Thank You, Terrance Knighton

Good Morning, Broncos fans! So, who do we have to thank for Denver having unearthed Brandon Marshall?

Terrance Knighton, apparently.

According to Troy Renck, Marshall had a choice between Oakland and Denver when the Jaguars released him for the third time.

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Rams to start Shaun Hill against Broncos

Jeff Fisher will start Shaun Hill at quarterback over Austin Davis against Denver on Sunday.

Just two days earlier, Fisher had offered a lukewarm confirmation that Davis would remain the starter after a disastrous game against Arizona.

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That’s Good Broncos: Broncos @ Raiders

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A Second Helping of Denver’s Week 10 win at Oakland

With the hangover of another loss at New England still in the backs of their minds, the Broncos could have been excused if they'd gone to Oakland hoping for a simple victory.

What they found is what a lot of teams have found this season. Oakland is a much better team than they usually show on the field. That doesn’t minimize the Raiders’ singular ability to shoot themselves in the foot.

Denver brought its own set of problems into what may be their final visit to the Coliseum. Problem 1 on the list has been the erratic play of their offensive line. Despite attempts to change it, the line has let down the running game this year more weeks than not. Few, if any, running backs consistently break tackles in their own backfield. The laws of inertia are against them.

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PFF finally thinks Derek Wolfe is pretty good

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As the season lengthens, each game has less of an effect on a team's statistical rankings.

Indeed, Denver's placement among the measures we follow remains steady.

The Broncos remain #1 according to the metrics at Advanced Football Analytics, Pro Football Reference, and Football Outsiders.

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Broncos think better of signing huge jerk, at least for now

The Broncos' visit with Richie Incognito reportedly "went well," but apparently not enough so to sign the jerk.

According to Incognito's workout partner and pretend journalist Jay Glazer, Denver will revisit the idea after their games at St. Louis and against Miami.

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Broncos worked out Richie Incognito

Maybe John Elway doesn't like the Broncos' new status as America's most popular team.

Or, he thinks the offensive line sucks.

Either way, the Broncos worked out Richie Incognito on Monday, according to his comrade in meatheadedness Jay Glazer.

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The Sanchize is back!

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Road games are supposed to be tough, but let's be honest - the Rams are terrible, especially in the fourth quarters of games.

Sure, they have a couple of big divisional wins over the Seahawks and Niners, but there's something about divisional matchups.

And of course, there are quite a few teams that have beaten the Seahawks and Niners this year.

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Foot sprain to cost Ronnie Hillman at least two weeks

According to the DP, Ronnie Hillman will miss at least two weeks with a foot sprain he suffered at Oakland on Sunday.

Denver travels to face the Rams in St. Louis this Sunday, before hosting Miami in Week 12.

The week after that, they'll face the Chiefs on SNF at Arrowhead. The current timeline would have Hillman back for that showdown.

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Open Thread: Carolina @ Philly

PFF, ESPN, and CBS preview the matchup. Enjoy the game!

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