Cowboys special teamer C.J. Spillman accused of rape

Dallas special teams player C.J. Spillman is being investigated by police in Grapevine, TX for an alleged sexual assault.

The assault allegedly took place at the Cowboys' team hotel on September 20 (presumably late Friday night/early Saturday morning).

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It’s been fun, but I have to go

Happy Wednesday, friends. I'm writing today for the first time in a few weeks, and I'm not feeling that great about it.

About a week ago, I let the other guys know that I've decided that continuing to promote the NFL is misaligned with my personal ethics, and that consequently, I wouldn't be doing so any longer. I really didn't want to write this article, or make a big deal about myself with it, but Doug asked me to write something so that everybody would at least know what happened.

It's taken me a week to figure out what to say, and as I write this, I still don't know. Please bear with me as I feel my way through it.

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Study finds CTE in brains of 76 out of 79 deceased NFLers

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Now that the Raiders have fired their latest coach, what's next for them?

Owner Mark Davis danced around questions after introducing Tony Sparano as interim coach on Tuesday.

But Tim Kawakami still expects Davis to make a serious run at Jon Gruden.

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Raiders to name Tony Sparano interim coach

According to Jim Trotter, Oakland will promote assistant head coach Tony Sparano to interim head coach.

Sparano went 29-32 as the Dolphins' head coach from 2008 to 2011, leading them to the playoffs in his first year but failing to reach .500 in the following seasons.

Dennis Allen was fired over the phone after having gone 8-28 over two-plus seasons, finishing with a ten-game losing streak.

Goodbye, blackout rules!

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Earlier today, we noted that Jim Harbaugh has been floated as a possible replacement for Dennis Allen in Oakland.

But what about his current gig across the Bay?

Harbaugh spent much of his Monday presser fighting back reports - including from Deion Sanders and Trent Dilfer - that he's losing the Niners locker room.

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Reports: Jon Gruden is Raiders’ top coaching choice

According to Tim Kawakami, Ian Rapoport, and Mike Florio, the Raiders will likely try to bring back Jon Gruden following the firing of Dennis Allen.

Each report cites the close relationship between owner Mark Davis and Gruden, who had coached the team from 1998 to 2001.

A longer list of possible candidates, from Bill Williamson, includes Denver coordinators Jack Del Rio and Adam Gase.

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Greg Bedard ready to eat some crow?

Remember when perennial Patriots ass kisser Greg Bedard said that Darrelle Revis was more durable than Aqib Talib, Tom Brady was physically superior to Peyton Manning, and the Broncos would lose to a more physical Patriots team in the AFC?

Well, someone is already backtracking--sort of--after watching the Chiefs go all Hannibal Lecter on the Patriots tonight:

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Report: Raiders fire Dennis Allen

According to Jay Glazer, the Raiders have indeed fired head coach Dennis Allen.

A premature tweet by an AP reporter caused a bit of a stir on Sunday night, but its message - that Allen had been canned - proved only to be a day early.

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Chiefs disembowel Patriots on MNF

Kansas City (2-2) laid a thorough 41-14 beatdown on the visiting Patriots (2-2) on Monday night.

Alex Smith threw three touchdown passes, two of them to Jamaal Charles, who added another on the ground.

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Open Thread: New England @ Kansas City

Is there anything harder for a Broncos fan than to root for the Chiefs? Big picture, that's probably what we should all be doing.

Go Chiefs, we guess.

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