5 Things Peter King Didn’t Think to Think - Week 11

Rain or Shine.  Victory or blowout loss.  Fat Man's microphones catch it all.

The Broncos weren't saying too much this week.


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The Daily Lard 11-24-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As mentioned yesterday, Denver will be without Demaryius Thomas, Andre' Goodman and Darcel McBath on Sunday. Josh McDaniels also addressed the question of whether we're about to see a lot more of Tim Tebow soon (we're not). Of course, this is all everyone wants to talk about. Me, I want to know how the Broncos are going to find a pass rush, and who they're going to draft come April to help that cause. If you're traveling today, have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! If not, don't worry - IAOFM is open everyday, and so is The Daily Lard!

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Three Broncos ruled out for Sunday

Josh McDaniels announced today that WR Demaryius Thomas (ankle), S Darcel McBath (thigh) and CB Andre' Goodman (hip) will not play Sunday when the Broncos host the Lambs. McDaniels said Goodman would not be placed on IR and responded to questions about (what else) whether Tim Tebow should be playing more. Does he play defense....?

Chewing the Fat - Week 11

TJ, Em and I chat a lot, and mostly about the Broncos (go figure). Whatever you may think of our writing here at IAOFM, we do not groupthink - we all have our own views, and hopefully that is evident. But while we don't argue, we certainly have frequent healthy debates about where the Broncos are headed. Today, we're going to subject you to let you in on a conversation between TJ and I. Now, this is definitely could be one of the most obnoxiously self-gratifying ideas in the history of Broncos blogdom, but we're going to give it a whirl anyway - after all, we’re fans, just like you. While we covered a few different aspects of where the Broncos stand today, we certainly left several questions unanswered, and we'd love to hear/read your thoughts on the same matters.

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Groundhog Night Lard 11-23-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans. If only last night's game could have been called on account of bad weather after the game's first nine minutes. But alas, there was no bad weather and we're not talking baseball here. Following a perfect opening touchdown drive and two defensive stops, it was the Broncos' special teams unit that let them down on a San Diego fake punt, and it was all downhill from there. In their nine meetings since Philip Rivers became the Dolts' starter in 2006, the Broncos have now been blown out six times in seven losses. This edition felt an awful lot like the previous ones, littered with plenty of Broncos penalties (8 of them for 56 yards), horrific third-down play (1-of-12 on offense, 7-of-14 on defense), poor special teams play (the fake punt, 9 Britton Colquitt punts for a gross 37.2-yard gross average), phantom tackling (just one sack, and a glaring Dawk whiff on Patrick Crayton's 40-yard catch-and-run TD), phantom blocking (63 rushing yards and 5 sacks), missed passes (bad throws by Kyle Orton, drops and misplays by his receivers) and a puzzling abundance of trick plays.

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Gut Reactions - Week 11, Broncos-Chargers


The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Unless you forget to take the second.  Then you simply fall on your ass.

Tonight the Broncos started fast.  Once the Chargers adjusted, however (putting more guys in the box), Denver's excellent adventure turned bogus.

And we didn't even get a cameo from Keanu Reeves.  Damn, dude.  

What started as a fake punt quickly turned into a nightmare of missed tackles, blown assignments, penalties, dropped passes, and desperate gadget calls.  In other words, outside of a few good weeks, more of the same.

Last week the Broncos were the ones who had two weeks to prepare for their opponent.  This week, it was the Chargers who had the additional time.  Honestly, though, they didn't need it, so I hope they spent at least half of that time prepping for the Colts.  

Time didn't beat the Broncos.  As we've seen again and again, the Broncos beat themselves. 

Get your mock drafts ready.  

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MNF Open Thread

Enjoy the game everyone, and Go Broncos!!!

Ayers out for Denver; Gates, Mathews out for SD

7:54PM ET Also out for SD: S Steve Gregory, DL Travis Johnson, TE Kris Wilson

7:39PM ET Out for San Diego: WR Legedu Naanee, TE Antonio Gates, RB Ryan Mathews. K Kris Brown is the third QB.

7:17PM ET Out for Denver: LB Robert Ayers, RB Laurence Maroney, CB Andre' Goodman, DB Cassius Vaughn, OG Stanley Daniels, C Eric Olsen, LB David Veikune. Brady Quinn is again listed as the third quarterback

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What do the Chargers say?

Sunday night and this morning I was watching one of the many SD Charger analysis shows, this one called Chargers Game Plan. Josh Lewin is the Chargers' radio guy, while Chris Chandler describes himself as an NFL analyst. They had a couple of players who had quotes or who stopped by. Their perspective was predictable, in many ways - they were talking about the Broncos team as it had been prior to the bye. That’s perfectly reasonable - they aren’t always up on the Denver Broncos' changes, and they showed minimal film from the KC game. They had a lot to say about what the matchups were, though, and that’s what drew my attention.

The Chargers’ faithful were very clear that in their opinion, they have a far superior defense. That’s understandable. Denver made a lot of changes in the last game, and it slammed the door on the KC running game. Sure, KC had to try to move to the passing game sooner than they wanted to, as they fell farther and farther behind, but their attempts at running were mostly met with immediate tackles and players flocking to the ball. They also talked about how the Broncos are vulnerable to the long pass, and that they were shocked that Brandon Lloyd was leading the league in receiving yards. They granted that Kyle Orton was being effective, but made it clear that he wasn’t capable of putting a game on his back. Nice to know - don’t tell Tennessee or Kansas City.

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When the pieces come together

What a difference a year (or a bye week) can make...

He was just another 4th-round choice in the 2003 NFL draft. He grew up in Missouri and went to college up north a ways at the University of Illinois, after which he became a vagabond. San Francisco took a shot on him, and it really didn’t work out. Then it was a couple of years with Washington and just one with Chicago, who thought they’d seen enough of him. Where to next?

The story was always the same. He blew them away in training camp, and then blew key plays on the field, the stories said. He’d make a circus catch and follow it with a simple drop at a key moment. People talked about his attitude, his persona, about whether he was dedicated. You couldn’t trust him, was the bottom line of the message.

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