quanterus Smith. I thought I’d share with you what came up.

Eddie Lacy - RB, Alabama

Sunday brought word that the Steelers and several other teams, including potentially the Broncos, passed on the Alabama running back due to concerns regarding a fused toe.

Doc P has found the fusion of the great toe to be a variable problem, which matches my own experience. Some people are greatly hampered by it, while others seem to handle it fairly well. Over time, though, the changes in balance created by it can hinder a player and can create or contribute to other injuries. Even if it’s not bothersome in itself, the changes in posture, gait, and stride that result from it are cumulative; a lot of people eventually develop low back, knee, and/or ankle issues as a result.

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Sylvester Williams and the value of hard work

In the spring of 2007, University of Iowa junior Shonn Greene lost his academic eligibility and football scholarship. Uncertain of his life’s direction, he left school, enrolled in Kirkwood Community College (which doesn’t even have a football team) and worked just down the road from the University of Iowa at a furniture store, moving crates and tables, mattresses, beds and dressers.

That experience lasted until 2008, when he was able to return to college as a junior. He even missed spring football practice that year, but in the fall, he was back on the field with a very different attitude.

Up to that point, he’d had a couple of poor years as a running back, with just 37 carries for 173 yards his freshman year. As a sophomore, he still produced only 32 carries for 205 yards and one score. The realities of getting an hourly paycheck for long days of work, and nights of study, with the attendant backaches from moving furniture, provided a powerful force in his life. He knew things had to change.

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How do the Broncos rookies fit?

Happy Tuesday, friends.  I’ve had a few days to digest the 2013 Draft, and I have some thoughts on the class of players that the Broncos took.  It’s not going to be like a grading exercise, or anything like that, because you can get that crap around the internet from any fool who has a keyboard, just like you can get mock drafts.  For the most part, those grading exercises are worth about as much as the mocks are.

What we should be concerned with is how this group of players fits into this roster.  The time to be worried about reaches and relative draft value is over; it doesn’t matter if you think that some other player who was picked in the fourth round was better than the guy the Broncos took in the third.  Sunk costs are irrelevant to the team’s affairs and decisions of today.  People who dwell on them are morons.

What is relevant is how these players can help the team, both now and in the future.  That’s the topic of today’s article – how does it all fit together?

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