Open Thread: Sunday Week 2

Enjoy the games, and Go Vikings (vs New England) and Seahawks (at San Diego)!

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Broncos figure to have Wes Welker back next week

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Wes Welker may not be in uniform today, but he figures to be on the field in Seattle next Sunday.

According to Jason La Canfora, it's now expected that the new drug policy will (finally) be finalized early this week.

La Canfora says the latest holdup has been about avoiding policy-related disputes over the next several years.

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Wes Welker will not be reinstated or activated for Week 2

The league's new drug policy proposal was not ratified on Saturday due to reported unresolved issues.

As a result, Wes Welker has not yet been reinstated, and will not be active for Sunday's game against Kansas City.

Denver figures to keep a roster spot open for Welker until he's reinstated.

Chiefs looking more and more familiar

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Earlier in the week, the Chiefs added former Broncos Kevin Vickerson (free agency) and Jerry Franklin (promotion from PS).

As of Friday, injury has pushed another familiar player - Ryan Harris - into the starting lineup, at right tackle.

Harris is the Chiefs' third option there, as Donald Stephenson is suspended (PEDs), and Jeff Allen is having elbow surgery which will likely end his season.

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What’s the NLF?

Good grief.

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Adrian Peterson indicted for abuse of four-year-old son

The NFL has what appears to be another horrifying scandal on its hands, as Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse in Texas.

Peterson allegedly whipped his four-year-old son with a tree branch as punishment for having pushed another of Peterson's children during a video game.

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NFLPA approves new drug policy; Wes Welker to be reinstated

The NFLPA voted on Friday to approve a new drug policy that includes HGH testing, increased penalties for drunk driving, and a higher threshold for positive marijuana tests.

According to Mike Klis, Broncos wideout Wes Welker will be reinstated on either Friday night or sometime Saturday, once the agreement is ratified.

Welker had been serving a four-game suspension for a positive result for amphetamines, which he'd allegedly taken while attending the Kentucky Derby.

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Proposed new policy may leave Josh Gordon on the outside looking in

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Speculation continues that Wes Welker could be reinstated today, following the potential passage of a new drug policy.

But Josh Gordon? Not so much.

Adam Schefter reports that Gordon's one-year ban may only be reduced to eight games, because the positive marijuana test that triggered it took place during the 2013 league year.

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New approaches for reducing concussions

There’s a new treatment being developed that’s hoped to prevent concussions. The US government has issued a new licence to KannaLife Sciences.

Its purpose is to develop a medication, molecule, or compound that creates a dome-like inner strengthening of the cerebral cortex that would protect the brain from damaging concussions.

KannaLife Sciences had received a license in June, 2012, to use marijuana byproducts to develop a treatment for Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE). The results are encouraging enough to move forward on the concussion problem.

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Klis: Drug policy vote to occur Friday, Welker ready to play

According to Mike Klis, the league's union reps will vote on the new drug policy proposal on Friday afternoon.

Upon approval, Klis says Wes Welker "would be among several" players to be reinstated, suggesting that it's more than just Welker and Josh Gordon.

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