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Things we knew about Iron Clady

Early this season, I published a story about Ryan Clady, comparing him to Joe Thomas (find it here). No one from the MHR was unkind enough to disabuse me of that notion, but I tried not to suggest that he would be as good as quickly. That was a very good thing, since for his first year, he wasn't. Clady was better. Greatly better.

To show just how much, I just caught a link in Walter Football, listing the number of sacks that each LT gave us. We all knew that Clady was the best over the 1st 16 games with 0.5 sacks. Seeing it again in print brought it back to me. Remarkable that one of the Pro Bowl players, Jason Peters had 11.5 sacks in 13 games. The near legendary Joe Thomas? 3.5 sacks, the same as another Pro Bowler, Walter Jones.  At least Michael Roos came close with a single sack.

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Peyton Hillis: The Hammer in 2009?

There has been a lot of buzz on MHR recently about the RB situation and particularly regarding a central question going into next year: Who will be our RBs? Should we use a high draft pick on the famed ‘Home Run Hitter' running back, or is a different approach a better option? It's a great discussion, and there is a lot to be said on all sides.

The Broncos nearly didn't have the pick that brought Hillis to them. They received it from Tampa Bay in the Jake Plummer trade. While Plummer is happy sticking to handball, the 7th round pick they sent us has produced an exciting and solid performer. Hillis has raised the bar for our RB group. He's going to be hard to stop and hard to top.

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Tales: The hunger of Sammie Lee Hill

"…pick of the draft, the 325 lb. DE from football powerhouse Stillman, Sammie Lee Hill!"

Say what?

You bet. In an innovation that worked beyond their hopes, Greg Thompson, head coach of the Stillman football program, spoke to Dennis Conner, his OC, and they decided to try something new on defense. Their answer was Sammie Lee Hill, a very big, very versatile player with a lot of skills.

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Draft Strategy

One good reason that the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl is that a few years ago Dennis Green chose an interesting strategy for the draft. He and his staff make a list of the top 140 players in the draft and placed them in descending order. Any time a player was drafted they drew a line through him and moved on. When it was their turn, they took the player at the top of the list. No matter what strategy you espouse, this one worked out well for Arizona.

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Broncos injuries and recovery

What happens after an injury?

During last week’s MHR podcast, JohnnyB asked if there is an effect from an injury that decreases local flexibility, and if that ever ‘cascades’, in essence, creating a propensity for additional injury. For the sake of brevity, the answer is ‘yes’. For those who would like a little more knowledge, take a trip inside with me into the wondrous functions of the human physiology and the muscular-skeletal system.

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Broncos organizational chart

With the hirings of Ed Donatell, Wayne Nunnely and Don Martindale, this is where we are to date:

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Update on Peyton Hillis

A lot of the MHR faithful have been concerned with Peyton Hillis and his rehabilitation from his injury of last year. Many of us cringed just watching that circus catch with the obvious injury it created, but Hillis didn’t drop the ball then and he’s not going to drop it now. The name of the ball is rehab, and he’s become a fixture around Dove Valley this winter. He's constantly getting treatment and getting stronger for next season.

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Tales: The heart of Ardmore

The website for Ardmore, Oklahoma says that it was twice named an All-American City by the National Municipal League. In 1984, it was the only Sunbelt City on the Elite, Nine-City List. That same year, Hugh Bayless cited Ardmore in his book, the 50 Best Towns in America. He may have understated the case.

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Tales: The journey of Shonn Greene

A lot of people in this world have no greater enemy than themselves. It could be said that we all do. Shonn Greene, the 5’11 235 lb. running back for the Iowa Hawkeyes knows that first hand. Before he could juke out of the reach of linebackers and opposing safeties, he had to get out of his own way. That job was, by far, the hardest.

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Draft profile: Could P.J. Hill become a Bronco?

Wisconsin Junior running back P.J. Hill has declared for the 2009 NFL draft. Hill, at 5'11 and 236 pounds, has already begun training for February's NFL scouting combine. When Wisconsin redshirt sophomore P.J. Hill told his mother he was losing weight this last spring to become a more agile and powerful running back to win favor in the draft, Pamela Moss had no doubt her son would do it.

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