Chewing the Fat

Chewing the Fat: Tebow versus Newton

Earlier in the week, TJ brought up among our myriad emails the topic of Cam Newton. The Heisman winner was the center of post-Super Bowl attention as his Thursday circus act public workout approached. Here's how the conversation unfolded:

TJ: I know that Doc wasn't sold on Tebow coming out of college and Ted was higher on him. Given that, is Cam Newton so far above Tebow this year?  From the few games of his I watched and the tape I see now, I fail to see the huge variances between what Newton did at Auburn and what Tebow did at Florida. In short, it's like Newton is talked up as a sure thing and Tebow was considered a sure bust (my interpretation, clearly). What are your thoughts?  Is Newton that much more athletic and stronger armed?

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Elway bewilders on The Jim Rome Show

John Elway was a guest on Jim Rome's radio show earlier today, and frankly he had some interesting things to say about the Broncos going forward. He talked about Josh McDaniels and his future as a head coach, the drafting of Tim Tebow and whether Tebow can be a successful NFL QB, and the Jay Cutler drama from last week. Most alarming notably, Elway shared some baffling thoughts insight as to why he decided to hire John Fox as the Broncos' new head coach: 

I think that we're we've been defensively with the Broncos, (having had) 6 defensive coordinators in 6 years...I had a mindset of (wanting) to get something done on defense...because to me that's how you win Super play good defense and be adequate or better on offense, you've got a chance to be Super Bowl champs.

Really, John? Adequate on offense? Oh, brother. Apparently John doesn't remember how he won his own Super Bowls...Listen to Elway's appearance with Rome in full here.

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A question of timing, or ten

Broncos COO Joe Ellis on Tuesday said of the prior day's coaching change that "Our goal is to finish the year on a promising note and make our fans proud of our team. That's what we intend to do...(Studesville) will do his best to make this organization proud, to make our team, our town proud over the next four weeks."

Chew on that for a moment, if you will. What could the Broncos possibly accomplish over the next four weeks to make Denver proud? Is Eric Studesville going to lead the Broncos on a four-game winning streak? If so, does a four-game audition prove that someone who's never been more than a position coach is qualified to become the next steward of the Denver Broncos Football Club? One would have to imagine the answer to all of those questions is "No." Granted, Studesville is merely the interim coach of a franchise now in disarray - expectations will be low, and moral victories will surely be touted in the DP after close losses under Josh McDaniels meant he was a failure.

So what did Ellis mean? Were those just the canned words Denver's PR department put together for him? Four weeks is nothing in NFL terms, certainly not when viewed through the prism of a man's career or the wellbeing of a franchise. Yet Pat Bowlen and Ellis felt they couldn't afford Josh McDaniels but four more weeks to finish out his second season as the Broncos' head coach. There's been a lot to think about since Monday evening, but one question keeps coming up - "Why now?"

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Chewing the Fat - Week 11

TJ, Em and I chat a lot, and mostly about the Broncos (go figure). Whatever you may think of our writing here at IAOFM, we do not groupthink - we all have our own views, and hopefully that is evident. But while we don't argue, we certainly have frequent healthy debates about where the Broncos are headed. Today, we're going to subject you to let you in on a conversation between TJ and I. Now, this is definitely could be one of the most obnoxiously self-gratifying ideas in the history of Broncos blogdom, but we're going to give it a whirl anyway - after all, we’re fans, just like you. While we covered a few different aspects of where the Broncos stand today, we certainly left several questions unanswered, and we'd love to hear/read your thoughts on the same matters.

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