Draft day two midday Lard 4-29-11

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Several Denver players showed up at Dove Valley this morning to work out and pick up playbooks. Here's LJ's list of the players in order of arrival. Riveting stuff, truly.

On the labor front, Mike Silver is reporting that the Eighth Circuit may issue a temporary "administrative" stay of Judge Nelson's lockout injunction, in which case the lockout would not be lifted before at least Monday. Confused? Yeah, me too...

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Roger Goodell gets it

It was great to see the NFL commissioner empathize with fans yesterday.

I was moved to tears.

Wait, that was just some lingering Denver Nuggets regret and the dry Colorado air.

Oh well, I thought I'd honor the commish--and his pay cut--Fat Man style. 

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Broncography: Von Miller

Von Miller was born on March 26, 1989, to Von Sr. and Gloria Miller. He grew up in Texas, where high school football is a religious experience. Coached by Dave Meadows at DeSoto High School, Miller quickly made his way into the eyes of District 8-5A, who made him their most valuable player as a senior. As a junior in 2005, Miller had 37 tackles, seven sacks, 14 tackles for loss (TFL) and 12 quarterback hurries, but he improved on that as a senior, notching 76 tackles, six sacks and 14 TFL. The TFL, hurries and sacks were something that would become the norm for him in game situations. From high school on, Von showed that he had a knack for getting into the backfield.

Miller decided to stay in-state and attend Texas A&M, carrying a University studies major with concentrations in life sciences and agriculture. He began playing there as a freshman rather than taking a redshirt season. It was a good choice:  Miller was able to post 22 tackles (10 solo), but also had two QB sacks and four TFL. It was enough to gain him being named to the Freshman All-Big 12 team by the Sporting News, partially on the strength of his game against Missouri, where he had five tackles, two of them TFL and one sack.

His early fanfare on limited play worked against him, though - Miller is something of a practical joker, and with his recognition and early fame, he developed a habit of skipping class as well as not producing as well during spring practice. Disgusted, head coach Mike Sherman suspended him for the spring. He went home and told his father the story of the situation, adding that he was thinking of transferring schools. His father didn’t buy it for a moment, telling the younger Von that he’d made a commitment and he was danged well going to keep to it.

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The Daily Lard 4-29-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Denver's night didn't last long, as they selected LB Von Miller out of Texas A&M at #2 and sat by the phones the rest of the first round (although some phone calls were made). So, the Broncos have vastly upgraded their LB corps, and they'll enter tonight with three choices - numbers 36, 46 and 67 overall. Plenty of ammo to add a defensive tackle or two, plus perhaps a new right tackle and/or a tight end or running back. While Denver didn't make any trades last night, their reported desire to come away with more choices than the seven they started the draft with could come to fruition tonight.

Mike Klis wrote that Denver could trade back from the #36 spot with teams hot and heavy for QBs Colin Kaepernick of Nevada and Andy Dalton of TCU, and they figure to have interest in using their picks tonight on any of DTs Stephen Paea, Marvin Austin and Jurrell Casey, OT Ben Ijalana, RBs Mikel Leshoure, Daniel Thomas and Ryan Williams, TEs Kyle Rudolph and Lance Kendricks and CB Aaron Williams. Plus, he noted that from Miller's Dove Valley meeting with the Broncos' brass, the player expects to be the Sam 'backer on first and second downs and to focus solely upon rushing the passer on third downs.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage here at IAOFM of the first round last night, and you can expect more of the same tonight - Ted will be evaluating each pick instantly while the four of us will again be Chewing the Fat for each of Denver's selections, and there will of course be an open thread for y'all to discuss the goings on. But before that, we have Doc's excellent Broncography of Von Miller coming in just over an hour from now, and Ted will provide some analysis later on of the labor situation and Denver's Day 2 options.

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Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Von Miller second overall

The Broncos have gone with Texas A&M LB Von Miller second overall, and here's our take:

Doc - Hi fives in Denver's war room! It's Miller Time! Now, fix that DL!

Doug - wow this kid is emotional about coming to Denver - love it. Plus, I like that he has cool glasses and is rocking the mesh hat - he'd fit right into my hood. So guys what do you think?

TJ - Once again the lesson for me is to trust Ted’s instincts - he had the Broncos taking Miller months ago.  Miller is simply ridiculous on tape.  He’s so fast off the edge he will give any tackle in the NFL fits.

Doug - Yeah when I read Ted first mention him as a Broncos pick three months ago, I had never even heard of the guy before - although that’s just my ignorance haha...

Doc - I love Miller - he earned that Butkus Award. I have concerns about the DT position, but I'm willing to wait and see how they deal with them. As far as Miller, he's excellent in the pass rush, has more moves than you commonly see in a college LB and is lightning fast. He's talented in coverage - it was his full-time responsibility his sophomore year in Joe Kines' 4-3 - and Denver needs that coverage skill. Also, Fox attacks the LB from the Sam position, so Miller will be opposite Doom much of the time. It's a great pick.

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You Got Served: Live first-round analysis

Ted Bartlett evaluates draft-eligible prospects in his spare time, among a number of activities he pursues, including golf, MBA classes, and dating women who are much younger than him.  When his kindergarten teacher told him that he was advanced, what she was saying was that, with minimal effort, he'd be able to do better than "really passionate" people who try their hardest.  He also focuses on the NFL's business and legal environment, offensive and defensive schemes, going off on unrelated tangents, and all 32 teams in the NFL. Follow along as he offers his instant analysis of tonight's NFL Draft.

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Open Thread: 2011 Draft first round

Good Evening, Broncos fans! It's finally time to get the 2011 Draft under way; enjoy it!

The player visits/workouts list has been updated, find it here.

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Denver Broncos 2011 draft choices

Rd # Player Position - School Notes
1 2 (2) Von Miller LB - Texas A&M  
2 13 (45) Rahim Moore S - UCLA from SF (w/ #108 & #141 for #36)
2 14 (46) Orlando Franklin OT - Miami from MIA (Brandon Marshall)
3 3 (67) Nate Irving LB - NC State  
4 11 (108) Quinton Carter S - Oklahoma from SF (see above)
4 32 (129) Julius Thomas TE - Portland St. from GB (w/ #204 for #141 & #186)
6 24 (189) Mike Mohamed LB - California from NE (Laurence Maroney)
7 1 (204) Virgil Green TE - Nevada from GB (see above)
7 44 (247) Jeremy Beal DE - Oklahoma Compensatory Pick

Draft day midday Lard 4-28-11

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Lots of happenings, or at least rumored happenings - so it's time for another double dose of the Lard! First things first - as we here at IAOFM have been telling you since December (Ted for much longer, look it up), John Elway came out today in full support of Tim Tebow as the future QB of the Broncos. While he didn't necessarily state that Tebow will be the starter in 2011, he said to ESPN's Ed Werder about as much as he could without providing Kyle Orton with a slap in the face:

Let's put it this way, I'm his biggest fan. He's one of those guys who -- if he comes out and is the player we hope he can be -- then we're in pretty darn good shape...I don't know if it's going to be this fall or this time next year. But I think he's got the desire that eventually he's going to be very effective...I think where we are as an organization, we're going to go with Tim.

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You Got Served - White Boy Day!


WHEREAS Peyton Hillis did consistently perform feats of superhuman strength, otherworldy athleticism, and other-universely grit, while maintaining large biceps and wearing alligator-skinned boots on his off-time, and loving Wal-Mart, apple pie (from Wal-Mart), grandma (a greeter at Wal-Mart), and wholesome milk from American cows (in the Northern Mariana Islands),

AND WHEREAS he played for a since-deposed coach who took a lenient attitude toward his eight fumbles, especially those which happened while hurdling other men, because, hey, that's a highlight play on SportsCenter most of the time,

AND WHEREAS the greater Cleveland area has long been looking for a true caucasian hero, from towns like Euclid and Lyndhurst to Beachwood and Solon, through Brecksville and Strongsville, and Middleburg Heights, and up to the noted caucasian haven of Parma, through Fairview Park, North Olmsted, Lakewood, Rocky River, and Westlake, and extending outward to the white parts of Lorain County, Summit County, Portage County, Geauga County, and every other damn county with a significant caucasian population who wants in on this,

AND WHEREAS a legion of scorned Broncos fans, and stupid dumbass reporters at the Denver Post can now gloat, and say they told us so,

LET IT BE RESOLVED that today, April 28, 2011, shall be called White Boy Day.  We at IAOFM congratulate Peyton Hillis and his legion of caucasian fans in Cleveland, Denver, Arkansas, and soon, the entire globe on their shared victory.  We hope it tastes sweet like Wal-Mart apple pie.

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