Mularkey reportedly will not interview with Broncos

Because he is pissed that John Elway referred to him as Mark reportedly doesn't want to be distracted from the Falcons' playoff run, Atlanta OC Mike Mularkey will not interview for the Broncos' vacant head coaching position tomorrow night. While ESPN's Adam Schefter cites a source who says Mularkey would be interested in interviewing after his team is eliminated from the playoffs, it's likely a moot point as Denver's coaching search is expected to take only a week or two. Either way, this decision should make it quite clear that Mularkey isn't really that interested in coaching the Broncos. Hopefully it wasn't yesterday's verbal slippages by Elway that made him feel that way...(thanks, ButteBronco!)

UPDATE 12:48PM ET - According to Lindsay Jones, Mularkey is still taking his interview with Cleveland; so his excuse for canceling on Denver is pretty much rendered invalid. Meanwhile, Saints DC Gregg Williams will not be available for interview while New Orleans is still alive in the playoffs. So, either the list of potential coaches is shrinking, or the Broncos' search is going to stretch out a bit longer than the original 1 or 2 weeks Elway had cited...

The Daily Lard 1-6-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Elway was introduced yesterday as the new EVP of Football Ops - in case you missed it, or the sound dropped out of it yesterday (like it did for me), watch the presser here - Part 1 and Part 2. In speaking for almost an hour, Elway covered what he's seeking in a new head coach (offensive or defensive background matters not), the future of Tim Tebow (he's still unproven) and Champ Bailey (his status is up in the air), the new power structure at Dove Valley (Elway will be the tiebreaker between Brian Xanders and the HC), why he wanted the job (he loves the Broncos, and he's competitive) and how he'll be performing it (in a very hands-on manner). Best thing Elway said? "I know what I don't know," although that was followed up by a puzzling "I will find out what I don't know as fast as I possibly can." Hopefully, John's self-awareness means the Broncos will be run sans hubris going forward.

As of now, Elway & Co. will interview Falcons OC Mark Mike Mularkey on Friday and Giants DC Perry Fewell and former Broncos interim coach Eric Studesville on Sunday. Elway said the Broncos are interested in speaking with Jim Harbaugh about the job, although it sounds like the Dolphins are making a big push for his services.

UPDATE 11:20AM ET - The Broncos have posted a full transcript of yesterday's presser - it probably took that long to compile it...

UPDATE 11:58AM ET - ESPN will broadcast their documentary "Tim Tebow: Everything in Between" tonight at 7PM ET and will re-air it at midnight ET on ESPN2.

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John Elway presser Open Thread

Watch here as the Broncos introduce John Elway as their Executive VP of Football Operations at the bottom of the hour, and share your reactions here...

UPDATE 3:51PM ET - Giants OC and former Bills interim coach Perry Fewell will interview for the Broncos' job on Sunday

First postseason look: Offense

In looking at the offense over the past couple of weeks, and mostly watching the film of the Chargers game, there was something awfully familiar about the play of Tim Tebow. What I'm referring to may surprise a lot of people - I don't mean his college career or tendencies, although they certainly play into this. I’m thinking of things much older, really. While reviewing Sunday's game - the second half in particular - I noticed something that may be helpful to the Broncos over time. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same. When Tebow was lined up in a classic T formation, one running back short of the old T that Chicago used to beat the Redskins in the most lopsided championship in history, 72-0, the line usually blocked straight on. In modern times, of course, it’s just called a ‘pro set’, and the QB has a running back on either side (one may be a fullback). When they lined up and had Zane Beadles pull after the snap, it was designed as a running play. With Tebow keeping a fair number of them (I apologize - I haven’t had time to count them exactly, although I'll get into greater detail as the offseason wears on), he’s running in a system that has similarities to the old single wing offense. The ball is snapped, and in this case, we do know who’s going to get it, which is the modern approach.

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The Duke returns Lard 1-5-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Elway is officially a member of the Denver Broncos again, having signed a contract last night that makes him the organization's Executive VP of Football Operations. Woody Paige was apparently given an exclusive interview with Elway last night after the contract was finalized. Elway said,

This is all I've really wanted to do since I retired as a player. Football has been my life. I've waited for years, but the timing is perfect. The stars are aligned.

Additionally, Elway stated that Brian Xanders will in fact "be responsible for most of the personnel decisions, the scouting, the draft," and that the search for a new head coach is expected to be completed within a week or two. Elway cited an odd-sounding "study" Xanders performed of previous NFL coaches to placate the folks calling for the hiring of a head coach with a background in defense. Elway said of Tim Tebow,

I was impressed with what he did in the last three games, considering how few reps and plays in games before that, but the questions now are can he translate that grit, the winning attitude, that athletic ability into maturing into a great quarterback on the pro level.

According to Paige, the Broncos will seek permission to interview Saints DC Gregg Williams and Giants DC (and former Bills interim coach) Perry Fewell in addition to Mike Mularkey and Eric Studesville, and that there will be more candidates added in the next day or two. Elway says he did not have an opportunity to speak with Jim Harbaugh about the coaching job at Monday night's Orange Bowl.

UPDATE 10:05AM ET - According to, Elway will be introduced at a 1:30PM MT press conference which the team's site will stream live. We'll have an open thread here on IAOFM for your commentary.

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On gunslinging and rookie quarterbacks

I’d like to tell you a story, because, let’s face it, I always set up my football articles with personal stories which may or may not be relevant to my chosen football topic.  You know what, though?  It’s my platform, and I get to say what I want.  This story takes place last Wednesday, December 29th, in lovely Cleveland, Ohio.  I like the Christmas season, without actually liking the holiday itself.  The reason I like it is that a lot of my closest friends who’ve skipped town for jobs, or spouses, or whatever, come home for the holidays.

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First postseason look: Defense

For all of you who thought on Sunday that Steve Beuerlein was trying for a date with Phil Crimea Rivers and was strangely hard on Tim Tebow, who was in his third game, here are the pertinent facts: As a rookie himself in 1988, Steve played in 10 games and started 8 of them. He had a completion rate of 44.1% along with 8 TDs and 7 INTs. He had a sack percentage of 9.8 and a QB rating of 66.6, which may explain his antipathy to Tim, being the number of all evil (or the numeric short-hand name for Nero, depending on how you read history and the text involved). This guy verbally knocking a rookie for being a rookie is a joke. Remarkable how people have such short memories, isn’t it? Perhaps it was the concussions...

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The Really, Really Blind Side: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Here's another video in our ongoing FICTIONAL video series The Really, Really Blind Side.

If you missed our first video, you can check it out here.  

In this installment, Joe Ellis and Brian Xanders go back to the 80s with a little Poison.

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Broncos to interview Mularkey for HC position

As was previously speculated upon a few weeks back, the Broncos indeed have interest in Atlanta Falcons OC Mike Mularkey for their vacant head coaching position. The team has announced via Twitter that Mularkey will interview for the job on Friday.

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Luck-y scenario Lard 1-4-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mike Lombardi says the Panthers are leaning away from drafting a quarterback first overall. Outright bluff? Posturing? Soliciting trade offers via the media? Perhaps that's what's going on. Either way, this of course will make for plenty of pre-draft drama for the next few months. Will they or won't they? Will last night's Orange Bowl MVP Andrew Luck even enter the draft? Should the Broncos move up to take Luck?

For my money, the ideal situation for the Broncos would be for Carolina to select someone else, and then Denver could auction off the #2 pick to the highest bidder, like the Dolts did twice when they had the chance to draft Michael Vick and then when they drafted Eli Manning and ended up with the better quarterback anyway. But this would require the Panthers to not only be in love with Jimmy Clausen, but also to want another player (Da'Quan Bowers?) badly enough to draft the guy first overall, eschewing what could be a lopsided haul for the chance to draft Luck. A guy can dream, right?

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