Report: Teams with suspended players would protest reinstatement of Wes Welker

The league's 32 player reps will vote on a revised drug policy on Tuesday. The proposed policy is said to include HGH testing and relaxed rules on marijuana and amphetamines.

It's been speculated that an agreement would be followed closely by a reinstatement of wideouts Wes Welker and Josh Gordon.

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Barnwell: Why did Broncos kneel out first half?

NFL Week 1: The Art of the Comeback

New Orleans scored a touchdown with 24 seconds left in the first half to go up 20-7, only for Ryan to take over after the ensuing touchback with 20 seconds left and drive 58 yards on two plays to set up a Matt Bryant field goal.

It was ironic later, then, that people weren’t more angry at John Fox for kneeling after a touchback with Peyton Manning in the thin air of Denver (where it’s easier to make long kicks) after a virtually perfect first half on offense with three timeouts and 19 seconds left.

Yeah, well, that's Foxball for you...

PFF: The Chiefs are screwed without Derrick Johnson

Chiefs dealing with loss of key defensive pieces

A player who led the league in run stops in 2012 and then led his position with a 27.7 Pass Rushing Productivity rate last season, Johnson excels in every aspect of the game.

In related news, the Broncos are currently 13-point favorites against the visiting Chiefs.

Jay Cutler is still Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler Was The Most Catastrophic Quarterback Of Week 1

According to data from Brian Burke of Advanced Football Analytics, Cutler was responsible for three of the top six most detrimental plays in the NFL on Sunday.

Pat Bowlen is the best, you guys.

David Bruton has separated shoulder; Kevin McDermott waived

Special teams ace David Bruton suffered a separated shoulder on a questionable hit delivered by Colt Anderson during a Denver kickoff on Sunday night.

But according to John Fox, the injury is only of the day-to-day variety, so Bruton could return in time for Sunday's game against Kansas City.

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Eric Decker is actively rooting against the Broncos

Eric Decker: 'Rooting for other team'

“I’m rooting for the other team,” Decker said. “You gotta have a little sting, of course.”

Wait, what happened to moving on?

Fox & Friends is just the f&*^ing worst

New low for ‘Fox & Friends’: Joking about Ray Rice elevator assault

But at least the folks at “Fox & Friends,” easily cable news’s most idiotic program, can mine it for a laugh or two. After running through the details of the assault this morning, co-host Brian Kilmeade joked, “I think the message is, take the stairs.”

Unwilling to be outdone when it comes to laughing about graphic images of domestic violence, co-host Steve Doocy responded, “The message is when you’re in an elevator, there’s a camera.”

HAHA guys! That's a good one! Always watch out for cameras when you're going to knock your fiancee unconscious, amirite?

If you watch this horrible show, you might just be a horrible person yourself. I bet you didn't think about that, did you?

Robert Mathis, Dannell Ellerbe done for season

Just two years after selecting him 61st overall, San Francisco has waived running back LaMichael James.

According to his agent, James requested his release from the team.

In 15 games, the Oregon product had 41 carries and five catches, returned 23 punts and 26 kickoffs, and fumbled four times.

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Ravens cut Ray Rice; NFL suspends him indefinitely

It took them many months, but the Baltimore Ravens have finally done the right thing, and severed their ties with Ray Rice.

The league has followed suit by suspending Rice indefinitely.

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RIP, Goose Gonsoulin

Original Bronco and Ring of Famer Goose Gonsoulin passed away at 76.

Gonsoulin's 11 interceptions in 1960 remain a single-season franchise record, while his 43 career picks are second only to Steve Foley's 44.

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