Friday Trivia Trough: Dear John edition

Did I say something yesterday about this one being easy? Scratch that. It’s not brutal in general, but a few of the answers are - let’s look at twenty different guys named John who have/had associations with the Broncos of varying degrees. Since I’m a stickler, there aren’t even any guys named Jon (as in Keyworth). Every answer has a first name of John, which of course you don’t have to type in. Last names always suffice, and I’ve allowed for as many reasonable misspellings as I can think of. If you miss the answer to #1, we will see to it that you are banned from Broncos fanhood for life.

Chibronx - although I didn’t make this a funny one, thanks for the inspiration to change things up a little bit. As always, no peeking or cheating, post your scores in the comments, and good luck!

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How many of these 20 men named John associated with the Broncos can you name?

Broncography: Kevin Vickerson

One thing that has been happening with the Broncos and the NFL in general over the past few years has been a family matter. Denver has twice had brothers on the team at the same time, with Champ and Boss Bailey in 2008 and Worrell and DJ Williams earlier this year. In addition, though, Denver has been bringing in players who have/had family - fathers, uncles and now brothers in the league. Dan Gronkowski was one of those - he has two brothers currently in the league. Another is Kevin Vickerson, the 321-pound defensive end who had his first start at Tennessee, and did an excellent job. He was born Kevin Darnell Vickerson on Jan. 8, 1983 in Detroit, Michigan. Vickerson’s younger brother, Quartez Vickerson, was with the Titans during their 2007 training camp and currently plays arenafotball2.

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Knowshon and Larsen limited Lard 10-15-10

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Knowshon Moreno and Spencer Larsen were limited participants yesterday in practice, while Mario Haggan and Andre Brown were full participants. Once again, Demaryius Thomas did not practice as he recovers from a concussion. Jamal Williams apparently practiced rather than take his customary Thursday off. Hopefully this means he’s rejuvenated, feels like a 24-year old and is ready to become a three-down player again? Probably not, but we can hope…

Later today, a Broncography on Kevin Vickerson and more Trivia Trough!

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Thursday Trivia Trough: Punt return TDs

I’m sorry, folks. I haven’t refilled the trough in quite awhile, and you must be starving for some Broncos trivia. Perhaps I could throw you a meatball to make up for it, but that’s just not how I operate. Plus, it’s only Thursday so you’re much less likely to be hungover than perhaps you will be tomorrow? I’ll have another edition of the Trough tomorrow, and a somewhat easier one, at that.

But today’s trivia is tough, and it will likely favor the older readers here at IAOFM. Quite frankly, this question would kick my butt. Seventeen different players have returned punts for touchdowns as Broncos (only four of them have done so more than once). How many of them can you name? As always, click below for the quiz and post your scores in the comments (No peeking or cheating!). Good luck, you’ll need it!

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Broncos who have returned punts for TDs

The Dude’s Mail Revue: The Schedule, the blowhard, and the top 5 Broncos from the 80s

Dude's Mail Revue 400x145

Fat Man blogger TJ “The Dude” Johnson posts The Dude’s Mail Revue on Thursdays, in which he takes your questions about the state of the Denver Broncos. Got a titillating question? Put a dollar bill into the Dude’s G-String and he might answer your question—after bowling practice.

TJ, we’ve only played 5 games of a 16-game schedule.  I don’t know why everyone is getting so carried away.  So we’ve lost to the Colts, the Ravens, and the Jaguars.  The record of these three opponents is 10-5.  If we can get the Jets this weekend, we’ll be sitting at 3-3 with all of our division games remaining.  I could see us going 5-1 in the division easily.  That’s 8-4.  And then all we have is Houston, Arizona, San Francisco, and Saint Louis.  We could win at least two of these games.  That puts us at 10-6 and into the playoffs!  This is going to happen.
—Juan Ebna,  Beaver, Utah

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The Daily Lard 10-14-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! In addition to the players who have already been ruled out (Brian Dawkins, Robert Ayers, Andre’ Goodman, Darcel McBath and Wesley Woodyard), Knowshon Moreno and Demaryius Thomas did not practice due to injury. Andre Brown missed practice due to illness, while Mario Haggan and Spencer Larsen were limited participants. The Broncos added LB Lee Robinson to the practice squad. Robinson had been a 2009 UDFA signee for Denver before being on the practice squads of the Cards and Bucs.

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Caught between Baltimore and New York

No one needs to ask if it was a tough Sunday for Broncos fans. Getting pounded that way after finding a way to beat Tennessee on the road, with rushing numbers that were violations of the obscenity laws is a hard row for any fan to hoe. Even so, there are things that you can find a way to see improvement in, and there are some things that you can’t help but recognize as better than you probably feel right now. Feeling better? Even with all the hurt from this game, if that’s hard to swallow, take a moment and consider these...

The Broncos entered the game in the top half of the league in rushing defense through four games, while not allowing any rusher to top the 100-yard mark. In a matchup of squads that pride themselves on being physical, those stats didn’t hold up.

No, those stats didn’t hold up at all. In fact, Denver gave up 233 rushing yards and 4 rushing TDs. Ray Rice had 133 of them himself with a 4.9 ypa. How do you get to feeling okay about that?

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Huge Decision of the Week: Broncos-Ravens, Week 5

Note: Each Wednesday,  we take a look at a critical coaching decision from the prior week’s game that had an impact on the final score—from a statistical point.

It is rumored that during the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon yelled to his generals, “We get the ball to start the 2nd half!”  Of course, we all know how that ended.  I don’t have the stats from that game, but I think the French missed a late field goal and turned the ball over 3 times, while committing stupid penalty after stupid penalty.

Fans also love talking about getting the ball to begin the 2nd half—thousands of times in front of thousands of televisions across America.  It’s uttered so much, in fact, that one might assume that getting the ball to start the 3rd quarter was worth actual points.

Unfortunately, opportunity just isn’t enough in the NFL.  You still have to score.

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Dirty agents Lard 10-13-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Broncos waived defensive lineman Jeff Stehle yesterday, who had been on the practice squad. But really, the biggest news is that NFL player agent Josh Luchs has come clean about paying college players while recruiting them as potential clients. This story printed just weeks after Charles Robinson of Yahoo! wrote that Elvis Dumervil’s agent Gary Wichard was being investigated under similar allegations. In fact, Wichard is prominently featured in the SI article, along with none other than Mel Kiper. Obviously, this is a must-read article, full of interesting details and names, if perhaps not much of a shocker.

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The Stats That Don’t Lie, Week 5 - What Would LeBeau Do (WWLD)?

The Broncos are stacked.

Unfortunately, they are a little top heavy.

Like the guy at the gym who only works his arms, the Broncos have some gigantic biceps.

If they could only work on those chicken legs before they go puffing out their chest.

This week’s stats are going to show you what you already know.  The Broncos can pass, but they can’t run.  However, even the numbers are misleading (lying, you might say?).  Most of these passing yards are hollow because the Broncos have been playing from behind in all of their games. 

Either way, you’ve come looking for the stats, so you’re going to get them.  Strong.  Long.  And ready to get the friction on.

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