The Daily Lard 10-5-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! You know what helps empower fans into thinking they have a vote as to whom their team's QB or head coach is? Writers like Dave Krieger and his column today, that's what. Krieger is now framing the Orton/Tebow debate as a "war" between the Broncos and their fans, and in a continuation of the sentiments expressed by his colleagues Paige and Klis, Krieger suggests that a win over the Chargers on Sunday is the only way to keep the hounds at bay.

Krieger takes umbrage at John Fox's assertion that Kyle Orton won the starting job in training camp and that's why he's got it now. But really, what is the guy supposed to say? That the team is re-evaluating the QB situation every week throughout the season? That the team has to start winning or else Orton's gonna be riding the pine? What, pray tell, would that accomplish? Look, Fox is clearly not a juicy quote guy, and we've known that from prior to Day 1. So to parse every word the guy utters is an exercise in futility, or mental masturbation at best.

Really, this is skipping ludicrous and going right to plaid. There are twelve games remaining. For all those clamoring to "see what we have" in Tebow, is there going to be a huge difference between an eight-, nine- or 10-game glance? If this team is 1-7 and Tebow hasn't taken over by then, perhaps we've got a beef...

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You Got Served: The copycat NFL (we hope)

Happy Tuesday, friends, and welcome to what will be a somewhat abbreviated version of You Got Served.  The Broncos lost, and frankly, my Digesting preview from Friday had it pegged.  I got a bunch of reaction that thought I was underselling the Broncos, but I wasn’t.  I just had it right; this Broncos team isn’t ready to compete with the Super Bowl Champions in their building yet.  Hilariously on Sunday, one of my least favorite trolls from my four years of writing about football accused me of “blatant homerism” in the Lard comments because I can see that Robert Ayers is a good player, and I frequently say so.  I got a good laugh at that when I was sitting in the Key West airport on Monday morning waiting to come home.  Evidently, I’m a homer who has somehow picked the Broncos to lose three of their four games this season so far.  I had a win against Oakland and a loss against Cincinnati, but otherwise I’ve had it right, and in the case of the Tennessee and Green Bay games, I’ve had it very right.

I’ve got rebuilding fever, even if John Elway doesn’t really like that word, because he feels like it provides a built-in excuse.  At least his objection was of a semantic nature, and he didn’t just dismiss the idea out of hand that a clear transition is underway.  Teams have to be honest with themselves about what they are, and since our analysis here aspires to be of a similar quality to what teams are seeing themselves, we also have to be honest about what the Broncos are.

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The Daily Lard 10-4-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! With the Chargers looming and the bye week to follow, the drumbeat for Tim Tebow to take over as Denver's QB is growing. In his latest mailbag, even the mild-opinioned Mike Klis suggests that the Broncos may have to go with Tebow should they lose again on Sunday. Or, at the least he thinks the fans may show up at Dove Valley with pitchforks and battering rams should the team not make the switch. What he doesn't see happening, however, is a trade of any of Denver's signal callers, because who trades for a quarterback midseason? Klis also confirms that there will be no changes to the Broncos' orange jerseys next year when Nike takes over, and incredibly he's not sure the Colts would take Andrew Luck should they land the first pick in the 2012 Draft.

Meanwhile, Woody says that as much as John Fox would like to stick his fingers in his ears and not hear the clamoring for Tebow, it's just not going away. But at the same time, Woody acknowledges that benching could potentially create something of a locker room problem. Ah, what to do...what to do...

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Broncos back to orange in 2012

The NFL has officially approved the Broncos' switch back to orange home jerseys for the 2012 season. As was reported last year, Nike will be taking over the licensed manufacturing of jerseys from Reebok, but according to ESPN Page 2's Uni Watch, big design changes are not in the works. Rather, the word is that jerseys will only be tweaked in terms of tailoring, so expect that the Broncos' current third jerseys, which they wore in the opener against Oakland, will become the team's primary home uniforms.

Chewing the Fat: Week 4 - Broncos at Packers

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 49-23 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Denver starts with a three-and-out and allows Green Bay a first down before stuffing them on 4th-and-1 from the Denver 12

TJ: Denver won the toss. So at least they can walk away from this knowing they won something today. Because they are about to toss their cookies. Nice to see Doom, and patience on the bootleg. No-huddle as we expected, and the Broncos did what we suggested, playing nickel. Two deep safety, Rahim Moore bit on the short route - bad, bad read by Moore. The CB is counting on help over the top there, which did not come

Doc: Vaughn has to bring up his tackling

TJ: I guess Moore didn't catch the two-deep part of the equation. First interesting call - go for it here?

Doug: Yeah why not? DAWK!

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The Daily Lard 10-3-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! After keeping it close (and even winning one) against three sloppy teams who handed them 11 first downs along the way, reality hit hard yesterday as Denver lost in Green Bay 49-23 to the flawless Packers (box score). While the Broncos made it momentarily close in the second quarter with two Kyle Orton-to-Eric Decker touchdowns bringing them within four points of the defending champs, it was a men-versus-boys type of affair as Aaron Rodgers accounted for a whopping six TDs - four through the air and two via the ground. Green Bay's other TD came on an early pick-six of Orton by Charles Woodson which put the Pack up 14-3.

There were a few positives, as Von Miller was again a terror (two sacks, three QB hits, two TFL), Willis McGahee topped 100 yards on just 15 carries, Mike McCoy opened up the playbook a bit, Orton had three TD passes, and Brandon Lloyd broke free for 136 yards on eight receptions after his "selfish complaining" from last week (hilarious). But in addition to his fatal misthrow to Woodson, Orton also came up woefully short on a would-be 40-yard TD pass to an open Lloyd early in the fourth quarter, and instead CB Sam Shields took it back 60 yards before Rodgers connected with Donald Driver to cap Green Bay's scoring.

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Gut Reaction: Week 4 - Broncos at Packers

He pulls a knife.  You pull a gun.

Unless all you've got are plastic spoons.

He sends one of yours to the hospital.  You send one of his to the morgue.

Unless all you can do is help them to the end zone.

The Denver Broncos tried to play with the big boys of the NFL today.  What they got was the Packers' way.

Today's loss shows just how far the Broncos have to go before they solve any conflict through violence, coverage and tackling.

The final score matters little at this point.  All I can remember is the image of Aaron Rodgers showboating in the endzone with his title-belt celebration.

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Open Thread - Sunday Week 4

Enjoy the games, everyone - and Go Broncos!

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STDL: Week 4 - Broncos vs Packers

Over the years, TJ has presented The Stats That Don't Lie, a weekly glance at the Broncos' standing within the league in several key statistical categories. Going forward, I'm going to be reprising STDL by focusing on a few numbers that evidence a high correlation to winning (or losing) NFL games, and how the Broncos match up in those areas against their upcoming opponent. 

We'll start today with Broncos/Packers, which as you might have figured doesn't look pretty in bar graph form. Actually, no figures would look good in my crude charts, but we're working on coming up with something a bit more pleasing to the eye.

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Dinger Lard 10-2-11

It's a sad weekend in Broncos Country, as former Denver assistant head coach and wide receivers coach Mike Heimerdinger passed away Friday night at the age of 58 in Mexico, where he was receiving experimental cancer treatments. Heimerdinger had been diagosed with a rare and aggressive cancer which attacks the lymphatic system in November of 2010, and he incredibly continued to coach the Titans' offense and call plays for them while undergoing chemotherapy last season.

Coach Heimerdinger, who played WR in college, was a roommate and teammate of Mike Shanahan while both were at Eastern Illinois, and Shanny credits Dinger with having saved his life after the young QB had ruptured a kidney during spring practice. The two were reunited in 1995 when Shanahan hired Heimerdinger to coach the Broncos' wide receivers, and during his five seasons in that role he helped turn Rod Smith into the only undrafted player to gain 10,000 receiving yards, and the twice-discarded Ed McCaffrey into a Denver fixture. Dinger returned to Denver in 2006 as Shanahan's assistant head coach for two years, coordinating the Titans and Jets' offenses during the intervening years.

Heimerdinger is survived by his wife Kathie, their daughter, Alicia, and son, Brian, who works for Kubes and the Texans in their scouting department. Our thoughts at IAOFM go out to the Heimerdinger family. RIP, Coach Dinger.

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