The Broncos’ 2003/2004 Drafts

Broncoman's post about the Broncos and their drafts under Mike Shanahan really got me thinking - I certainly appreciate his analysis, but I think judging draft success by Pro Bowls is a bit too narrow. I think the real way to find the effectiveness is through games played. However, that in itself will be very difficult to manage - where is the cutoff for a good player or one who matters? Does a player need to be a starter? Does he need to play in 10 games a year to count? I'm not really sure what the answers are to those I came up with something else after looking at

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Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations

It's another week, and that can only mean one thing.  Time for more Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations.  Yay!!!!

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Update on Peyton Hillis

A lot of the MHR faithful have been concerned with Peyton Hillis and his rehabilitation from his injury of last year. Many of us cringed just watching that circus catch with the obvious injury it created, but Hillis didn’t drop the ball then and he’s not going to drop it now. The name of the ball is rehab, and he’s become a fixture around Dove Valley this winter. He's constantly getting treatment and getting stronger for next season.

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Tales: The heart of Ardmore

The website for Ardmore, Oklahoma says that it was twice named an All-American City by the National Municipal League. In 1984, it was the only Sunbelt City on the Elite, Nine-City List. That same year, Hugh Bayless cited Ardmore in his book, the 50 Best Towns in America. He may have understated the case.

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Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations

As we enter the re-loading season, I felt like I needed to establish a fun new recurring feature.  HT has MHR University, and Broncobear has the always excellent Tales from the Sunny Side.  Styg is heading up some great draft coverage, which has a fun name, which you'll be hearing about very soon.  Nick has some statistical analysis pieces which will be coming, and Zappa will continue to be Zappa, intermittently unleashing jolts of Broncos fan brilliance.  And the Guru, when we form like Voltron, the Guru is the head.

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Tales: The journey of Shonn Greene

A lot of people in this world have no greater enemy than themselves. It could be said that we all do. Shonn Greene, the 5’11 235 lb. running back for the Iowa Hawkeyes knows that first hand. Before he could juke out of the reach of linebackers and opposing safeties, he had to get out of his own way. That job was, by far, the hardest.

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What exactly is a spread offense?

Have you ever stopped to consider that question?  I've observed a lot of commentary about this "offense" here, on the rest of the blogosphere, on the DP-and-RMN-osphere, and from the idiot-on-tv-osphere.  This commentary takes different forms and attitudes:

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Draft profile: Could P.J. Hill become a Bronco?

Wisconsin Junior running back P.J. Hill has declared for the 2009 NFL draft. Hill, at 5'11 and 236 pounds, has already begun training for February's NFL scouting combine. When Wisconsin redshirt sophomore P.J. Hill told his mother he was losing weight this last spring to become a more agile and powerful running back to win favor in the draft, Pamela Moss had no doubt her son would do it.

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Changes to the system: Offense

While we’ve been pondering the changes to the coaching structure I’ve been wondering about some of the patterns of the past season(s). There were a lot of patterns of play that emerged during the season that weren't discussed since Shanahan’s firing and the subsequent coaching search took over the news. I’d like to take a few minutes to look back at what was and to consider starting to plot a course out of the wilderness on the offensive and defensive positions. Starting with the one that we’ll probably (hopefully) change the least - offense - what do you see as the most important changes we have to make – or not make – by position?

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Shanny’s drafts by the numbers: Part 1

There has been quite a bit of discussion on MHR recently about the quality of the Broncos' drafts under the direction of Mike Shanahan. Many here believe that Mike Shanahan, the General Manager, is the main reason that Mike Shanahan, the Head Coach, was relieved of his duties last month by Pat Bowlen despite his three-year contract and pair of Vince Lombardi Trophies. There has not been much disagreement on this front. Yet the question of whether Shanny was a successful drafter or not, or whether he did an adequate job of retaining the talent he drafted has been contested quite a bit, and rightfully so. It's one thing to draft quality players, it's another to develop them properly, and it's yet another thing to hold onto that talent as their careers progress.

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