Blount force trauma

During the week before the AFC title game, it seemed like the media couldn’t stop talking about Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount. Denver didn’t really have a good run defense, went the chorus, and Blount had run for 166 yards in the Patriots’ 43-22 victory over the Colts. 

That, we were constantly told, would be a big key to the championship game.

All week long, I kept seeing pieces about the Pats and Blount: San Diego had run effectively on Denver during the regular season, what Denver could (or couldn’t) do, and how much they were vulnerable. I got tired of turning things off and generally just ignored it, but the repetitive talk about how the Broncos couldn’t stop the run was like having a small bird endlessly pecking the top of my head.

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Darrelle Revis is really going to miss Greg Schiano

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mitch Unrein (knee) was the only player who would have been held out if the team had practiced on Wednesday, while Knowshon Moreno (ribs) would have been limited.*

Six other players were listed on the fantasy injury report as full participants.

Wideout Percy Harvin would have made a full return to action for Seattle; he'd missed the NFC title game after having suffered a concussion during the divisional round.

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Coaching Carousel: Desperate Browns talking with McDaniels, Schiano (LOLZ)

Now that half of the league's assistants have turned down the Browns - some without even interviewing - Cleveland has apparently gotten desperate.

Although reports continue to suggest that Bills DC Mike Pettine is the favorite to land the job nobody wants, the team reportedly interviewed noted dickhead Greg Schiano on Wednesday.

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Broncos sign another eight players for 2014

Denver announced the signing of eight more players to future contracts on Wednesday, bringing their total number to 13.

Joining the collection of Browncos will be LB Jamar Chaney, T Ramon Harewood, LB Jerrell Harris, TE Jameson Konz, S Charles Mitchell, TE Cameron Morrah, CB Jerome Murphy, and RB Jerodis Williams.

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NFL: Wes Welker hit on Aqib Talib wasn’t even a penalty

Per the NFL (and VP of NFL Officiating Dean Blandino), we learned tonight that Wes Welker is just another football player, which is sure to disgust Bill Belichick:

Blandino on Broncos WR Wes Welker's hit on Patriots CB Aqib Talib: "It was a legal hit."

— NFL Media PR (@InsideNFLMedia) January 23, 2014

No word yet from Belichick. In the meantime, the Seattle Seahawks can breathe a sigh of relief. The monstrosity that is Wes Welker will not be targeting their defensive backfield--at least according to league rules.

The good side of Foxball

Happy Wednesday, friends. I wanted to check in with a quick thought today about John Fox. You know how every game the fan base gets up in arms about one conservative decision or another made by Fox?

It seems like it happens every week, and the Twitter hate gets going, and it seems like everybody has coach envy.

I talked recently about how the average fan or reporter has little ability to gauge the quality of a football coach in totality. Judging from the comments section, which I have to remind myself is an extremely minute representation of our overall reader base, my overarching point may have missed its intended mark. It became an argument about why Josh McDaniels is horrible, and that was pointless.

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Coordinating continuity

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Just a few short weeks ago, there was concern in Broncos Land that the team could end up having to replace one or both of its coordinators in the offseason.

But with Adam Gase having told the Browns no thanks before even sitting for an interview with them, Denver is pretty much assured of having both Gase and Jack Del Rio back in 2014.

Gase's accomplishments this season speak for themselves (and of course, owe mostly to Peyton Manning), while Del Rio has turned an glaring, injury-riddled question mark into what should now be considered a formidable strong point.

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Reports: Gase pulling name from consideration for Browns gig

According to Adam Schefter and Mike Klis, Adam Gase called the Browns this morning to say he's not interested in their head coaching vacancy.

Obviously, he may eventually change his mind, but this is unequivocally great news for the prospects of the 2014 Broncos.

1st-and-20 ain’t no thing with PMFM at the controls

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I'd like to expound upon a couple of my points from last night about the two main figures of SB 48, Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman.

Aside from all the shattered NFL and franchise records, their presence in the Super Bowl, and all they have overcome this season, there are a couple more things about Manning that have really stood out to me.

First, and this is going to be rather sacrilegious (forgive me, Elway, for I am about to sin), but any Elway-era Broncos fan will recall that games at Arrowhead are to be feared.

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Peyton makes the impossible probable

Good Evening, Broncos fans! Obviously, this comes a whole lot later than I would ever hope or plan for it to, but let's just say that this control freak no longer controls his own schedule.

Although I haven't had much opportunity to write today, I have had some time to think about Sunday's game and the Broncos' seventh trip to the Super Bowl.

Naturally, everything comes back to Peyton Manning, as it has for the entirety of the past two seasons.

It's often said that a great athlete helps make anything possible for a team.

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