PFF: Von Miller was still great last season

2014 Preview: Denver Broncos

And though he’s listed as a linebacker, Von Miller is often a de facto lineman coming off the edge. He earned a whopping +42.8 grade last season in just nine games, and his return will give the Broncos one of the most disruptive players in the league.

Between his suspension and injury, there's no denying that Von had a tumultuous 2013, and he didn't quite meet his own lofty standards.

But he still graded out as PFF's best linebacker, by far. In just over half the snaps (552 in 2013 vs 996 in 2012), his QB hits (8 vs 16), hurries (27, 52), tackles (25, 43), and run stops (23, 51) were very much in line with his 2012 production.

J.J. Watt cashed in, and Von Miller is licking his chops

The full details are in on J.J. Watt's extension with the Texans, and Von Miller says his draft classmate is underpaid.

Prior to the deal, Watt was signed through 2015, with salaries of ~$900K this year and ~$10M the next, with the 2015 salary (the fifth-year option) only guaranteed for injury.

At the time of signing, $20.9M was fully guaranteed, and by next week, another $10M will be fully guaranteed.

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If suspension is a ‘blessing,’ why was John Fox going to let Wes Welker play?

Wes Welker’s Suspension Gives Broncos One More Dose of Uncertainty

Coach Fox suggested that Welker’s drug suspension was just as well. “Sometimes these things are blessings in disguise,” Fox said. “The extra four weeks will give him plenty of time to heal.”

Doesn’t that, I asked, suggest that Welker was taking a big risk in planning to return this weekend? Should the team help this brave player decide his career is at an end?

Good question.

Benoit: Von & DeMarcus could be best ever pass-rushing tandem

Broncos Preview: Even Better Than Before

Such a MASH-list for a 32-year-old raises a red flag, though Ware had never been significantly dinged prior to last season. If Elway’s bet on him pays off, the Broncos could have the most explosive pass-rushing tandem of all-time.

While he loves their offseason moves, Andy Benoit doesn't see the team getting over the pain of SB 48. In fact, he doesn't even have them returning to the conference title game.

2014 Broncos Preview: Defense

Happy Wednesday, friends. Yesterday, we covered the offense in detail. Anybody who has been a Broncos fan the last couple of years knows that the offense has been the primary reason for us to be so optimistic.

Honestly, it will continue to be so in 2014. Any team that has Peyton Manning will always be offense-dominant.

However, this Broncos team has a chance to sport both a top-five offense and defense.

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Broncos promote Nathan Palmer to take Welker’s roster spot

With Wes Welker headed to the reserve/suspended list, the Broncos promoted wideout Nathan Palmer from the practice squad on Wednesday.

The former Colt and Dolphin caught one pass for seven yards during the preseason.

Colorado native Ryan Miller was added to the practice squad in Palmer's place.

Report: Oakland offers to forgive Raiders’ debt, help build new stadium

According to the SF Chronicle, the city of Oakland has proposed to give the Raiders free land on which to build a new stadium.

Per the report, taxpayers would not be burdened with paying construction costs for a new Black Hole.

However, Alameda County residents would be saddled with $120M of the Raiders' 1990s-era debt from a renovation of the O.Co Coliseum. (via PFT)

Give it a rest, Wes

Good Morning, Broncos fans! So, here's the latest explanation from the Wes Welker camp regarding his four-game ban, via Mike Klis:

Welker wasn't sure what exactly flagged his positive test but he was incensed at a report he took a Molly at the Kentucky Derby. He does wonder if someone put something in his drink at the Derby.

“I wouldn't have any idea where to get a Molly or what a Molly is,” he said. “That's a joke. I don't do marijuana, I don't do drugs. I don't do any drugs.”

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Wes Welker responds to suspension news, uses LOUD writing voice

You know how on the internet when someone types in CAPS they are either:

  1. Really, really serious
  2. Really, really loud
  3. On amphetamines

Well, guess what? Wes Welker is all three. He emailed the Denver Post tonight to defend himself after a four-game suspension.

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Does Greg Bedard know he doesn’t work for the Boston Globe anymore?

We get it. The Patriots have been the league's model franchise for nearly 15 years now.

Bill Belichick is a football genius, and Tom Brady is a GOAT.

None of this is in question.

But for crying out loud, does Greg Bedard even know that other teams exist anymore?

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