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Testing Sly Williams

Sylvester Williams started his college career at Coffeyville Community College. By the time he had finished his second season there, he was an honorable mention Junior College All-American with 12.5 tackles for loss and five blocked kicks.

He was given no shortage of options on schools to attend after that, but he decided on North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and immediately entered the starting lineup there in 2011. He had 54 tackles (seven for loss) and 2.5 sacks, and fit well with the great talent all along the Tar Heels defensive line.

Denver took him with the 28th pick in the first round of the 2013 Draft, and they count themselves lucky to do so. So do I. I’m going through his film at this point, (which isn’t a burden) and I’ll need a few days to get it all done. But until then, an ESPN Sport Science segment featuring him gives us and the Broncos a lot of good reasons why we all should be happy with him:

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The Chargers and Dr. Chao

Deadspin's latest excellent long form article concerns the Chargers' highly controversial team physician, Dr. David Chao. According to the piece, Chao has been sued by at least 20 ex-patients since 1998. He lost one suit last summer to a young female who alleged that she had been disfigured in the course of his treatment; Chao was found liable for negligence and fraud in that case.

Doctors do get nuisance lawsuits, so let’s just ignore those niggling negligence and fraud problems, and let’s look at the rest of his dossier:

He’s had two drinking and driving citations. His blood alcohol was 0.11 on at least one of them (2001), and claimed that his ‘Asian genes’ permitted him to be legally drunk on two drinks, taken hours before. He was disqualified for a license to evaluate worker’s compensation claims when he failed to disclose another alcohol related arrest (2006).

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Scouting the 2013 Draft: Defensive ends

After watching film until I had become one with the monitor and clicker, I finally threw in the towel as far as writing full pieces on the draft. As is ever the case, there were a few people I couldn’t get to and several stories that asked to be told, but I lost the race with time and health. Here are some of the players that I still thought were worth writing about:

Datone Jones - UCLA - 6-4, 283 lb.

Living out here in California, I watched a lot of Datone Jones’s work for UCLA. He's a very impressive player, and his physical skills are not in question. He’s got a decent explosion, he’s got good size and strength, and his technique is coming along well. I like him. Some mocks have linked him to Denver, and with good reason, especially following the Dumervil departure debacle.

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Scouting the 2013 Draft: SMU DE Margus Hunt

Margus Hunt, aka ‘The Eastern Block’, is one of the most colorful stories in this year’s draft. His journey from being a Estonian junior track and field champion to a potential NFL defensive end is compelling.

Hunt also has the kind of body that’s often referred to as a ‘freak of nature’ - he’s 6-8 and 277 pounds, has an 92-inch wingspan, runs like a safety, and is incredibly athletic. He’s also very new to the sport, having only begun his training in it in 2009. He has a reputation as one of the hardest workers around.

When I turned on the film, Hunt’s good and bad sides quickly became crystal clear. Eventually, two contests really stood out in my mind. His good side was clearly demonstrated in the 2012 Hawaii Bowl against Fresno State; the 2012 game against TCU showed off his weaknesses.

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Why the Broncos have to consider taking a tackle next week

Now that we've completed our rundown of this year's top offensive tackle prospects, let's take a moment to revisit whether it makes sense for the Broncos to take one of them in next week's draft.

David Fleming recently did a nice job of laying out some of the realities of the current pay levels for the differing positions along the offensive line. The advent of NFL free agency in 1993 started a run on increasing the salaries for offensive linemen and especially tackles, benefiting the left tackles in particular. Teams were consistently putting their best rusher on the offensive left, so the blind side protector soon got more money.

Tackles are harder to find, and that may keep their pay somewhat higher - but not stratospherically so.

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Scouting the 2013 Draft: SJSU tackle David Quessenberry

Here are our previous columns on tackle prospects:

We'll conclude our examination of tackle prospects with a look at David Quessenberry, a 6-5, 302-pounder out of San Jose State (NFL, NFLDS).

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Scouting the 2013 Draft: Offensive Tackles, Part 6

Here are our previous columns on tackle prospects:

I’ve noticed that with the increasing tendencies of offenses and defenses to ‘flip-flop’ their lines, TEs and edge rushers are often on either side of the OL.

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Scouting the 2013 Draft: Offensive Tackles, Part 5

Here are our previous columns on tackle prospects:

We'll limited today’s batch to two players because each has an unusual aspect to his story. Dallas Thomas of Tennessee is talented and position-versatile, but he’s been off the radar with a torn labrum which prevented him from participating in combine drills and tests.

FSU prospect Menelik Watson’s journey is a remarkable story, and he’s showing the potential to be just as remarkable a player.

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Scouting the 2013 Draft: Offensive Tackles, Part 4

Here are our previous columns on tackle prospects:

Today we'll discuss another trio of prospects: Lane Johnson of Oklahoma, Xavier Nixon out of Florida, and Justin Pugh from Syracuse.

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Scouting the 2013 Draft: Georgia Nose Tackles

Today, let's look at redshirt junior Kwame Geathers and senior John Jenkins, two linemen who helped the 2012 Georgia Bulldogs rank 18th in the country in points allowed. They’re similar in build, but they’re very different players.

Kwame Geathers

Kwame comes from an NFL family - his father, Robert Sr. was drafted by the Bills, and uncle James ‘Jumpy’ Geathers concluded his 13-year NFL career with a one-season stint in Denver in 1996. He has two brothers, Robert Jr., currently playing for the Bengals, and Clifton, who plays for the Colts.

Who you play next to can make a difference in your stats and in the final ranking that a player achieves, and Geathers greatly benefited from playing next to the more far polished Jenkins. Kwame is 6-5 and 342 lb, while Jenkins is 6-4 and now reportedly weighs a manageable 325-330 lb., after having tipped the scales at 346 lbs. at combine.

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