IAOFM 2014 AFC North and West Preview

Happy Saturday, friends. Today, we’ll finish up the IAOFM preview with the AFC North and the AFC West.

I’ve spilled a lot of digital ink this week, and it’s time to bring it on home. Will there be any shockers? It depends on how easily you’re shocked, I suppose.

I’ve got nothing clever to say about the jump today, so how about just get there, okay?

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Malik Jackson to play with a heavy heart

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Only Danny Trevathan and Ben Garland have been ruled out for tomorrow's opener.

Seven other players are listed as probable, but most of them were full practice participants throughout the week.

Louis Vasquez and Isaiah Burse had been limited on Wednesday, while Malik Jackson was excused for Thursday's session.

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Report: Wes Welker’s suspension may end early with new drug policy

According to multiple reports, the Broncos believe there's a chance that Wes Welker will be reinstated before serving the entirety of his four-game suspension.

Per Mike Klis, the circumstances of Welker's ban (but not Josh Gordon's?) may have spurred the two league and players union to action.

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IAOFM 2014 AFC East and South Preview

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome officially to the NFL regular season. Today, due to scheduling constraints, it’s time to predict half of the AFC.

We’ll start out in the east, and then hit the silly south, and then Saturday, we’ll move back to the north, and finish up on the west side/best side.

Follow me across the pond, and we’ll embark upon what will be a fantastic voyage. (I heard Coolio on Backspin the other day.)

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Jacob Tamme takes a pay cut

It took several months longer than we'd expected, but the Broncos have finally reworked the contract of Jacob Tamme.

The backup tight end was set to make an unwieldy $3M salary; according to Arnie Stapleton, he has agreed to cut that to $1.25M.

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Seahawks pick up right where they left off

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The 2014 NFL season picked up right where the prior one left off - with Seattle delivering a decisive blowout on national television.

This time, it was NFCN favorite Green Bay on the receiving end of the Seahawks' physicality, to the tune of a 36-16 outcome.

Russell Wilson, entering his third season, showed off a more divere offense and threw two touchdown passes.

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Open Thread: Seattle vs Green Bay

Rick Drummond and Benjamin Hoffman preview the game.

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IAOFM 2014 NFC Preview

Happy Thursday, friends. Today, I thought we’d go with a little NFC Preview action, because two NFC teams are going to be kicking off the season tonight.

Everybody seems to think that the NFC is vastly superior to the AFC, but I don’t quite see it that way. I think it’s got about four of the best seven teams, but I also think it has a few bottom-feeding teams too.

Follow me across the divide between space and time, and we’ll work our way through it, you dig?

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Really, enough with the talk of 42-year streaks

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Here we are - the Seahawks and Packers kick off the 2014 season tonight.

There have been piles of previews, and there are more to come.

So many of them - even from the football writers we most respect - focus on the (trivial) fact that no SB loser since 1972 has come back to win the big game a year later.

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J.J. Watt cashed in, and Von Miller is licking his chops

The full details are in on J.J. Watt's extension with the Texans, and Von Miller says his draft classmate is underpaid.

Prior to the deal, Watt was signed through 2015, with salaries of ~$900K this year and ~$10M the next, with the 2015 salary (the fifth-year option) only guaranteed for injury.

At the time of signing, $20.9M was fully guaranteed, and by next week, another $10M will be fully guaranteed.

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