The Jesus, The Generator and the Experts - Week 12

I have a confession to make.

I've been videotaping Peter King's picks all year.

I am cooperating with Fat Man officials.  I don't think it is good. To have this kind of attention is a distraction, and I think that is how I'm treating it.  I try to do the best I can to limit these distractions every week, and it will be no different here. Certainly I am never looking to do anything that is not within the rules established by Doug Lee and Emmett Smith.

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Broncos, McDaniels fined; fans go wild Lard 11/28/10

Good Morning? Broncos fans. As you all know by now, the Broncos and Josh McDaniels were each fined $50K yesterday for Spygate II. Apparently McDaniels never looked at the six-minute recording video operative director Steve Scarnecchia took of the Niners' walkthrough, and failed to report the offense - hence the fine. Certainly the incident reflects poorly on the Broncos organization as a whole, and the most obvious question is why McDaniels hired Scarnecchia in the first place. But there are several memes flying around regarding Scarnecchia's involvement in Spygate I - let's try to straighten them out a bit. When the Jets exposed the Pats in 2007, Scarnecchia was the Jets' video director - the whistleblower in fact. He had not worked for New England since 2004. The original Spygate investigation circled around whether the Patriots filmed the Lambs' walkthrough before the two were to meet in SB XXXVI. But the videographer in question was Matt Walsh - not Scarnecchia, who was a video assistant for New England from 2001 to 2004.

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Josh McDaniels would make a bad Sicilian

I'm done with Josh McDaniels.

Not because he's failed to draft any defensive linemen with the 19 picks he's had in the last two years; not because his first meaningful move as coach of the Broncos was to cut the long snapper; not because 33-year old guys throwing down f-bombs on national television fail to motivate grown men in their mid-20s and 30s.  I'll even leave the record-setting blowouts aside for the moment.

I'm done with him because he apparently hasn't watched any of the Godfather movies.

Had he, he would have realized that in the Cosa Nostra of the old sicilian mafia, or, let's face it, in the coaching tree of Bill Belichick, you don't rat out anyone in the "organization."  Even if takes a week or more and pressure from league officials.

The Sicilians have a term for this: Omertá, which means maintaining a code of silence.

To betray Omertá is to invite retribution of all kinds--Peyton Hillis as MVP, Jay Cutler getting into the playoffs, bloody horse heads in the bed, and more.  

And you thought the Curse of Brett Kern was bad.

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McDaniels, Broncos fined $50,000 by NFL

As Jason LaCanfora and Adam Schefter have reported within the last hour, the NFL has fined the Broncos and Josh McDaniels $50,000 apiece for illegally filming the 49ers' practice in London. The story has some wrinkles that Broncos fans will have to sort out for themselves. Apparently, McDaniels refused to view the film that was given to him. Strange days indeed.

Here was the reaction from Josh McDaniels, from the story:

"I apologize for not promptly reporting the improper conduct of our video director before our game against the 49ers in London," McDaniel said in a statement released by the Broncos. "The actions of this individual are in no way representative of the values and integrity held by myself, our players and coaches, and the entire Denver Broncos organization.

"I understand the punishment from the National Football League and support its commitment to the integrity of the game. We have addressed the situation internally to assure that nothing like this happens again." 

So, Broncos fans, the organization did the act, but Josh McDaniels refused to look at the tape? Does this make it any better in your mind?

Thanks to Fat Man Member SpaceCowboy for being so quick on the trigger on this news.

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The Playbook Abides - Man coverage at your own risk

Good cover corners are worth their weight in cap space.

That's because in today's pass-happy NFL, in which cornerbacks must play a significant amount of man-to-man, you can't afford to be without one--or five.

Cover corners can make the difference between the simple incompletion you forget as part of the opponent's completion percentage and a made-for-ESPN highlight.  This is especially true when facing an elite quarterback like Philip Rivers.

As we'll see in this week's version of The Playbook Abides, Rivers exposed the potential danger of playing man coverage in the Chargers' victory on Monday night.

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Spygate, Denver edition Lard 11-27-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As if Denver hasn't seen enough football controversy since Josh McDaniels took over last January, there's another big one brewing - and it's déjà vu all over again for McDaniels. The NFL is investigating whether the Broncos' director of covert video operations Steve Scarnecchia videotaped one of the Niners' walkthroughs when the two teams were about to face off in London. Scarnecchia is on a leave of absence while the league looks into the matter, and supposedly the Broncos are investigating as well. Yeah, right. Scarnecchia was deeply involved in the Patriots' version of Spygate, as he reportedly trained (first bullet point) the person who got caught recording the Jets' signals in 2007, Matt Estrella. Scarnecchia was the Jets' video director when the team blew the whistle on the Patriots, and worked for New England when they beat St. Louis in Super Bowl XXXVI. Of course, the NFL investigated allegations that the Patriots had filmed the Lambs' walkthrough before that title game.

Whatever comes of the investigation, this is still another embarrassing moment in McDaniels' tenure in Denver. Hopefully the league absolves the Broncos of any wrongdoing. If not...

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A Second Helping of…A lockout in 2011

No matter how the Broncos finish, next year you’re not going to have Josh McDaniels to kick around anymore.  It’s not that he’s going anywhere.  It’s simply that no one is likely to be playing football.  

Instead, you’re going to have to choose between Pat Bowlen and the players' union.
Today is Black Friday; we’re late into the football season.  However, the idea that we’re going to be without NFL football still seems to be a secret to most fans.  According to Mike Silver, the players' union estimates that only about 33% of the most hardcore NFL fans have even thought about the impending lockout, its possibility, and most importantly, its effects.

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Black Friday Lard 11-26-10

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! We hope you had a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving. As for the Broncos, their injury report is exactly as it was the day before - Robert Ayers was a full participant in practice and is expected to play Sunday, while DJ Williams was again limited. Demaryius Thomas, Andre' Goodman and Darcel McBath are out.

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Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

Enjoy the games and your turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Lard 11-25-10

Happy Thanksgiving, Broncos fans! Robert Ayers was a full participant in Wednesday's practice, while DJ Williams was limited as he recovers from a concussion he suffered Monday. As earlier announced, Demaryius Thomas, Andre' Goodman and Darcel McBath are all out Sunday.

Whether you're with family or friends, traveling or hosting, we hope you enjoy the day! At IAOFM we are thankful everyday for your readership and for helping us grow over these past couple months. Thanks for all of your intelligent comments, the laughs you provide us all, and for your praise. You have made IAOFM a worthy endeavor and we will continue striving to make it better. Thanks again, and Happy Turkey Day!

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