Week 2 Open Thread

Hey, Everyone! Here’s where you can discuss the day’s games. Enjoy!

Fat Man’s Big Fat Stat Preview (and pregame limerick, too!) - Week 2, Seattle

This week I’m bringing you another stat you’ve probably not heard about leading up to today’s game with the Seahawks, or as my friend Doug Lee lovingly calls them, the Sea Chickens.  Personally, I’m a big fan of economy, so I’m partial to Sea Chicks.   

If you spent any amount of time last week following the Sea Chicks, you probably heard the media focus on what the San Francisco 49ers didn’t do as opposed to what the Sea Chicks did right.  Certainly you’ve heard all about how Mike Singletary blamed his team’s headsets for a lot of the mistakes the 49ers made.  Or maybe you heard Alex Smith whine about the plays not getting to the huddle efficiently (headsets, it seems, actually throw interceptions these days). 

Seattle ran the ball 23 times, and from the coverage of the game, it sounded like Seattle’s running game was paltry.  The stats back that assessment up, as Seattle averaged only 3.3 yards per play. 

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Home opener Lard 9-19-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Here we are - it’s Week 2 and already the Broncos are facing a must-win game. Next week begins a brutal stretch, as they’ll host the Colts and Jets, with road games at Tennessee and Baltimore in between. Today, they’ll have to get it done without Ryan Harris, Darcel McBath, and Laurence Maroney. Chris Kuper and Wesley Woodyard are game-day decisions, while Eddie Royal and Demaryius Thomas are probable. Hopefully, we’ll see a bit more of a pass rush from the Broncos today, a bit less-efficient passing from Matt Hasselbeck than David Garrard pulled off, and NO injuries! Enjoy the game (we will have a thread up for it) and Go Broncos!!

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The Jesus, The Generator and the Experts - Week 2

For those of you who missed Week 1, I’m trying to answer the one question that has eluded mankind:

Are the NFL Experts smarter than an animal or a random number generator?

Each week I put up the picks of my cat, Jesus Quintana, and a random number generator against the experts.  I also put them up against Doug Lee and myself (Doc Bear is always smarter so we left him out), but not because we are experts.  It’s because we really would like to say we know more than Peter King.

I’m also getting the readers of Fat Man in on the action as well.  Quintana tells me he’ll offer up a $15 I-Tunes Gift Certificate to the first FM member who puts in the comment section below the winner and exact score of the Broncos-Seahawks game.  Good luck, you Peter King clones!

So how did The Jesus and The Generator do in Week 1?  Let’s take a look:

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Seattle @ Denver Week 2

With the return of Pete Carroll to the NFL coaching ranks, much was made over the summer debating whether or not he can make the leap back after coaching the USC Trojans. If you asked the members of the San Francisco 49ers this week, they might suggest that so far, it hasn’t been a problem for him. After destroying SF 31-6, Seattle is off to a good start. Considering that the first play of the game was a sack of Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle quickly settled in and made the plays when they needed to on both offense and defense. Denver fans will note the pattern that was fast to show itself - SF moved the ball well down the field, but couldn’t punch it into the end zone. San Fran played a mistake-ridden game, and Seattle had less, but managed to rack up a few of their own, starting with the first play of the game. Matt Hasselbeck threw an INT when Nate Clement, SF CB, jumped a route and brought in the ball.

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A must-win game already?! Lard 9-18-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The injury outlook is somewhat better than it was yesterday, as only Ryan Harris and Darcel McBath are listed as out. Chris Kuper again missed practice yet is listed as questionable, along with Wes Woodyard who was limited in practice. Eddie Royal and Demaryius Thomas both practiced and are listed as probable, so it seems a safe bet we’ll see DT’s NFL debut on Sunday. Fortunately, the Broncos are facing a Sea Chickens team with an O-Line that’s been disrupted just as much by injury. So, if Denver can find that missing pass rush, it could be a long day for both QBs. Meanwhile, Laurence Maroney spoke with reporters for the first time since being traded.

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Friday Trivia Trough: Broncos with 100-yard receiving games

Our first quiz was a big hit, and since we can publish seven of these each month, I’m going to give you a Friday edition this week as well. This one will be a bit tougher than the last quiz, so I’m giving you 12 minutes to agonize. In the Broncos’ history, 47 different players have had 100-yard receiving games. How many can you name? Just like last time, click straight through to Sporcle below, and then post your scores and discuss names in the comments. Frankly, I’ll be impressed by anyone who comes up with more than half of the names. As always, no peeking or cheating!

Click here for Sporcle quiz:
Can you name the players who have had 100-yard receiving games as Broncos?

TEIF (that’s E for Elway if you didn’t know) Lard 9-17-10

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Unfortunately, the Broncos are not exactly getting back to health just yet. Missing from practice yesterday due to injuries were Ryan Harris, Chris Kuper, Laurence Maroney, Darcel McBath and Wesley Woodyard. Jamal Williams missed practice but not due to injury, while Eddie Royal was limited and Demaryius Thomas again was a full participant. According to Jeff Legwold, Ryan Harris will not play on Sunday, while there is a chance Kuper will.

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The Dude’s Mail Revue: One hunky mailbag

Dude's Mail Revue 400x145

Fat Man blogger TJ “The Dude” Johnson posts The Dude’s Mail Revue on Thursdays, in which he takes your questions about the state of the Denver Broncos. Got a titillating question? Put a dollar bill into the Dude’s G-String and he might answer your question—after bowling practice.

TJ, I’m glad to see you back answering questions about the Broncos!  Where have you been all summer?  I’ve been carrying this question for a few weeks.  Now tell me - Brady Quinn has the looks that kill, but do you think he’ll be with the Broncos next year after his mediocre preseason?
—Linda, South Bend, Indiana

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Charges against Shannon Sharpe dismissed

The DP is reporting that Shay Shay’s accuser withdrew her complaint, and that an announcement from CBS Sports is coming later in the day. Glad to hear it…