The Dude Abides: Week 5 spotlight on the Wild Horses formation

My intention this week was to look at Robert Ayers and Jabar Gaffney, but as sometimes happens, things get in the way.  In this case, it was a pee wee football championship (no, it wasn't a Raider game).  So I scrapped the idea of Ayers and Gaffney and settled on putting the spotlight on the mutant formation that is the Wild Horses.  

Let me first say there have been a few other posts here at MHR about the Wild Horses formation, namely this excellent post by MHR member Flunkie and another by Vortex7 here.  And as our own Ted Barlett said in this post from August 2009, there is nothing particularly innovative about the Wild Cat formation.   However, it's worth examining the first drive because it shows you the kind of coach McDaniels is and the potential for the Wild Horses in future games.

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The Dude Abides: It’s Charger limerick time

It´s not Raider week, but still, it´s a division opponent.  So I decided to create a few Charger Limericks.

And besides, I really hate powder blue.  I mean, I really hate it.

As always, give your own Limerick a whirl.  You can probably create an even dozen just from the Tila Tequila incident alone.  And yes, Charger fans, you can play too.  That is if you can actually rhyme and count syllables.

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Broncos Thoughts & Musings: Chargers Week

Out with the Old News

Many congratulations to the Broncos on a come-from-behind-win over the New England Patriots! Following the game, Josh McDaniels issued as close to a retraction as he could get, admitting that when he claimed that it was just another game, "I lied." His understatement was closely followed by Kyle Orton's post-game comment, "I feel like I played well." Don't get all worked up for us, now, Kyle. I love these guys.

I covered a lot of subjects on Sunday night's post and I'm not gong to get redundant. There were a few little things that seemed to matter, though. Points in the 2nd half for NE - 0. Third down conversions in the 2nd half for NE - 0. Chances of winning if you don't score - 0. That's the kind of numbers that leave me SunnySiding. So, let's get started by breaking down some of last week's game and then preparing for San Diego.

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Matching up with the Chargers

Living in San Diego now (up north, in Carlsbad), I've had a classic opportunity to follow and spy on the Chargers. Milling around the town, lounging on the beach, watching the newspapers and the tube analysis, as well as breaking down the games, I had a year-long chance to get a little insight into the team. I wanted to share with you some of the things that I've seen over that time. The Bolts are a walking contradiction, just as they are every year, of late. They're starting slow, they have seemed unmotivated and they're been fighting injuries. They are going to be playing for their season, though. It's a great Monday night matchup, and I'm going to enjoy it.

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The Dude Abides: The Stats That Don’t Lie, Week 5

"You like the freaky stuff, huh? That's cool. The Stats that Don´t Lie can be naughty, too. Real, freaky naughty."

                                                                                                                                             ----White Goodman

Now that week 5 is over, we can be sure of three things:

  • The Broncos can play with any team in the NFL.
  • Gloves are made to be removed.
  • Mustard and brown can never look as ugly as silver and black.

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Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations

Happy Tuesday, friends, and welcome to another edition of Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations.  Is anybody else feeling like they could get used to feeling like this on a Tuesday?  It's great to be 5-0, isn't it?  Maybe Mark Kiszla is right, and we should all join him in welcoming Kyle Orton to Denver, since MHR is clearly bringing up the rear, there.  Y'all know how skeptical I have been. Despite our ongoing skepticism, and community-wide propensity for all things negative, we press on.  Ready..... BEGIN!!!!

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The Dude Abides: Vonnie “The Real Professor” Holliday drops some knowledge

For those of you who don't live in the Denver area, Vonnie Holliday gave one hell of an interview today on 104.3 The Fan.  You can access it here.

The interview has the normal junk questions like "How does it feel to be 5-0?"  However, Holliday also gives some very insightful answers about the game and how the Broncos make adjustments at halftime.  Again, it's not your normal "We just decided to play harder and make more plays" answer that most players give. 

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Broncos/Patriots quick recap

Forgive me for saying this, but those new uniforms today gave a whole new meaning to 'Winning Ugly'. But, by the end of the game, somehow they were looking beautiful. Win the Broncos did, their first win in overtime, and it was dependent on two more Kyle Orton drives late in the game. What a great win for Josh McDaniels, his first over his former mentor and friend, Bill Belichick! What a wonderful, exciting ending for a storybook week. That's the Broncos 4th come-from-behind victory. It's the second where the Broncos were down by two scores, a situation that many assured us that Kyle Orton couldn't handle. It's 5-0, and that's all that really matters.

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The Dude Abides: Week 4 spotlight on Daniel Graham and Kenny Peterson

This week I took a play-by-play look at two players MHR members had been asking about since week 2, Daniel Graham and Kenny Peterson.  Both of these guys have been flying largely under the radar, but really shouldn't.  Graham is probably the most versatile guy on the team (even more so than Peyton Hillis), and Peterson was a surprise starter in the mind of many.  He has largely been ignored as a integral cog of this defense.  I am glad to finally give these two bad asses their due.

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Lighting Up The Scoreboard: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos (Week 5, ‘09)

Hello again, friends.  Welcome to Lighting Up The Scoreboard.  I hope you enjoy it, and your feedback, as always, is appreciated.  I finally remembered to turn up the volume on the voice track, and found time to put together some music that I like okay, for the beginning.

Have a great weekend, and Go Broncos!!

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