Paige: It’s Super Bowl win or bust for John Fox

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Is John Fox coaching for his job? Woody Paige says he is.

According to Paige, it's Super Bowl or bust for Fox:

John Fox is coaching for his job. If the Broncos don't reach, and win, the Super Bowl this year, Fox will be gone.

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Report: Broncos negotiating toward extension with Chris Harris

Sources tell Mike Klis the Broncos have commenced contract extension talks with cornerback Chris Harris.

Of course, that doesn't mean the two sides will come to an agreement anytime soon, or even later.

Denver recently tabled negotiations with Demaryius and Julius Thomas.

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Broncography: Brandon Marshall

Without warning, the outside door was suddenly flung open. Knowing what might happen, Brandon picked up the smallest child - one of his cousins - and fled to a bedroom.

He could hear his mother Barbara and his older brother Marcus yelling at a figure. It was his own father who was screaming and threatening them. Another younger cousin ran to a different bedroom. But Brandon’s father chased the child down when it was heard dialing for help. He slapped the phone to the floor, knocking it from the child’s hand.

From there, Barbara faced him down in the bathroom, where the adults' yelling turned to scuffling. Brandon crept to the doorway of the bathroom. He saw the furious look on his father’s face as he left the residence. It has stayed with him over the years.

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Sunday could be Denver’s last visit to Oakland, ever

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Will tomorrow be the Broncos' final game in Oakland?

It's possible.

The Raiders are in the final year of their lease at Coliseum, and on Friday, they entertained officials from San Antonio about a potential move there.

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They’re still the Bungles, after all

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Thursday night brought another dud, as Cleveland (6-3) dealt a 24-3 drubbing to their in-state rival Bengals (5-3-1).

The Browns are now tied with Pittsburgh atop the AFCN, and have already won their most games since 2007, when they missed the playoffs at 10-6.

Cleveland outgained Cincy 368-165 and picked off Andy Dalton three times, holding him to a measly 72 net passing yards.

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Fitzgerald: Monster deal for Demaryius Thomas not a foregone conclusion

Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, A.J. Green may not catch big, new contracts

The NFL is a league that adjusts itself after a few years of data becomes evident…The first warning sign in the wide receiver market began last season when Eric Decker and DeSean Jackson, both coming off seasons close to 1,300 yards, failed to exceed $8 million per year on their new contracts.

As usual, some good points from Fitzgerald. Even if Demaryius is of a similar caliber to Calvin Johnson, doesn't mean he'll get paid comparably, especially if the league views Johnson as overpaid.

However, the salary cap figures to explode again next year, and Megatron never reached free agency, like Thomas will. What if a team with a ton of cap space like, say, the Raiders ($54.8M), makes a big run at Demaryius?

Have Broncos’ pick plays been officiated out of the game?

The Problem Facing Peyton Manning

The play has a target on its back, and whether through coincidence or strategy, the Broncos’ production off that and similar plays has plummeted. Last season, Denver led the league in yards after catch. This season, the Broncos are 18th in that category, and only three teams have a fewer percentage of their receiving yards coming after the catch.

Hard to say, really. The thing is, the upgrade in athleticism from Eric Decker to Emmanuel Sanders means Denver doesn't need to scheme their guys open as much as in the past. To wit, Sanders has been catching the ball significantly further downfield than Decker did for Denver. (h/t Wes)

Bill Belichick confused Peyton Manning by mixing coverages all day long

How the Patriots kept Peyton Manning guessing

Belichick and his staff kept Peyton Manning and the Broncos guessing throughout the entirety of the Patriots’ 43-21 win. It was like six game plans within a game plan; they did a masterful job of mixing up their coverages from series to series, and even play to play.
On certain series, Revis played only the left side. Sometimes he shadowed Sanders. Sometimes he shadowed Demaryius Thomas. Sometimes Browner played deep off the ball, almost like a safety. Sometimes he played the slot. Sometimes he played press-man.

Belichick is usually a step ahead of everyone, Manning included. If these teams meet again, Denver may very well need home field advantage to pull off the win, and they'll definitely need Peyton and Adam Gase to cook up something new. (h/t Wes)

Open Thread: Cleveland @ Cincy

PFFESPN, and KSK preview the matchup. Enjoy the game!

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Montee Ball the latest Bronco to slim down

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Montee Ball has made a limited return to practice this week, but it's unclear whether he'll play Sunday.

Ball is down to 210 pounds from a pre-appendectomy weight of 224 and pre-groin injury weight of 220, and much like Von Miller, says he's loving his leaner build.

But even with Ronnie Hillman's struggles at New England, Montee is under no illusion that the starting gig will be handed back to him.

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