Tales from the SunnySide: Ronald Fields

Mike Nolan brought several things with him from San Francisco. He brought the plans for a nascent 3-4 defense, with some hybrid attributes, that is yet to be unveiled. He brought a background in working for the Denver Broncos, an understanding of the traditions of the organization and a knowledge of the town. Oh, yes, and he brought with him the wide-load defensive tackle and nose tackle Ronald Fields.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Andra Davis

Sometimes you just like a pickup. The Broncos signed one this weekend that has a non-stop motor.

As I researched our new ILB, Andra (pronounced AHN-dray, just like Bly) Davis, two things stood out. He's not fast. Everyone agreed on that. It's his weakness, which can be mitigated in degree by putting him in the 3-4 defense. The other thing that stood out was that no one had an even slightly negative thing to say about this self-made gentleman. As a player, as a leader, as a servant in the community and as a man, Andra Davis is the kind of acquisition that makes you just want to cheer.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Andre’ Goodman

Andre' Goodman has come a long way from Greenville, SC. He was born there on August 11, 1978; Goodman was born a Leo and has the heart of a lion. He brings that fierce quality to his play on the field.

He was an all-state selection in South Carolina and was rated the state's 20th-best prospect and 10th-best receiver after only two years of football. He was a top performer in track and ran a 10.5 in the 100-meter dash. In NFL terms, he ran a 4.36 40 before being drafted. That’s a lot of speed. And we all know that you can’t coach speed.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Bobby Turner

When the awards for the Broncos MVP come up next month two names won’t be on the short list. They aren’t players – they get less press, but have greater responsibilities. Jim Goodman is the architect of the Denver youth movement, and has been rightfully praised to the rafters on this and many other sites. But there is probably a man who is getting more press this year than he has in his 13 year history with the Broncos – running backs coach Bobby Turner.

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Tales: Quick notes on Vernon Fox

Champ Bailey calls the safety position: "...your last line of defense." With the Broncos preferred defensive formations, that has often included the cornerbacks. But, with the hiring, starting and releasing of R. Rogers in four days, the Broncos gave new meaning to the phrase, "Speed at the safety position."  In a season-long search for simple competence in the defensive backfield the Broncos seem to have finally stumbled on a decent pair of players: Josh Bell at CB and Vernon Fox at Safety.

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Tales: Josh Barrett redux

After a long consideration of the Josh Barrett situation, I decided to go back and get a better understanding of who the player is, why his draft stock dropped precipitously and what we might expect from him. What I found didn’t surprise me, but it filled in the gaps in my understanding. Unlike a lot of players I research, there was a plethora of info on Barrett. The problem was getting through everything and achieving comprehension.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Josh Bell

For Whom the Bell Toils...

Sometimes, a man doesn’t get much love. Take Josh Bell. He is a hard working young cornerback. He has a little swagger, a little attitude. He's trying to make a career in a tough position in the toughest football league in the world.
He was born on Jan 8, 1985 in Dallas TX. Bell went on to be a first-team all-district selection at Skyline High School in Dallas. He moved on to Baylor, not exactly a football powerhouse, but Bell ranked in the top 10 percent of his high school class and knew that he wanted a good education.

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Mario Haggan

Mario Haggan | # | LB Height: 6-3 Weight: 263 Age: 28  #57

Mario Marcell Haggan is a happy guy. Far from those players who are to locker rooms what a succubus is to a camp site, Haggan likes to laugh, to joke, and is far from shy. When he was at his Senior Bowl Weekend, he walked up to Coach Dick Vermeil, interrupted his conversation and started to talk to him. On the Monday before that game he shuffled through a few personnel types at the Adams Mark Hotel, Senior Bowl headquarters, to introduce himself to the future NFL head coach, interrupting Vermeil’s conversation in the process. The coach and the future NFL player shared a few laughs, and then Haggan moved on.

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New running backs: Pope and Boyd

Since we're in desperate need of a couple of new running backs, I took a look at the background of two who might both help the team and avoid pilfering their luggage. A quick trip to the SunnySide is in order.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Iron Clady

No one becomes an offensive lineman for the accolades. The past Broncos requirement that no O lineman speak to the media may have been snuffed by the NFL, but it lives on in their hearts and traditions. Ryan Clady fits right in.  

He’s used to a quiet approach to life. As a young player, he couldn’t get any interest from the schools in his home city of Rialto CA. He was a DT at Eisenhower High Schools there, and got offers from San Diego State, Idaho State and UTEP before settling on Boise State. Once a Bronco, always a Bronco.  

Clady is one of the reasons that his college Broncos changed their stars. They perennially went undefeated in the regular season and blew their chances at the upcoming bowl games. When he was a freshman, it was a 44-40 lose to Louisville in the Liberty Bowl. In 2006 he started 11 of 13 contests at right tackle and his offense ranked ninth in the nation in scoring at 36.1 points per game, 19th in rushing and fifth in rushing touchdowns before dropping another one to Boston College in the MPC Computers Bowl.

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