Broncos bring back TE Rosario, waive LB Mohamed

The Broncos have re-signed veteran TE Dante Rosario and waived rookie LB Mike Mohamed to create room for him on the roster. Denver had originally signed Rosario as a free agent on August 1 before releasing him as part of their final cuts on September 3. In the intervening weeks, Rosario had been with the Dolphins, who released him on Tuesday.

Denver had been down to just two healthy TEs on their active roster (Daniel Fells, Virgil Green) with rookie Julius Thomas out for at least two weeks with a high ankle sprain. Mohamed was the team's sixth-round draft pick in April out of Cal. It would figure that Mohamed will end up on the practice squad if he clears waivers. (Thanks, Bob Morris!)

Fat Camp - 4-3 Defensive gaps and techniques (and a little Von Miller, too)

Several weeks ago, we reviewed the basics of gaps and techniques on defense.

You'll recall I compared football to a chessboard--techniques are where the pieces line up, while gaps are the responsibilities of the pieces.  The big difference is that in football, the pieces (defenders) can line up in a different spot on every play.

Now let's put that knowledge to work in the Broncos' current 4-3 system under Dennis Allen.

Allen runs the two prominent forms of the 4-3, the Under and the Over, although thus far in the season, he's favored the Under scheme.

You're about to find out why.

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The Daily Lard 9-22-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his latest mailbag (once he's through with his weekly cheap shots at Josh McDaniels), Woody Paige says the Broncos' brass is as divided over Tim Tebow's prospects as us fans are, and he says the team did in fact look into dealing Tebow away, but that they encountered little in the way of interest when they did so. Woody admits to not really knowing how Brian Xanders feels about Tebow, and he seems as puzzled as we are that Xanders has so far emerged scot free from all the blame which has landed at Josh McDaniels' feet for draft picks gone wrong.

Woody goes on to say the team's hierarchy has nobody to blame but themselves for the PR problem they've had this season after having used Tebow to sell season-ticket renewals and then trying and failing to trade Orton. He also repeats what he said on Sandy Clough's show last week, suggesting the team should deal Tebow before the deadline if they're intent on drafting a new QB next April. In that vein, Woodrow takes a look at the schedule and realizes (especially with the fine play of Detroit and Buffalo) that the Broncos are worthy entrants to the Suck for Luck race.

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Dumervil, Lloyd, Moreno & Williams back; Johnson to PS

Several key Broncos returned to practice today, including D.J. Williams for the first time since the preseason, along with Elvis Dumervi, Brandon Lloyd and Knowshon Moreno. Obviously, the return of these four veterans to a young squad still otherwise struggling with injuries is a big boost as the team heads to Tennessee for Sunday's game against the Titans. Denver is still without Champ Bailey, Eddie Royal, Marcus Thomas, Julius Thomas and Demaryius Thomas, who is expected to be out at least for another two or three weeks as he recovers from a fractured pinky finger.

Meanwhile, the team has re-signed Jeremiah Johnson to their practice squad after the RB cleared waivers, and they released WR D'Andre Goodwin from the PS to create room for him. (Thanks, RSH!)

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Wednesday Musings: Sunday’s win over the Bengals

It’s tough for Cincinnati to come into the Mile High City and exit with a win. The proof? Their last victory at altitude was on Nov. 9, 1975. On Sunday, the Broncos overcame a variety of mistakes, stepped up when things were tough and crafted a victory at home over a resilient Cincinnati team that was coming off a win over their own rivals, the Cleveland Browns.

Cincinnati made no bones about the path they wanted to take to beat the Broncos: Denver once gave up a league-record number of yards to Corey Dillon, and the Bengals wanted to see if they could do it again, this time with Cedric Benson. With an extensive list of inactives that included Champ Bailey, Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Lloyd, Knowshon Moreno and D.J. Williams, it looked like Cincy might be an uphill battle for the Broncos. By the end of the first half, Julius Thomas (ankle) and Eddie Royal (groin) had joined those other key players on the sideline. I spent some time with the film of the Bengals' Week 1 win at Cleveland, and it looked like Cincy’s front line on defense was very much, as Ted has also noted, very physical and they also reminded me of the Oakland front. I expected a tough, close game, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Bengals are in a similar situation to the Broncos - having changed coaches, schemes and many of the players, it’s tough to get much film on them, so a lot of adjustments throughout the game on both sides were made on the fly.

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The Daily Lard 9-21-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Obviously, there are many ways to view the outcome of Sunday's two-point victory - the Broncos made the plays they needed to win the game, they were fortunate to have the ball bounce their way on certain occasions, the Bengals shot themselves in the foot with ill-timed penalties, or Cincy just isn't that good. But as Frank Frigo tells it, there was another major factor at play: Marvin Lewis incredibly managed to out-conservative our own cautious John Fox, and it did in his team.

No, it wasn't Lewis' decision to forego a 54-yard FG attempt in the closing minutes; instead it was his puzzling choice to punt on 4th-and-1 at midfield twice to start the game and to kick a FG on another 4th-and-1 while down five points at Denver's five-yard line, late in the third quarter and with momentum clearly on the Bengals' side. According to Frigo's calculations, these unprogressive decisions cost the Bengals more than 34% in Game Winning Chance (GWC) with the chip-shot FG counting for almost half of that. Of course, the Broncos have not yet gone for it on a fourth down (they have not yet faced a situation where they should have), and during his nine years in Carolina, Fox went for it fewer than ten times in four of those seasons, so at some point this same fogyish strategy Lewis employed to keep his team from winning on Sunday will bite Denver in the rear. Mark it.

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Broncos add WR Quan Cosby, waive Johnson

The Broncos have made a move to shore up their shrinking WR corps, but it was not a PS promotion as might have been expected. Rather, the team signed former Cincinnati Bengal, Anaheim Angels farmhand and Texas Longhorn Quan Cosby (5'9" 190) to the active roster and waived RB Jeremiah Johnson to make room for him. Cosby has served primarily as a punt returner during his two NFL seasons, and it would figure that he'll function in that same role for Denver now that Eric Decker can expect to see more time at WR following the injury to Eddie Royal. Cosby returned 70 punts for a 10.0-yard average but had only seven career offensive touches for the Bengals (six catches and one carry).

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You Got Served: Rebuilding Fever - Catch it!

Happy Tuesday, friends.  You have to like a start to the week that includes a win, even if it was a fairly ugly one.  I like the pushback on Monday from John Elway that any Broncos fan who is disappointed with a win isn’t really a Broncos fan.  I agree with that, and I’ll never root for the team to lose for any reason.  Beyond the game at SAF, it was an interesting NFL weekend, and there’s much to discuss.  Ready… BEGIN!!

1.  I’m guilty, and I have to admit it.  I’m the guy who, particularly on my old WordPress site, has relentlessly beaten the drum about how the Broncos media and fan base lack the ability or inclination to allow the team to undertake a real rebuild, or to admit that one is needed.

b.      Broncos fans are spoiled and entitled, after 30 successful years, which included 7 AFC championship appearances, 5 Super Bowl appearances, and 2 victories.  They unreasonably demand winning now, while mostly not understanding that every team has eventually had to rebuild.

Then, during the preseason, when the Broncos’ primary players looked good, I let myself get a little overexcited about the team's prospects.  Last week, when the team spit the bit against Oakland, I let myself get down more than I should have.  Today, I’m happy to have witnessed a win, but I’m not letting myself get too high about it.  Perspective has returned.

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The Daily Lard 9-20-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Unfortunately, the news of the day was that WR Eddie Royal will be out at least two weeks with a strained groin, with his return figuring to be Week 5 against San Diego or Week 7 at Miami following the Broncos' bye week. Obviously, Royal's injury underscores the urgency for WR Brandon Lloyd to return from his groin strain this week; according to LJ, there's a chance Lloyd, DE Elvis Dumervil, RB Knowshon Moreno and LB D.J. Williams will be back practicing sometime this week. As for Denver's other serious injury from Sunday, TE Julius Thomas is also out for at least two weeks with a high ankle sprain, and he was in a boot and on crutches yesterday.

Meanwhile, John Fox said yesterday the Broncos wouldn't again make the glaring mistake of entering a game with only three healthy WRs - and since Lloyd's return to health is not guaranteed, it's probably a safe bet the team will call up Eron Riley or D'Andre Goodwin from the practice squad to supplement the current group of Lloyd?, Eric Decker and Matt Willis for Sunday's game at Tennessee. It will also be interesting to see if the team is willing to enter Sunday with only Daniel Fells and Virgil Green healthy at TE, as doing so would likely hamper Denver's ability to utilize two-TE and max-protect sets. If the team were to make a pair of moves, DT Mitch Unrein and RB Jeremiah Johnson would figure to be prime candidates to be waived and stashed on the PS if they were to clear. Is Richard Quinn healthy and/or in football shape?

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Chewing the Fat: Week 2 - Broncos vs Bengals

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 24-22 victory over the visiting Cincinnati Bengals. Denver opens with a 15-play, 85-yard drive and scores on a Willis McGahee 1-yard TD run; 7-0 Broncos

TJ: I hope John Fox calls a great game.  Last week was not pretty. He just admitted on pre game he abandoned the run too quickly. Good catch, Fox.  Nothing gets by you. JD Walton needs to step up today. I'm beginning to start to wonder about that one.

Ted: All 3 interior guys do.  They were all terrible last week

TJ: Broncos making good plays - used 22 look, now 21. Now 3rd and 3, and they used--smartly--113 package but went max protect with two outlets. A little stretch bootleg to Julius. Zane Beadles penalty - well he didn't have one last week, so get it out of the way, haha

Ted: Stop me if you've heard that one before

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