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Tales from the SunnySide: Charles Dimry

Excellence in athletics is a goal that many long for, yet few achieve. Most of us have desired, however briefly, to attain the level of neuromuscular skill and hand/eye coordination that would permit us to reach the pinnacle of pro sports that the NFL represents. Some of us guide young people on that path as coaches. Others teach their children and grandchildren a respect and appreciation for the game of football, that wonderful combination of human chess and unceasing effort and competition.

Charles and Erin Dimry run Velocity Sports Performance in Carlsbad, CA. This facility stands on the cutting edge of the development of the younger as well as the professional athlete. Walk inside with me and take a tour through the new ways we can maximize the performance of the players, whether they are preparing for the Combine, or preparing for an NFL career...

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Connor Barwin electrifies in pro day workout

Connor Barwin (also) put on a show on his Pro Day although it was much more of a surprise (than Vontae Davis). He wowed all in attendance by consistently running his 40 yard dash in the 4.5 range. After timing and testing well, Barwin shined (sic) in position drills as a defensive end (his projected pro position) as a TE and outside linebacker. Several scouts thought it was the best workout they’d seen in several springs. That might help Barwin get drafted in the early second or late first round.

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Denver’s unique running back system

Many Broncos fans may be asking - 

"What might we expect from the new Denver management in terms of running-back usage?"

It’s a fair question. We can’t expect to know Josh McDaniels’ mind with certainty. He has promised us an offense different ‘from anything you’ve seen before’. I’d enjoy that. But we can look at several facts and actions, and have a fairly good idea of both what he has used and what certain coaches with the Broncos have done historically.

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Tales: Reaching for the ring: The story of Jason Williams

For a college football player, getting an invite to the Combine is only half the battle. Unless you're Andre Smith, there is the intense preparation - the Combine is a week-long job interview and the modern player knows that. The players will be tested, analyzed, interviewed, scrutinized and in many cases the metrics don't even fit the skills that the players will require at the next level.

The Combine can be likened to the SAT tests that most of us dreaded in high school. When I took them, you were assigned, you walked in and tested, and you waited for the results to come in the mail. As you can tell, that was a long time ago. Now, there are pre-tests, preparatory courses ad infinitum, and the rare students who walk in cold are already behind in the ranks. In the same way, there are now courses to prepare the player for the Combine. And if you don't make the Combine, you're like those students unprepared for the SATs. The odds are low and the obstacles high.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Connor Barwin

If the V-word (versatility) is really going to be Josh McDaniels’ MO, thy name is Connor Barwin. This is a very rare player who really can do it all. How many players in the past five years could you draft respectably as a TE and draft highly as a 4-3 DE, 3-4 OLB, 4-3 SAM or 4-3 DE? Offensively and defensively, Connor Barwin is as close to a complete package as a modern player can be and he’s rocketing up the draft boards after an excellent showing at the Combine.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Ronald Fields

Mike Nolan brought several things with him from San Francisco. He brought the plans for a nascent 3-4 defense, with some hybrid attributes, that is yet to be unveiled. He brought a background in working for the Denver Broncos, an understanding of the traditions of the organization and a knowledge of the town. Oh, yes, and he brought with him the wide-load defensive tackle and nose tackle Ronald Fields.

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Lombardi on Broncos free agency

Disclaimer: I like the Broncos free agency so far better than Mike Lombardi does.
When I was writing the article on Andra Davis, I mentioned to TSG that I hadn't heard anyone say a bad thing about him. JohnnyB pointed out that Cleveland has had lousy linebacking in the past two years. I'd mostly been looking at the quality of the man, but TSG pointed out the possible  issues with his job qualifications. It was an example of what happens each year - players get shuffled in new combinations, and the fans hope that the new group will out-play the last.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Andra Davis

Sometimes you just like a pickup. The Broncos signed one this weekend that has a non-stop motor.

As I researched our new ILB, Andra (pronounced AHN-dray, just like Bly) Davis, two things stood out. He's not fast. Everyone agreed on that. It's his weakness, which can be mitigated in degree by putting him in the 3-4 defense. The other thing that stood out was that no one had an even slightly negative thing to say about this self-made gentleman. As a player, as a leader, as a servant in the community and as a man, Andra Davis is the kind of acquisition that makes you just want to cheer.

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NFL players visit U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf

Four NFL players are currently visiting US troops in the Persian Gulf. The players are Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Vikings defender Jared Allen, Rams linebacker Will Witherspoon and Giants linebacker Danny Clark. They will meet with troops throughout the Persian Gulf region this week, continuing a tradition established by the NFL over 40 years ago. The progaram was developed in 1966 with several players visiting U.S. troops in Vietnam and the Persian Gulf.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Andre’ Goodman

Andre' Goodman has come a long way from Greenville, SC. He was born there on August 11, 1978; Goodman was born a Leo and has the heart of a lion. He brings that fierce quality to his play on the field.

He was an all-state selection in South Carolina and was rated the state's 20th-best prospect and 10th-best receiver after only two years of football. He was a top performer in track and ran a 10.5 in the 100-meter dash. In NFL terms, he ran a 4.36 40 before being drafted. That’s a lot of speed. And we all know that you can’t coach speed.

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