Tales: Watching the parade

The Cutler saga is finally behind us. Whatever your perspective on the actors, the curtain came down, the road show moved to the next city, and our lives can begin to get back to normal. It's time to get serious about the draft, to take a look at what the future will bring to our team and its fans. Who isn't excited about the month to come?

The past four days have shown us a lot of things. We've learned a lot about how this performance was directed, who the play was scripted by and what this was really all about. Opinions still differ as to what that was and what it will man for the Broncos. As JohnnyB has said - It's time for us all to pull together and unify as fans, and as members of this site.

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Thoughts & Observations

I don't write a lot of FanPosts anymore, but I wanted to write one tonight, because I think this situation calls for as much gravitas as this site can muster.  Guru wrote a great front page story, speaking for MHR, and he is 100% correct.  This will represent my own spin, but the same basic idea.  Consider this to be akin to the best practices of political messaging, where if your constituents don't believe you the first time, you simply keep repeating yourself.

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Divining the McDaniels Way, Part 1: Overview

This series is the outcome of a month-long collaboration between (Doug) and (Emmett). In general, (Doug) covered the stats and Doc handled most of the writing and analysis. We hope that it sheds light on some of the questions that have arisen as to just what, exactly, Josh McDaniels has been doing with the New England offense over the past four years. It also looks at Jay Cutler's time as the primary starter in Denver over the past two years to establish where the two Patriots and Broncos do and do not match up. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and hope that you will take just as much pleasure in reading it. Hopefully it will answer some  of your questions about what to expect of the 2009 Broncos, and we look forward to your comments and critiques. Many thanks to our esteemed colleagues styg50 and hoosierteacher for their input, and to Zappa for his invaluable aid in managing the code and the templates.

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Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations

After missing a week due to vacation, we're back with another edition of ST&NO.  As we're in a pretty slow season for football news, be glad I am not a paid reporter, or I might make up some trade rumors or something.  Ready.... BEGIN.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Bear Pascoe

Among the many things that conventional wisdom says that you can't coach, high on that list is toughness. It's an innate quality that some players have and some don't. Broncos fans love it, and point to such young players as Ryan Clady, Peyton Hillis and Wesley Woodyard as well as older ones such as instant favorite Casey Wiegmann.

Toughness is getting better in the 4th quarter. Toughness is Weapon X, three-way player Spencer Larsen and Elvis Dumervil. Toughness wins ballgames.

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Inkblots and ipse dixits

Like many of us, I tend to pass my Sunday morning catching up on anything in the various sports media that I might somehow have missed on Horse Tracks. Yesterday, I noticed anew just how easily the written word can twist the facts at hand - or create them.

I caught two particularly egregious examples in the Denver Post yesterday, and since both were from Mike Klis, I decided to get to the bottom of the situation. Curious, I wrote this email to Mike:

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Broncos looking to trade RBs?

Matt Bowen is claiming that the Broncos are trying to dump their RBs Peyton Hillis, Ryan Torain and Selvin Young. On Torain and Young, I wouldn’t blame them, but Hillis is a head-scratcher. Even if you don’t accept that he’s a talented running back (and I would make an argument that he is), he’s a either a good FB, good H-back. Potentially, though, he’s a heck of a talent at receiving the ball out of the backfield and running between the tackles, two things that McDaniels did at length in NE. Bowen hasn’t always been an accurate source, though, so take this one with a grain of salt.

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Tales from the SunnySide: Charles Dimry

Excellence in athletics is a goal that many long for, yet few achieve. Most of us have desired, however briefly, to attain the level of neuromuscular skill and hand/eye coordination that would permit us to reach the pinnacle of pro sports that the NFL represents. Some of us guide young people on that path as coaches. Others teach their children and grandchildren a respect and appreciation for the game of football, that wonderful combination of human chess and unceasing effort and competition.

Charles and Erin Dimry run Velocity Sports Performance in Carlsbad, CA. This facility stands on the cutting edge of the development of the younger as well as the professional athlete. Walk inside with me and take a tour through the new ways we can maximize the performance of the players, whether they are preparing for the Combine, or preparing for an NFL career...

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Connor Barwin electrifies in pro day workout

Connor Barwin (also) put on a show on his Pro Day although it was much more of a surprise (than Vontae Davis). He wowed all in attendance by consistently running his 40 yard dash in the 4.5 range. After timing and testing well, Barwin shined (sic) in position drills as a defensive end (his projected pro position) as a TE and outside linebacker. Several scouts thought it was the best workout they’d seen in several springs. That might help Barwin get drafted in the early second or late first round.

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Denver’s unique running back system

Many Broncos fans may be asking - 

"What might we expect from the new Denver management in terms of running-back usage?"

It’s a fair question. We can’t expect to know Josh McDaniels’ mind with certainty. He has promised us an offense different ‘from anything you’ve seen before’. I’d enjoy that. But we can look at several facts and actions, and have a fairly good idea of both what he has used and what certain coaches with the Broncos have done historically.

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