That’s Good Broncos: Broncos @ Chiefs

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Broncos can clinch playoff spot if a million things go their way in Week 14

Broncos, Colts can clinch playoff berths in Week 14

Denver captures a playoff spot with a victory over the Bills and a Ravens loss, a Steelers loss, a Browns loss, a Chiefs loss and a Texans loss or tie. The Broncos can also ensure a postseason berth with a win over Buffalo, plus losses by Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and San Diego, a loss or tie by Houston, and a tie by Kansas City.

Piece of cake. Lock it in!

Josh McDaniels as a candidate to coach Tim Tebow’s alma mater is just perfect

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Miami (7-5) rebounded from its Week 12 loss at Denver with a 16-13 comeback win over the LOLJets (2-10) on Monday night.

The Dolphins scored 10 fourth-quarter points and sealed the victory with a last-minute interception of Geno Smith, who attempted just 13 passes all game, calling to mind You Know Who.

Miami is one of six AFC teams with seven wins, and the only one currently in position to make the playoffs.

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Open Thread: Dolphins @ Jets

PFFESPN, and CBS preview the matchup. Enjoy the game!

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PFF: C.J. Anderson forced 13 missed tackles against Chiefs

ReFo: Broncos @ Chiefs, Week 13

No other running back has played more than C.J. Anderson’s 250 snaps in the last four weeks and he is making the most of it with last night’s performance capping off a month that earned him a +15.8 overall grade.

Per PFF, it was another banner performance for Orlando Franklin (+3.7) and Manny Ramirez (+2.2), along with most of the defensive starters.

As for the worst grade of the night, that belonged to Connor Barth, whose minus-4.7 figure appears to be PFF's lowest for any kicker in any game this season.

Alex Smith was the cure for Denver’s pass rush

NFL Week 13 Winners and Losers: PHILIP RIVERS! Aaron Rodgers Is a Wizard, and Patrick Peterson Eats His Words

The Chiefs ran only 44 plays, and 15 of those were runs. That means Smith got hit on 41 percent of his dropbacks…When teams don’t blitz, Smith ranks an Alex Smith–like 20th in QBR, right about league average. When teams do blitz, his QBR drops from 62.8 to 25.9 — the fifth-worst mark in football.

I'll never understand why people don't talk more about Smith's penchant for taking sacks. He's got the fifth worst sack rate in the league this year, and more than anything, that's why he's tied for 23rd in ANY/A. Last night, he kept preferring sacks to taking shots downfield or stopping the clock with throwaways while his team was down multiple scores late.

Fortunately for Denver's defense, another sack machine is coming to town next week, in the form of one Kyle Orton (12th worst sack rate).

J.J. Watt has three more touchdown catches than the Chiefs’ WR corps

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Let's open with a few more notes on my new pet peeve: Connor Barth's woefully short kickoffs!

First, though, I should make clear that there is (of course) value in Barth being a more reliable placekicker than Brandon McManus has shown to this point.

In addition to points on the scoreboard, as Demaryius Thomas and Manny Ramirez showed last week, missed field goals can lead to plenty of frustrated teammates.

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First taste of Connor Barth kicking off? As expected, not good

Yes, Connor Barth made five field goals against Kansas City on Sunday night, but as The Wolf says...

After all, those five field goals were from 22, 24, 30, 33, and 37 yards. Yes, Brandon McManus missed a 33-yarder last week, but none of his other misses came on short kicks.

If you want to assume that McManus would have missed enough of those attempts to cost Denver the game, you're certainly entitled. Of course, he would have had to have missed *all of them*, so there's that.

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Gut Reaction: Week 13 - Broncos @ Chiefs

Peyton Manning completed half his passes, ended the game with a QB rating of 85.3, and turned the ball over once.

The Broncos won going away.

That’s not how they usually hunt up in Dove Valley. Big game hunting usually requires high caliber weaponry in the form of Manning’s right arm and high-precision scoping in the form of Manning’s mind.

Sometimes, though, you’ve got to go primitive. You’ve got to do things with your bare hands.

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Final Score: Broncos 29, Chiefs 16 (Updated)

After sprinting out to a 17-0 first half lead, the Broncos (9-3) crawled the rest of the way to a 29-16 win (Game Book) over Kansas CIty (7-5) on Sunday night.

Denver matched New England for the best record in the AFC and remained a game ahead of San Diego in the AFCW.

Along with the Broncos and Pats, NFC division leaders Philly, Green Bay, and Arizona are also 9-3.

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