How do the Broncos rookies fit?

Happy Tuesday, friends.  I’ve had a few days to digest the 2013 Draft, and I have some thoughts on the class of players that the Broncos took.  It’s not going to be like a grading exercise, or anything like that, because you can get that crap around the internet from any fool who has a keyboard, just like you can get mock drafts.  For the most part, those grading exercises are worth about as much as the mocks are.

What we should be concerned with is how this group of players fits into this roster.  The time to be worried about reaches and relative draft value is over; it doesn’t matter if you think that some other player who was picked in the fourth round was better than the guy the Broncos took in the third.  Sunk costs are irrelevant to the team’s affairs and decisions of today.  People who dwell on them are morons.

What is relevant is how these players can help the team, both now and in the future.  That’s the topic of today’s article – how does it all fit together?

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Broncos’ UDFA class grows to 16 strong

In the murky hours following the completion of the draft on Saturday, it was reported that Denver had signed 16 undrafted rookies. But when the dust settled, there were only 15 signees.

Turns out there was a 16th player added - it just took a couple of days to get there. According to Mike Klis, the team has agreed with former BYU nose tackle Romney Fuga, a 6-2, 320-pounder from Huntington Beach.

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Denver Broncos 2013 undrafted free agent signings

Player Pos School Links Notes
Ryan Katz QB San Diego State Source, StatsDS Oregon State transfer
Lucas Reed TE New Mexico Source, Stats, CBS, DS Brother of Brooks Reed
John Youboty DE Temple Source, Stats, CBS, DS 2nd Team All-Big East
Lerentee McCray LB Florida Source, Stats, NFLCBS, DSNFP  
Ryan Doerr P Kansas State Source, Stats, DS  
Ross Rasner S Arkansas Source, Stats, DS  
Doug Rippy LB Colorado Source, Stats, CBS Released 5/12
Kemonte' Bateman WR New Mexico State Source, Stats  
Gary Mason DE Baylor Source, Stats, DS Failed physical
Uona Kaveinga LB BYU Source, Stats, NFL, DS USC transfer
Manase Foketi G West Texas A&M Source, NFLCBS, DS KSU transfer
Lamaar Thomas WR New Mexico Source, Stats, DS Ohio State transfer, ran track
C.J. Anderson RB California Source, Stats, NFL, DS  
Aaron Hester CB UCLA Source, Stats, NFL, CBS, DS  
Quincy McDuffie WR Central Florida Source, Stats, DS Led nation in KR avg
Romney Fuga DT BYU Source, Stats, DS, IAOFM  
Damien Holmes LB UCLA Source, Stats, DS, IAOFM  
Lanston Tanyi DE CSU Source, Stats, DS, IAOFM Grad transfer from App. St.

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Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Zac Dysert with pick #234

No, Chris Mortensen, Zac Dysert is not like John Elway.  Let's just calm the hell down.

Zac Dysert is a seventh-round draft pick for a reason.  Sure, the kid has a good arm and a quick release.  Sure, he's mobile and throws well on the run.  I'll even grant you that Dysert should have been drafted two or three rounds earlier.  In fact, the Broncos got a lot of value right here.

But he's got a long way to go before he's reading pro defenses and playing from under center. Hell, he's still got to go through Brock Osweiler.

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Broncos select Miami (OH) quarterback Zac Dysert at #234

With their final pick in the 2013 Draft, the Broncos got themselves a new third-string quarterback, and perhaps a future backup for Brock Osweiler.

Miami of Ohio QB Zac Dysert visited Dove Valley earlier in the month, and now he'll be returning to pick up a jersey and eventually sign a contract.

The 6-3, 231-lb. passer was redshirted in 2008 before becoming a four-year starter for the Redhawks.

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Broncos select Georgia WR Tavarres King 161st overall

With their second fifth-round pick (their own), the Broncos took Georgia wide receiver Tavarres King at #161 overall.

King led all Bulldogs receivers last season across the board, with his 42 receptions, 950 yards, 22.6 per-catch average, and nine touchdowns.

The 6-0, 189-lb. receiver, who will turn 23 in July, ran a 4.47-second forty at the national combine. His 2,602 career receiving yards rank fourth in Georgia history, while his 21 receiving touchdowns are third all-time.

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Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Vinston Painter with pick #173

It's the sixth round, and this is the second Broncos pick I've not seen in action.  Again, I'm not coming out here and blowing smoke up your collective arses.

What I will say is that Doug has already given us the goods on Painter right here.

Clearly, Painter's performance at the combine caused teams to give him a look:

As expected, Painter put up strong numbers in the workouts. He ran a 4.95-second 40-yard dash, repped 225 pounds 32 times on the bench press and had a 30.5-inch vertical, numbers that put him in the top five among linemen in each category.

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Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Tavarres King with pick #161

This shouldn't take long.  Peyton Manning will be stronger in 2013.  He's going to throw deep more often.  The Broncos need more help stretching the field.  

Outside of Demaryius Thomas, they don't have a lot of vertical separation (I'd argue Eric Decker can do it, but let's save that for another day).

Time to bring in another X wide receiver.  Time to bring in the King--Tavarres King.

King's specialty is getting vertical against SEC competition.  As Ted and I were talking about earlier, the SEC is like the minor leagues for the NFL.

If you can get vertical in the SEC, you can get vertical anywhere.

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Gut Reaction: Broncos draft Quanterus Smith with pick #146

In the fifth round, you're looking for players to fill a specific niche.  Players at this stage are often one-trick ponies.

If that trick is rushing the passer, all the better.  In the case of the Broncos, they may have stolen a real player.

Everybody knows by now that Quanterus Smith was leading the nation in sacks before his knee injury last year.  He was as explosive as they come.  His speed rush off the edge and ability to dip under the tackles will remind you a bit of Von Miller.  And, despite the scouting reports to the contrary, he can use his hands to create some space to manuever.  His three-sack game against Alabama in 2012 was no fluke.

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Broncos take Western Kentucky DE Quanterus Smith at #146

After moving back to #146 from #125, the Broncos chose Western Kentucky pass-rushing end Quanterus Smith as their first of two fifth-round picks on Saturday.

Smith suffered a torn ACL last November, and thus did not perform at the combine or the Hilltoppers' pro day.

In ten games as a senior, Smith racked up 12.5 sacks, which is a Sun Belt Conference single-season record; his 24 sacks at WKU have him tied for the conference's career record. At 1.25 sacks per game, Smith got opposing quarterbacks down at a faster rate than anyone in the country.

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