Reality show won’t help Sam make Rams, but does that matter?

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! There's already some post-draft controversy brewing around Michael Sam, and this time, it's self-inflicted (rather than societally).

Oprah Winfrey has acquired the rights to film a documentary series covering Sam's upcoming attempt to make the Rams' 53-man roster.

An anonymous teammate suggested the reality show may be a distraction, but it's worth noting that the series will not feature any footage from Rams camp, or at the team's headquarters.

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About that money, Wes…


Wes Welker left the Kentucky Derby with nearby $15,000 more than he should have ... thanks to a machine malfunction ... and now Churchill Downs is demanding he give the money back, stat ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Well, he still won $42K, so he probably doesn't need to go get back those hundreds he gave away.

Hernandez indicted on two more murder charges

Aaron Hernandez has now officially been implicated in the deaths of three human beings.

The former Patriots tight end was indicted Thursday on two first-degree murder charges stemming from a 2012 Boston drive-by double homicide.

The indictment includes three counts of armed assault with intent to murder, and one count of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

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Court ruling suggests NFL cannot hide prior concussion knowledge

Good Morning, Broncos fans! A group of retired Cardinals players suing the NFL over its handling of concussions won a significant court victory on Wednesday.

The NFL had tried to cut down the lawsuit by arguing that the CBA directed all disputes to arbitration.

Instead, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri concluded that the case could proceed in Missouri state court.

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NFL ready to walk back marijuana punishments

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Tuesday was another busy day up in Cleveland.

The Browns signed corner Joe Haden to a five-year extension through 2019; the deal includes a reported $23M in full guarantees.

An while Cleveland prepares to deal with a possible suspension of Josh Gordon, there's talk they may pursue either Miles Austin or Santonio Holmes.

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Texas decision the beginning of the end of tackle football?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Saturday was as remarkable as a third day of any NFL draft has or ever will be.

68 years after they'd been the first team to integrate racially, the Rams became the first team to draft an openly gay player.

It was a moment of pure joy, one that represented real progress.

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Knapp: Osweiler preparing, progressing well

Broncos' Brock Osweiler set to graduate from Arizona State

“He has shown all the qualities you like to see as a starter in this league. With the way he prepares. When he’s quizzed in the classroom or on the field on the progressions or reads, he is always on top of it. He asks questions that are well thought out.

“And then I saw great progress physically on his mechanics in tightening up his drop and his footwork. He has shown all the signs. You never know until a guy plays, but he has shown everything for us to believe he’s on track to becoming a starting NFL quarterback.”

It's all talk, as Knapp acknowledges. We'll just hope that if Brock does have to play sooner than later, his hard work translates to the field.

Evaluating the Broncos post-draft

Another free agency period dwindles away, and the draft is finally in the books. Most of us are about to fall over, myself among them. Doug, Ted, and TJ did an incredible job - again. Now I wanted to consider the team as it stands.

The question always comes up after free agency and the draft have given the Broncos a wealth of new talent. How will these players be used? Are some of them just practice squad/training camp bodies? Are the Broncos a stronger team today than they were in January?

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Broncos waive Mitchell

Having agreed to terms with 15 undrafted free agents, the Broncos needed to release two other players to honor the 90-man roster limit.

They got halfway there on Monday, waiving safety Charles Mitchell, whom they'd signed in January.

Steelers nabbed Shazier ahead of Cowboys

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Let's open with some key points from Peter King's MMQB column:

  • According to PK, Denver sees Cody Latimer as replacing Eric Decker right away. That would be something; we'll believe it when we see it.
  • Johnny Manziel was pretty convinced he was going to end up in St. Louis; the Browns apparently beat out the Vikings in trading up to draft him at #22. 
  • Browns GM Ray Farmer says he was close to drafting Sammy Watkins at #4, before trading down. Of course, they drafted no wideouts, and Josh Gordon is facing a one-year weed-related suspension.

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