Mailbag: How about Margus Hunt or Tank Carradine?

Happy Friday, friends.  This morning, we received a couple of good questions on Twitter from two longtime readers.  Jared Still asked for our thoughts on simply relying on Robert Ayers to be the starting open-side DE, and drafting Margus Hunt from SMU.  Kriss Bergethon asked what we thought about signing Richard Seymour and drafting Cornellius "Tank" Carradine from Florida State.  This is obviously all about filling the hole left by the departure of Elvis Dumervil.

You've got questions, we've got opinions.  The first thing I would say is that we should probably step back for a minute, and think about exactly what that hole is.  Dumervil was a starter at open-side DE, which meant that he played on the side away from the tight end, and often lined up wide, with edge responsibilities in the run game, and edge rushing responsibilities in the passing game.  Like Jared, I'm very confident that Ayers can handle base downs at that position.  In fact, the Broncos will undoubtedly be better against the run with him out there, because he plays with a level of power that Dumervil doesn't have.

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Draft Notes: WR superlatives and rankings

Happy Thursday, friends.  Today, our positional tour of the 2013 draft class stops in the wide receiver area.  This is an unusually strong year at the position, in a deep overall draft class, and there’ll be a lot of opportunity for teams to bring in quality players  in the second and third rounds, and not pay them a whole lot of money for about four years.

Whether the Broncos are players in the receiver market will depend a lot on what they intend to do with Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker.  Decker is entering the final year of his contract, and Thomas is under contract through 2014.  The removal of Elvis Dumervil from their salary structure will help create room to pay at least one of them (presumably Thomas), but it will be tough to pay them both.

If the team doesn’t think that it can retain Decker after this season, then it may be looking for a receiver to replace him after a year.  Good teams have to let middle class players walk sometimes.  This is the kind of receiver class that lends itself to yielding a quality starter at the 58th pick, so you should consider the possibility that the Broncos do something there.

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Scouting the 2013 Draft: Offensive Tackles, Part 1

Continuing with our discussion of offensive tackles, today we have one player who didn’t even make it onto the field for the 2012 season, and two of the top tackles in this year’s draft. Let’s get right into it:

Chris Faulk - LSU - 6-5, 331 lb

Many NFL fans aren't familiar with Chris Faulk, but there’s good reason: going into his junior year, he suffered a knee injury last August, but he decided to declare for the draft after last season regardless of his age, level of experience, and the handicap of not having played during the 2012 season.

You can see why he might make that decision. Not only is Faulk huge, but he shows some nice footwork and seems to have some athleticism that you don’t always see in a man of his size. He showed a noticeable lack of technique when playing the left tackle slot as a sophomore, though. He is as raw as you would expect from a player with only two seasons of college ball under his belt, no matter how big that belt might be. Both his footwork and his hand technique are in need of work. He hasn't shown that he really understands how to get into a defender and keep them away from the quarterback, or drive him downfield in the run game.

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Why draft an offensive tackle if you’re Denver?

With Ryan Clady locked up on a franchise tag and Orlando Franklin having taken a giant step upward last season, why spend time, money, or a draft choice on an offensive tackle?

Denver has a backup blocking TE/OT in RFA Chris Clark, who’s a decent lineman on run plays but who is not capable of handling any prolonged starting snaps. Since Clady’s cost may have to again be dealt with next season, Denver is still short one viable OT - the guy who can cover if Franklin or Clady go down. There are options on the roster, but it’s not a stretch to say that with Clady potentially playing on a one-year franchise tender and Franklin still being talked about as a guard, bringing in a top OT might be wise.

How would that work? I think it’s pretty simple. If Denver does move Franklin, it’s likely to be at the position he usually played in college - left guard. They didn’t pay right guard Louis Vasquez, with his pass protection skills, to sit out. With Zane Beadles making the Pro Bowl as an alternate (and earning it), though, how would that work? Here’s an option:

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Draft Notes: QB superlatives and rankings

Happy Thursday, friends.  Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to be sharing some quick thoughts on position groups in the upcoming NFL draft. Isn't it hard to believe the first round is only five weeks from tonight?

The other Broncos-centric sites aren’t running 75-part mock drafts anymore, as far as I know, so maybe our readers haven’t been as focused on stumping for this guy or that other one yet.

Today, I'm going to begin with QBs, and will employ what I hope is an easily digestable format, and use it for every group as I go.  While the Broncos aren't likely to be drafting QBs, we want to keep you knowledgeable of the whole draft class.  Also, I can see them being a team who could sell off the 28th pick to a team looking to get back into the first round for one of these guys.  Check it out, on the other side of the jump.

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Combine Notes: Offensive Linemen

1. It’s not everyday that you see an offensive lineman run a 4.71 official 40. Very impressive, Terron Armstead! It’s not just the speed, either. This kid knows how to play the game. Lane Johnson also had an excellent time - 4.76.

While the size of the average American has leveled off, for the most part (although a lot are still growing sideways), the size, weight, and speed of offensive linemen continue to increase. The number of reps on the 225 bench didn’t go up, but their overall power was impressive. There were six sub-4.9 forty times, with 10-yard splits to match. I haven’t looked up each year, but I don’t recall that offhand in combine history.

2. Watching one of the drills: the player lies on his back, arms spread, has to leap to his feet, turn, and the coach holds a football that shows him the direction he should take, changing it several times with no pattern.

Braxston Cave did it, and not badly. Emmett Cleary followed - better - and then Jonathan Cooper took his turn. His feet were wide, his steps short and choppy, and his hips dropped properly - it was like watching a video of how to do the drill. No offense is meant to Cleary or Cave, but Cooper was letter-perfect. If you wondered why he’s one of the top two guards this year, check the film of that drill. That’s a big part of why - and he’s not just athletic, he’s also knowledgeable and talented.

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Scouting the 2013 Draft: Offensive guards

Going into draft season, it’s worth considering that Denver’s interior line remains one quality guard away from their starting five being a seriously dangerous group. Although Manny Ramirez developed some over the last season, he's just average when he’s playing his best, while Chris Kuper has become a big question mark.

I believe Denver needs more than that at right guard. I like Ramirez, but right now he doesn’t scare anyone. If Denver thinks he can become better than he was last year, they might want to take a chance on him.

However, what I’m looking for is the ability to add ferocity to the line, and I love the players who do that. Orlando Franklin was drafted on both his skill and his mean streak. The whole line responded to that toughness. That’s the power of a serious lineman - when he makes the players he’s with better, it changes the entire dynamic of the OL (or DL). That’s what I envision for Denver.

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Welcome to Draft Season

With the Shrine Game and Senior Bowl in the bag, I thought this might be a good time to review what’s been happening with the players who stood out for one reason or another. There’s still a long way to go before the draft, and anything can happen with these players between now and then, but these are the things that registered with me from the Senior Bowl.

For starters, the Broncos reportedly met with the following prospects. I just chose whichever site seemed to offer the best information on the player to link to them - most sites don’t have all their info together yet. I also noted whether they got attention from the Shrine (EW) game or the Senior Bowl (SR):

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Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan

The IAOFM staff discuss the Broncos' selections of Tennessee DE Malik Jackson and Kentucky LB Danny Trevathan in the 2012 NFL Draft, plus more talk about ASU CB Omar Bolden

Doug: 11 more picks til us. Anyone like Zebrie Sanders?

Ted: I do.  As a 5th-rounder, he'd be great value. He's a LT

Doug: Kick Franklin inside to replace Beadles, and Blake takes over for Walton? Winn still available too

TJ: yeah, I would be shocked if he can' beat out JD and rather soon

Ted: I like Winn

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Broncos add 13 undrafted free agents

Per multiple reports (linked by name below), the Broncos have agreed to terms with 13 free agents. Here's the most up-to-the minute list:

Player Pos - School Notes Links
Anthony Miller TE - California Here's a cliched interview with Miller. PFW, NFP
Austin Wuebbels G - Missouri Check out Wuebbels putting up 225 a total of 43 reps. PFW, DSMU
Duke Ihenacho S - San Jose St Here's how Duke trains, which resulted in this tape. NFLPFW, CBS, NFP
Steven Johnson LB - Kansas Johnson has an intense method to increase speed. NFLPFW, CBS, NFP
Gerell Robinson WR - Arizona St Here's tape of Robinson and Osweiler. NFL, PFWCBS, NFP
Elliot Coffey LB - Baylor Coffey asks RG3 questions while RG3 wears a Jason Voorhees mask. DSBaylor
Jamie Blatnick DE - Oklahoma St Watch Blatnick crush Andrew Luck. NFL, PFW, CBS, NFP
Coryell Judie CB - Texas A&M Some highlights here. NFL, PFW, CBS, NFP
Aaron Brewer LS - SDSU I've got nothing. SDSU
Jerry Franklin LB - Arkansas Here's some tape. PFW, CBS, NFP
Mike Remmers T - Oregon St Here's an interview with Remmers (2:00 mark). PFW, DS, OSU
Wayne Tribue G - Temple Here's a presser where Tribue handles himself well. NFPDS, TU
Eric Page WR - Toledo Freshman year highlights (2009) and a highlights package on the Patriots' site, plus game tape against Northern Illinois and Ball State NFL, PFW, CBS, NFP