Montee Ball the latest Bronco to slim down

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Montee Ball has made a limited return to practice this week, but it's unclear whether he'll play Sunday.

Ball is down to 210 pounds from a pre-appendectomy weight of 224 and pre-groin injury weight of 220, and much like Von Miller, says he's loving his leaner build.

But even with Ronnie Hillman's struggles at New England, Montee is under no illusion that the starting gig will be handed back to him.

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Bedard: It was the Patriots who were banged up last January

Big Ben’s System, Lack of Kelce, Browns Run In Place

If the Broncos continue to be relatively healthy and don’t win it all this season, there is going to be a lot of negative attention on defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio. He was owned (again) by Tom Brady and the Patriots on Sunday. (The only time he’s beaten them was in last year’s AFC title game when half the Patriots’ roster was out with injuries). Broncos fans have to hope they were just holding back the real gameplan for the rematch, because allowing Rob Gronkowski a free release off the line is not much of a plan at all.

The reality is that both teams were decimated by injuries (Von Miller, Chris Harris, Derek Wolfe, Rahim Moore, Kevin Vickerson). But when you're too busy sucking at the Belichick teat to maintain journalistic objectivity...

NFL announces 2015 London games; Broncos thankfully not involved

The NFL announced its three London matchups for the 2015 season, and thankfully, the Broncos will not be involved.

However, they may benefit from one of the games, as the Chiefs will "host" the Lions in Week 8.

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Fat Man: NFL has passed Jon Gruden by

Surrounded by family, John Madden has new look on NFL

And he can’t envision former Raiders coach Jon Gruden, ESPN’s Monday Night Football analyst, returning to Oakland…

“The game that Jon Gruden coached isn’t the game they’re playing now.”

Funny, we thought that happened eight years ago.

Freeman: Wes Welker’s inner circle wants him to retire

Mike Freeman's 10-Point Stance: Big Ben's Big Change of Course

A Patriots player after the game texted me: “What do you hear on Wes?” I can tell you that former Patriots teammates were concerned for Welker and asking about him. They have since gotten in touch with him, I believe.

I can say this with certainty: After however many concussions he’s had (three, five, 10?) and the hits he’s taken, there are a lot of people close to Welker who want him to walk away from the game for the sake of his long-term health.

We won't speculate about Welker's current or future health here; we just hope that whatever decision he makes is the best one for his long-term wellbeing.

Thats Good Broncos: Broncos @ Patriots

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Broncos still #1, if barely

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! As one might have suspected, the Broncos' statistical ratings have taken something of a hit after their latest Foxboro debacle.

They're still ranked #1 overall according to Advanced Football AnalyticsFootball Outsiders, and PFR, but their lead in each site's metric has slimmed considerably.

Again, we can take comfort in that SRS says Denver has faced the toughest schedule to date, and the slate should ease up substantially.

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The AFC is clearly this year’s power conference

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Indy (6-3) joined Denver and Pittsburgh in the AFC's six-win club with a 40-24 disembowelment of the Giants (3-5).

Andrew Luck threw four touchdown passes to give the Colts a 40-10 lead before the G-Men tacked on a pair of late scores.

Indy has a healthy two-game lead in the AFCS and are off next week before they host New England (who's also on bye) in an enormous Week 11 matchup.

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Nate Irving has sprained MCL, will undergo more testing

According to the DP, Nate Irving's MRI on Monday showed a sprained MCL that may not end his season.

However, Irving's knee reportedly has significant swelling, and more tests are required.

Per Mike Klis, Denver plans to start either Lamin Barrow or Steven Johnson in his place.

Broncos’ schedule gets easier from here

Good Morning, Broncos fans! If anything should provide solace after yesterday's blowout, it's the Broncos' and Patriots' remaining schedules.

New England would appear to have a much tougher slate, with road games at Indy, Green Bay, San Diego, and the Jets.

They'll host Detroit, Miami, and Buffalo. Those are probably all wins, but necessarily easy matchups.

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