Former NFLer Tim Shaw has ALS

Tim Shaw's ALS diagnosis raises fears of connection to playing football

According to Forbes, there is compelling evidence that football players might be four times more likely to have ALS than the general male population. The CDC found in a 2012 study that the incidence rate rose from fewer than two cases out of nearly 3,500 men to seven cases among former NFL players.

This is terrible news, which serves to underscore how ridiculous it was for Roger Goodell to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Why Broncos fans suck

Why Your Team Sucks 2014: Denver Broncos

And they basically ran Jake Plummer out of town, which is why poor Jake is a weirdo bearded handball player now.

These are the guys who keep Woody Paige and Mark Kiszla employed.

Sometimes, the truth hurts a little bit...

Stuart: Here comes the regression of the Broncos’ pass offense

Can The Denver Broncos And Seattle Seahawks Possibly Be As Good As They Were Last Year?

Those two tables above depict the power of regression to the mean. The all-time great pass offenses and pass defenses both lost, on average, about half their value in the following season.

Historical precedents don't indicate how any given team will fare, but these are some powerful examples of how difficult it is to maintain greatness.

And as Stuart points out, there are many factors that could contribute to a Denver dropoff - a tougher schedule, age, and personnel changes (don't forget the shuffled offensive line).

Scouting the 2014 Broncos: Danny Trevathan’s injury

Outside of an injury to Peyton Manning, Danny Trevathan is one of the toughest players for the Broncos to lose. The good news is that this isn’t a dangerous injury - it will take a month or two to heal, but it could have been vastly worse.

Trevathan had been fighting for his professional life since leaving college. Two years ago, he fought through a pulled hamstring to perform his combine drills. Yet, all the pundits seemed to see was a guy who was too small, too light, and too slow.

Denver got him into camp and found that without the pulled hamstring, he was a lot faster. The player who had led the SEC in tackles for the previous two seasons was showing signs that he was a lot more than a small, slow linebacker. He still tackled just as much.

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They don’t call him Johnny F#$%ing Football for nothing, I guess

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver will be hosting Houston at Dove Valley for the next three days, leading up to their game on Saturday at SAF@MH.

Although the week will provide the opportunity to spice up practice, the two sides will not be tackling to the ground.

Lamin Barrow (leg) may practice today, while Gerrell Robinson (knee) is expected to be out for two weeks.

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John Lynch has to be kidding, right?

Fox analyst John Lynch says Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is in same class as Peyton Manning and Drew Brees

The former safety, who was the analyst for Sunday night’s preseason clash between the Chiefs and Panthers, inexplicably put Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith in the same class as Drew Brees and Peyton Manning.
“The guy is up there with the Peyton Mannings, the Drew Brees — those type of guys,” Lynch said of Smith., John.

PFF: Denver QBs are a lineman’s best friends

ReFo: Broncos @ 49ers, Preseason Week 2

Manning is one of the best at getting rid of the ball quickly, and maybe he is rubbing off on the Broncos’ other quarterbacks. Brock Osweiler and Zac Dysert each had a Time To Throw of 2.17 seconds, slightly quicker than Manning’s 2.23 seconds.

The quick passes helped Denver’s offensive line to prevent pressure, finishing with 96.3 Pass Blocking Efficiency — the highest single-game PBE of any team this preseason.

Sione Fua (+4.3) posted the Broncos' best grade on Sunday, while Quant Smith (-3.3) was at the other end of the spectrum.

Kelly thinks Bon Jovi is full of it

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As always, please check our recap for updated links on Sunday's win.

Montee Ball remains sidelined as he recovers from his appendectomy, but hopes to receive medical clearance today.

But according to Mike Klis, the Broncos may keep Ball out for another week, even if he's cleared medically.

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Better get that back sweat going to earn a Gatorade from PMFM

via CBS Sports

Gut Reaction: Broncos @ 49ers, Preseason Game 2

It’s too bad the preseason means about as much as a political campaign ad. If things were different, the Broncos would be the hottest team in the NFL right now. In consecutive weeks, they’ve dispatched the Seahawks and 49ers, arguably the two toughest teams in the NFC.

Still, it’s okay to keep hope alive. The Broncos are going to be the frontrunners for awhile—at least until the playoffs.

And don’t forget, they’re still short veterans Chris Harris and Von Miller.

Who said politics can’t be fun?

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