Tales from the SunnySide: Determination

It was a display of brute determination.

"Just when it appeared the Titans' good luck had run out, something happened to signal that this just might be their year: The Packers made the wrong call on the coin toss to determine overtime possession. It was anything but luck that determined the Titans' fate in overtime. Taking possession at their 22, they proceeded to thrash the Packers' suddenly vulnerable defense by pounding the ball on the ground. Seven of their nine plays were of the running variety, including five straight (four by Johnson) for 35 yards before Bironas redeemed himself. It was a display of brute determination."

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Ryan Harris an early All-Pro recommendation

Matt Bowen has out his first All Pro recommendations. It's not surprising that a Denver offensive tackle is on there. It's a little surprising that it's Ryan Harris.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Chad Jackson

 Will the Real Chad Jackson Please Stand Up?

The signing of Chad Jackson may be the offense’s answer to Jarvis Moss. Surprised? Don’t be. Chad Jackson is the perfect combination of incredible metrics, minimal experience and knowledge of the game, and all the potential in the world. He’s the definition of upside with a side order of frustration. It will be up to the Broncos to teach him the game, make sure he knows the playbook, and bring him along slowly. If they try to thrust him into too much too soon, he’ll be just another confused and released player. And this is why.

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The best-timed bye since there have been byes

So, it's been a rough few days.  The taste of Monday Night is still strong with me, and still disgusting, and I think we all learned some lessons that night.  I think it is important to take away the right ones, though, so that will be the purpose of this post, to discuss what I think those lessons are.

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Headbanger’s ball

Buffalo QB Edwards has been a Headache for Bills opponentsEd Zieralski (Contact) Friday, October 17, 2008 ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. – Shortly into his Wednesday briefing with the media here, second-year Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards called an audible to avoid a blitzing paparazzi.

Just three days back from a bye week and 10 days removed from being knocked out cold on the third play in the Bills' loss at Arizona, Edwards was tired of answering questions about his noggin. Edwards underwent tests here to see if the resulting concussion from the hit caused any aftershocks. He was cleared Tuesday to play after he passed his final neurological tests at a Buffalo hospital.

"I talked a lot about (the concussion) Monday, so let's move on and talk about this game (against the Chargers) Sunday," said Edwards, a Stanford alum who shows a lot more poise, cockiness and leadership than your average second-year NFL quarterback. "Let's talk about the team and not my concussion."

Life is full of headaches. Just ask Brandon Stokley. A smaller guy for an NFL player, Stokes just recorded a new personal record.

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Things My Eyes Saw and My Brain Thought: Week 6

Time for more Things!  What could be better on a Thursday, other than if Burn Notice was still running new episodes?

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Thoughts the morning after

I'm upset with the loss yesterday, but not as much as I was after the Kansas City game.  I think there were a few major positives which emerged yesterday, and generally, I was fairly happy with the performance of the defense for the second week in a row. Some thoughts....

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Things My Eyes Saw and My Brain Thought: Week 4

I hate when the Broncos play in the early game, because it prevents me from channel-flipping like I like to during the busy part of the day.  I watched our game on Sunday intently, and only had 3 games to flip through late.

Today, I cut out of work early, and came home to watch a bunch of football.  Observations and thoughts follow.  As always, I only comment on football I personally watched.

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Things My Eyes Saw and My Brain Thought: Week 5

I'm a day late with this, because it has been a busy week at the office for me.  Here goes some thoughts, now that I have seen every game.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Pats vs. Bolts

It’s sunny down here on the waterfront today. People are skipping work and heading for the surf, and those who do show up at theirjobs are spending their lunches and breaks enjoying an unseasonable warmth and perfect weather. That’s one thing about Sandy Eggo; the weather is as perfect as a bear could want. The trench coat and fedora make for second looks by the local constabulary, but there’s no a law against being a bear, and no reason not to be here looking at the SunnySide. But there’s a stink coming off the waterfront that isn’t fish and it isn’t rotting seaweed. It’s the smell of a season that was cracked open too early and is starting to fester.

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