Week 11 Open Thread

Enjoy the games, and Go Broncos!  Let's pull also for the Cardinals and Steelers.  

I just found out from watching ESPN's Sunday Countdown that Mark Sanchez likes show tunes.

It's good to know the Jets are alive with the sound of music...

The Jesus, The Generator and the Experts - Week 11

Here's a question.  If the Random Number Generator ends up beating Peter King, will King shake its hand?

Or will he just eat a cheese coney with Roger Goodell?

As we usually do, we ask our RNG to makes its picks for the week’s NFL games.  We then compare these picks to the so-called experts.  To make things even more lively, I include my cat, Jesus Quintana, in on the picks, along with Doug Lee and myself (Doc Bear is too smart for this).  The RNG is simply armed with the notion that 57% of the time, the home team is a winner in the NFL.  Quintana picks between two quarters as I drop them to the floor.  Doug Lee uses his obsessive-compulsive mind.

I use Kahlua and a proprietary mathematical formula. If that doesn’t work, I refuse to shake hands with myself until the picks come.

So let's see how things stand after Week 10.

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Must win again Lard 11-21-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans.  Today you're getting your Lard TJ Style.  Doug Lee, your steely and steadfast deliverer of daily Broncos news had to take one day off to test himself in some competitive arm wrestling.  So I stepped in for the day.  I'd like to think that on those days when I compete for the National Curling Championships of the United States, Doug will step in for me.

Besides, at Fat Man, we like to think of ourselves as the Patriots of the lazy and bloated blogosphere.  We fill in as needed, unless there's a rerun of Point Break on TV.  Then all bets are off.

Don't worry, though. Doug will be back tomorrow as strong as ever.  

Is tomorrow night another must win for the Broncos?  I'm afraid so.   The Chiefs are likely to win at home today.  The Raiders have a winnable game against the now-injured Steelers as well.  The Broncos can't afford to go down three games in the division with six remaining.

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5 More Things Peter King Didn’t Think to Think - Week 10

Due to the immense popularity of our first installment of 5 Things Peter King Didn't Think to Think, we decided to let you in on a few more sound bites our microphones caught last week against the Chiefs.

So here are 5 More Things Peter King Didn't Think to Think.

Yes, five plus five equals ten.

But Peter King doesn't know that.


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So much for that Lard 11-20-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Unfortunately, the nearly-complete health of the team didn't last long, as Eddie Royal missed Friday's practice with a hamstring injury - no word yet on the seriousness of it. Robert Ayers and Darcel McBath were again limited participants, Jamal Williams got his customer third-down Thursday off, and Andre' Goodman is still out. By the way, Yahoo! got confirmation from Nike that the supposedly-leaked uniform designs I cited the other day are indeed a fake. However, I am sticking by my theory, because very little of it had to do with those pictures - I think a decision to switch back to orange pre-dated Dave Krieger's questions on Monday. For what it's worth, Krieger hasn't responded to an email I sent - but that's certainly understandable, since he's likely received thousands this week. I know, I know - what could be more obnoxious than referencing myself in the Lard?

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Friday Trivia Trough: Broncos playoff opponents

We all know it's been too long since the Broncos made the playoffs. Heck, some of you may not even have been fans that far back! But judging by your excellent performance in these quizzes each week, you all have excellent knowledge of Broncos history, no matter how long you've been rooting them on. Today we're testing your memory of which teams Denver has faced in each of its playoff games. Important point - while we're requiring you to submit each response individually, you do not have to answer in order - you can click your way around the quiz as much as you please. Also, the team name will suffice - you don't have to type in the team's city. As always - no peeking or cheating, post your scores in the comments, and good luck!

Click here for Sporcle quiz:
Can you name the Broncos' Playoff Opponents?

Healthy Broncos Lard 11-19-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver released their cleanest injury report of the year yesterday, as only Andre' Goodman missed practice and is expected not to play Monday night. Robert Ayers and Darcel McBath were limited participants but are expected to play. The Dolts were still without Antonio Gates and Ryan Mathews, while four players were limited for San Diego in practice yesterday. Oh, and Andre Brown is back for more on the Broncos' practice squad. Have a great Friday, everyone! Trivia Trough later...

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Farewell to Jarvis Moss (Hello, David Veikune)

Jarvis Moss was released by Denver yesterday after 3.5 unsuccessful seasons with the club. At the same time, David Veikune joined the Broncos. Denver had decapitated KC, the current division leader, only days before, with the recently acquired Joe Mays, (who proudly describes himself as a ‘ST player who also plays a little LB’). Given his 7 tackles (and he was in on several more), his pounding of the talented Jamaal Charles and his constant presence around the ball, he may have to review that stance. Bowing to the inevitable, though, Denver finally cut Jarvis Moss. He may have been the MVP of the scout team in 2009, but on Sundays, the only place you could find him was on the side of milk cartons.

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The Dude’s Mail Revue: Waterboarding the Black Hole

Dude's Mail Revue 400x145

Fat Man blogger TJ “The Dude” Johnson posts The Dude’s Mail Revue on Thursdays, in which he takes your questions and gets your opinion about the state of the Denver Broncos.

You wanna roll your way into the semis? You want a toe--with nail polish--by 3 o'clock?

Drop TJ your question @ tjthedudejohnson@gmail.com.

(NOTE: No marmots were harmed in the writing of this revue)

Dude, since we crushed the Chiefs last week, has the Curse of Brett Kern been lifted?  Did the limerick work?  I tweeted him three times since last week, but he has yet to respond.  Your thoughts?  That cat really needs to get out and party.

—Mitchell S. Berger, Vancouver, British Columbia 

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According to script Lard 11-18-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Interesting stuff out of Josh McDaniels' Wednesday presser - the Broncos' coaching staff utilized the extra day of practice last week to help them install a script of 18 early plays, which they stuck to against Kansas City. Obviously, it worked quite well, as Denver scored 21 first-quarter points after having scored just 7 all season in the opening stanza. As McDaniels pointed out, a script like this generally only covers 1st- and 2nd-down plays. The offense is trying to show as many looks to the defense as possible, in order to see how the opponent will match up with them that day, and how they will react to each personnel grouping. It's a feeling-out process that will help determine the rest of the game's offensive plan - as Pat Kirwan notes in his book Take Your Eye Off the Ball, scripting is a hallmark of the Bill Walsh coaching tree - of course, in Denver we're familiar with the concept from the Mike Shanahan years. Kirwan says that teams will tend to select five or so of the most successful plays out of the script and then feature each of them four or five times throughout the balance of the game. In his presser, McDaniels mentioned it was something he's done before, and he hinted that the extra day of preparation for next week's MNF game will allow Denver to put together a script for San Diego. Obviously, the question is why Josh doesn't do this every week - well, let's see how Monday goes first. If successful, surely there will be clamoring for McDaniels & Co. to do so every week, and questions as to why they didn't try it earlier...

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