Open Thread - 2012 NFL Draft Day 2

Discuss the second and third rounds of the draft with fellow IAOFM readers

Denver said to be focusing on linemen, corners

6:34 pm - Speaking on NFLN, Andrew Luck says Peyton Manning sent him a congratulatory text message last night. What are the chances it read, "Good luck, you have no shot at matching my legacy"?

6:09 pm - Jeff Legwold went over the group of players left atop the board; Mike Klis says the offensive line and cornerback are priorities, and he also could see Denver adding another second- or third-rounder, as we had suggested this morning.

6:09 pm - The Giants gave DE Mathias Kiwanuka a three-year extension

4:02 pm - Cecil Lammey: expect #broncos to address OL needs, Martin, Glenn, Silatolu, all options Polk train hot/cold w/DEN..sounds hot again now

3:12 pm - Wes Bunting also lists top guys still on the board entering Round 2, and in his second-round mock he has Denver getting Jerel Worthy and Georgia TE Orson Charles.

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The Daily Lard 4-27-12

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! As anticlimactic as last night was for us all, tonight and tomorrow should be quite active for Denver, and there is plenty of talent still available.

In effect, Denver moved back 11 spots from #25 to #36, and all they got in return for that was the fourth pick in the fourth round, #101 overall. Outdated draft chart aside, it doesn't feel like the Broncos got appropriate value for their move. But ultimately, it's not just about getting proper compensation - it's about what players were on the board, which ones came off between 25 and 36, and how Denver values the remaining available talent.

It sounds like the Broncos were hoping that Fletcher Cox, Michael Brockers, or Dontari Poe would fall to #25, and for a while, it seemed a possibility. Once those three guys went off between 11 and 14, the best values looked to be David DeCastro and Riley Reiff, and we were hoping they'd get to 25. Of course, we have no idea if Denver was eyeing those two offensive linemen, but once they went in the 23 (Reiff) and 24 (DeCastro) slots, there just didn't appear to be an obvious pick for Denver at 25.

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Gut Reaction: Broncos trade out of first round

When the Broncos' pick came at #25, they decided they could move back six spots, get their guy, and pick up a fourth-rounder in the process.

When pick #31 came, they decided they could still get their guy five picks later at pick #36 and gain 25 spots in round four by trading pick #126 for #101.  Throw all of this out the window.  In essence, the Broncos moved back 11 spots to gain a high fourth-round draft pick. The traditional draft chart says the Broncos should have ended up with a mid-3rd-round draft pick, but as we saw tonight, the traditional draft chart doesn't account for the recent rookie salary cap.  Still, I think they could have done better for themselves.

I also believe that had OT Riley Reiff or G David DeCastro not been picked at #23 and #24, the Broncos would have taken either guy.  Both players had tumbled down the board.  I am also shocked they didn't jump on ILB Dont'a Hightower, who went to New England with that original #25 pick.  I guess the $4 million they are giving Joe Mays really does mean something in 2012.

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Open Thread - 2012 NFL Draft first round

Discuss the opening round of the draft with fellow IAOFM readers

You Got Served: Live 2012 NFL Draft first-round analysis

Ted Bartlett evaluates draft-eligible prospects in his spare time, among a number of activities he pursues, including golf, MBA classes, and smirking about how much he's outkicked his coverage on the girlfriend front.  When his kindergarten teacher told him that he was advanced, what she was saying was that, with minimal effort, he'd be able to do better than "really passionate" people who try their hardest.  He also focuses on the NFL's business and legal environment, offensive and defensive schemes, going off on unrelated tangents, and all 32 teams in the NFL. Follow along as he offers his instant analysis of tonight's NFL Draft.

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Browns acquire #3 pick, presumably for Richardson

7:59 pm - Mike Klis says the Broncos have Doug Martin rated as the #2 RB behind Richardson

7:40 pm - Adam Schefter says the Jags are still trying to move up for Justin Blackmon

7:10 pm - Cleveland has moved up one spot to #3 overall, and they reportedly gave up a fourth-, fifth-, and seventh-rounder to do so. Speculation on NFLN is that they've done so with the intention of drafting Trent Richardson there.

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Scouting the Draft - Worthy versus Still

You never know what choices you’ll have in the draft when you’re at #25 - or wherever Denver ends up making their first pick. I expect some movement - GM Brian Xanders has moved around a good deal in all three drafts he's run for Denver, and likely will again, so the first pick could be one other than 25. 

I’m a bit DT-centric in general at times, but a bit more so at the moment. I’ve made no secret of my feelings about the trenches, and DTs often take a few years to develop. Denver hasn’t made the move to deal with that in a long time, and the people they've wanted haven’t dropped to them. I understand that. Even so - each year you can’t find the right one, you are another year away from having one developed and in place. It puts more emphasis on free agency.

In the short term, that’s fine. I have no problems with the FA approach as long as it’s intentional, planned and generally fairly brief. However, it’s not a great approach long term to stick guys into holes because time is running out, and that’s shown for a long time with Denver. I’ve said this before - I think Denver should take two DTs in this draft. There are likely to be good RBs available in most rounds. The better DTs, though, are at the top. Like Willie Sutton, the famous old bank robber, said when asked why he robbed banks, "because that’s where the money is." That’s true of DTs, too, and it’s an unusual and deep year. Denver needs to fill their slots with the kind of talent that’s available this time. Claiming that this or that guy doesn’t fit your scheme has been overplayed. There are plenty of good guys this year that do.

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The Daily Lard 4-26-12

Happy Draft Day, Broncos fans! As Mike Klis sees it, Denver might be picking within the top five tonight had it not been for the singular heroics of Tim Tebow ($4.99, please).

But wait, there's a draft to talk about - Klis figures the team would be happy to take either of defensive tackles Dontari Poe from Memphis or Michael Brockers of LSU if they're still on the board, and GT WR Stephen Hill if not.

In the absence of those three prospects, Klis reports the team would consider Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick, MSU DT Jerel Worthy, and UConn DT Kendall Reyes. He says the team is finally "almost certain" to finally take a defensive tackle (finally!) in the first three rounds, and he floats BSU RB Doug Martin, Washington RB Chris Polk, Baylor RB Terrance Ganaway, Arizona QB Nick Foles and ASU QB Brock Osweiler as other Day 2 possibilities, with a cornerback and kick returner thrown in for good measure.

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Denver Broncos 2012 draft picks

Rd Pick Player Position - School Notes
2 4 (36) Derek Wolfe DT - Cincinnati via TB (w/ #101 for #31 and #126)
2 25 (57) Brock Osweiler QB - Arizona State  
3 4 (67) Ronnie Hillman RB - San Diego State via CLE (for #87 and #120)
4 6 (101) Omar Bolden DB - Arizona State via TB (w/ #36 for #31 and #126)
4 13 (108) Philip Blake OL - Baylor via NYJ (Tim Tebow)
5 2 (137) Malik Jackson DE - Tennessee via STL (Brandon Lloyd)
6 18 (188) Danny Trevathan LB - Kentucky via NYJ (Tebow)

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