Seau brain tests confirm worst fears Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As we all celebrate the Broncos' return to the NFL's heavyweight class, here comes another sobering reminder of the long-term costs associated with the sport.

Junior Seau had CTE.

Much in the way gun advocates said it was too early to discuss gun restrictions in the days following the Aurora and Sandy Hook massacres, those who prefer to keep their heads in the sand regarding concussions (or claim that players have chosen to subject themselves to these consequences) said it was in poor taste to speculate about what caused Seau to shoot himself in the heart last May.

Just because they didn't want to face the truth, they preferred that everyone else ignore it out of some perverted sense of decency or respect.

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A quick look at Denver’s 2013 cap situation

While the Broncos are among eight teams whose seasons are still ongoing, the other 24 franchises are busy figuring out their front office and roster situations. Even as the team preps for Saturday's showdown with the Ravens, we figure it's never a bad time to look at the cap and salary circumstances for next year.

According to John Clayton, Denver is carrying over $11.5M in cap space over from the 2012 season, which in concert with their $7M in 2013 headway will give the team $18.5M in space. The Broncos could easily create more wiggle room by negotiating new deals with or releasing any of D.J. Williams ($6M salary), Joe Mays ($4M), Matt Prater ($2.5M), and Caleb Hanie ($1.25M).

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Broncos in good health; Baltimore’s Pierce, Leach sit out practice

Three days ahead of Saturday's divisional matchup, more good injury news is coming out of Dove Valley. Although Tracy Porter (concussion) remained sidelined Wednesday, the rest of the team practiced fully, including Ryan Clady (shoulder), Chris Kuper (ankle), Orlando Franklin (knee), Mike Adams (knee), and Trindon Holliday (ankle). Willis McGahee again practiced as he hopes for a potential conference title game return.

For Baltimore, RB Bernard Pierce (knee), FB Vonta Leach (ankle), and G Jah Reid (toe) were absent from practice, while Dannell Ellerbe (ankle) was limited. All others, including most of the Ravens starting defense, were listed as full participants despite a slew of injuries.

An open letter to Jeff Legwold

Dear Jeff Legwold,

I understand that you’re in a tough position at the Denver Post, considering that you’re supposed to be their “analyst,” and that you’re so obviously ill-equipped to analyze football.  It’s not really your fault, because you’re a reporter, and your employer is asking you to be something other than what you are.

As Doug Lee tweeted today, your assertion that Norv Turner could be coming to Denver to be the offensive coordinator is patently ridiculous.  We don’t think you made the idea up; rather, we suspect that somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about told you that it may happen.

You told Doug that because Mike McCoy once worked for Dan Henning, who worked for Joe Gibbs, who worked for Don Coryell, the Broncos were already using some “principles” of the Air Coryell structure.  I’m here to tell you that Henning’s influence on the Broncos passing scheme is minimal, at best.  I didn’t consult a Rolodex to know this; I know it by watching games, and knowing what I’m talking about, because I’ve been studying technical football for a very long time.

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Kuper on track for career playoff debut Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's been well-documented here and elsewhere that the Ravens will come to Denver with many players they didn't have for the first matchup between the two teams.

But Denver has several recovery stories of its own, if not all with an eye toward Saturday, or even this 2012 season.

Willis McGahee's return to practice yesterday offers hope of a particularly deep backfield - given the emergence of Knowshon Moreno - but Willis will only become a factor should the Broncos emerge victorious from this upcoming divisional round game.

To get there, a likely reappearance by Chris Kuper in the starting lineup would be a major boon, given the oft-noted vast difference between the offensive line's pass protection with Kuper around rather than Manny Ramirez.

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Stokley: Fans need to be rockin’ against the Ravens

On Monday night, Broncos wide receiver Brandon Stokley joined Alfred Williams and Darren McKee on the third hour of 104.3's The Drive.  The discussion centered mostly on the Broncos' upcoming game with the Ravens.  Here are some highlights:

On whether the Broncos are going to win one for Brandon on his way out like the Ravens are doing for Ray Lewis:

"Let's do it...If I've got to get out there and dance, I'll get out there and dance."

On whether he's looking forward to seeing Ray Lewis:

"Yeah I am, and hopefully making it his last game ever...I know what kind of energy he brings to that team, I know the difference when he's in the lineup and when he's not in the lineup.  So we're going to see a different Ravens team this time around, a much improved Ravens team, and I think we're all looking forward to that challenge...We understand that what we did in the past doesn't matter."

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Several factors stacking up against Ravens Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver heads into Saturday's rematch with the Ravens buoyed by several distinct advantages:

  1. They know they're the better team, and if they weren't already sure of that, their Week 15 boatrace job proved it.
  2. This team is loaded with veterans who are quite aware the Ravens are looking at Saturday as a chance to avenge that game.
  3. Having a week off bought Chris Kuper and Ryan Clady time to heal up; the chances of either one not playing would appear slim or nil.
  4. Previously injured key defenders Terrell Suggs (reaggravated Achilles) and Dannell Ellerbe (ankle) were further hobbled during Sunday's win over Indy.
  5. Baltimore faces the triple whammy of a shortened week of preparation combined with a trip up to 5,280 and two time zones over.

That latter quartet of factors could loom even larger than normal.

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Report: RG3 has partially torn ACL, LCL (updated)

Mike Shanahan says Robert Griffin III will travel on Tuesday to see Dr. James Andrews for further tests on his injured right knee. Griffin had previously injured the ACL in that knee during his sophomore year at Baylor.

However, ESPN Radio 980 in Washington cites a report from a Richmond television station that Griffin has torn his PCL and ACL and will be out of action for 14-18 months.

more recent report from the Washington Post characterizes the injury as a partial tear to Griffin's ACL and LCL, not his PCL.

Updated 6:20pm ET

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The Broncos are great at playing from ahead

Do you know how sometimes people say a football team isn’t built to play from behind?  The 2011 Broncos were such a team, and the 2012 Texans and Vikings seem to be also.  Teams which rely heavily on their running game, and which lack the ability to complete passes downfield in obvious passing situations tend to fit this description.

Although the Broncos have only really had one comeback win this year (the first Chargers game), they showed a good ability to put up points quickly in the second half of games, in the losses to Atlanta, Houston, and New England.  I feel pretty good about their ability to play from behind, if necessary.

Do you know what I feel great about?  The Broncos' ability to play from ahead.  I was listening to Pat Shumur talk on Sirius last week, and he mentioned something about the Broncos that I’ve also made note of during the 2012 season.  That is, when the game gets one dimensional, such as in a second half, with the Broncos holding a lead of two or more, the pass rush becomes dominant, and next to unstoppable.

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Broncos sign Gerell Robinson, Justin Boren to future contracts

The Broncos have signed G Justin Boren and WR Gerell Robinson to future contracts today.

Robinson had been with the team in training camp as an undrafted free agent out of Arizona State, where he was a teammate of Brock Osweiler and Omar Bolden, and was on Arizona's practice squad this season. Boren has spent the past two seasons on the practice squads of Baltimore and Detroit after playing his college ball at Ohio State.

The two players will join the team following the Super Bowl.