Halloween in London Lard 10-31-10

Happy Halloween, Broncos fans! What’s to say, aside from the obvious? This is a must win for Denver, on so many levels. Pushing back memories of last week, calming a rabid fan base and local media, getting into the bye week on a winning feeling, among the more cliched ones. Perhaps none of those are truly important in a football sense, and today is again but one game, yet things could certainly get ugly with a loss today. On the flip side, it will surely be interesting to see/hear what the folks who claimed Josh McDaniels had lost his team last week will have to say if the Broncos win, and especially if they do so emphatically. I’d suspect there wouldn’t be much backtracking, but rather downplaying the value of a victory against what would be a 1-7 Niners team. Okay, I’ll stop speculating. Let’s get to those sparse Sunday links (lots of stuff about playing in England, not a lot on actual football)...

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The Jesus, The Generator and the Experts - Week 8

Terror plots were thwarted this week.

If only I could thwart Peter King.

As we usually do, we ask our random number generator (RNG) to makes its picks for the week’s NFL games.  We then compare these picks to the so-called experts.  To make things even more lively, I include my cat, Jesus Quintana, in on the picks, along with Doug Lee and myself (Doc Bear is too smart for this).  The RNG is simply armed with the notion that 57% of the time, the home team is a winner in the NFL.  Quintana picks between two quarters as I drop them to the floor.  Doug Lee uses his calculator mind.

I use Kahlua and a proprietary mathematical formula. If that doesn’t work, I contemplate how many chicks Brett Favre has picture-texted his junk until the picks come to me.

This week, we continue our section called Peter King Actually Wrote This.

So how has the RNG done this week?

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Jet lag and being your own man

If the Broncos lose to the 49ers, Josh McDaniels will be facing more than just an angry fan base.

I think the media—even those who are well respected—will turn on him.

I realized this on Thursday (10/28) of this week when I tuned into the 2nd hour of the MIke and Scott Show on The Fan here in Denver. 

As the conversation drifted from the Colorado Rapids to the Denver Broncos, the discussion centered not on the game itself, but on McDaniels’ preparation for the game and the jet lag the Broncos could be facing.  Specifically, there was this criticism from Drew Goodman, respected play-by-play TV announcer for the Colorado Rockies:

“He’s going over there on 48 hours of…time to acclimate, based on, you know, the fact that last year New England went on…basically 48 hours out.  They’re [New England] going from two time zones, that’s closer, but that still doesn’t make it right…but now you’re [McDaniels] seven times zones away…and I think it’s absolutely the wrong thing to do, and I think he’s basing every decision he makes, or it seems that way, at least…based on how…and he’s going to be heavily influenced by Belichick, I understand that, but the people around him that he will listen to….you’ve got to make a stand for yourself.”

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Broncos in London Lard 10-30-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brian Dawkins, Andre’ Goodman and Eddie Royal have all been declared as probable for tomorrow’s game. The only other players on the injury report are the five who did not make the trip - Robert Ayers, Perrish Cox, Darcel McBath, Kevin Vickerson and Wesley Woodyard. While this is still a lengthy list, we are most definitely looking at a better situation than in prior weeks. For San Francisco, QB Alex Smith and C Eric Heitmann are out, while CB Tarell Brown is doubtful. TE Vernon Davis and RB Anthony Dion are listed as questionable, while LB Ahmad Brooks, CB Nate Clements and G Adam Snyder are all probable.

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Friday Trivia Trough: Top 25 Broncos in receiving yards

It’s Friday afternoon, which means it’s about time for everyone to start thinking about what really matters: trivia. Here at IAOFM, we’re always looking to keep your appetite for useless knowledge sated. Last week, we examined your expertise in the running backs department. Today, let’s measure your memory in terms of career receiving yardage. How many of the top 25 Broncos in that category can you name? Statistics are current as of today, October 29th, 2010, although only one active Bronco is on the list. As always, no peeking or cheating, good luck, and post your scores in the comments!

Note: There is one guy here whose surname consists of two parts. Unfortunately, this is a bit awkward within Sporcle in that I set it up so you can just enter players’ last names. So, in his case you can either put the two parts together without a space, or you can just put the second part in. I know, a little complicated, but them’s the breaks. Sorry about that.

Link to Sporcle quiz here:
Can you name the Top 25 Broncos in terms of Career Receiving Yards?

Broncography: Zane Beadles

Last week, Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels announced that rookie tackle Zane Beadles had beaten out injury-prone Ryan Harris for the right tackle slot. This wasn’t a total shock, when considering both Harris’ lingering health problems and Beadles’ high draft selection. Denver had taken Beadles in the 2nd round of the 2010 Draft, 45th overall. CBSSports.com had the following to say about the big rookie out of Utah:

Regarded as one of the elite offensive tackles in college football, most professional talent evaluators view Beadles as the ideal guard at the next level. The four-year starter does have past experience at that position, moving from guard to tackle during his sophomore season. The consensus feels that he is the school’s best offensive lineman since the Jordan Gross era (1999-2002).

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Five players stay home Lard 10-29-10

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Unfortunately, Perrish Cox and Kevin Vickerson have not recovered enough from their injuries and did not make the trip to London last night. The other news on the injury front is that Eddie Royal was a limited participant in practice yesterday, so there is a chance he will play on Sunday. Knowshon Moreno did not appear on the injury report.

Later today, a Broncography on Zane Beadles, and more Trivia Trough.

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The Dude’s Mail Revue: Ankle bracelets, Atwater’s greatest hits, and the Halloween frights

Dude's Mail Revue 400x145

Fat Man blogger TJ "The Dude" Johnson posts The Dude's Mail Revue on Thursdays, in which he takes your questions about the state of the Denver Broncos. Got a titillating question? Put a dollar bill into the Dude's G-String and he might answer your question--after bowling practice.

Hahahahaha, TJ. Last weekend was the greatest single weekend of my life. They removed my electronic ankle bracelet on Saturday, and then on Sunday, my Raiders lit up the Donks for 59 points. Me and my girl just ate so much pizza we let our guts hang out and didn't leave the couch. Who'd want to? You could go another 50 years and not see that again. The Broncos will never live that loss down. You guys are lucky Tom Cable held back in the 4th quarter or we would have been talking the all-time record. Do me a favor and tell us how good we look from the bottom of the division after we catch the Chiefs in a few weeks. See you later, sucker! --Raider Mike, Oak-Town, California

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Knowshon, not again!!! Lard 10-28-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brian Dawkins and Andre’ Goodman were full participants in practice yesterday. As noted yesterday, Robert Ayers, Darcel McBath and Wesley Woodyard have already been declared out for Sunday’s game and will not make the trip. Also not practicing yesterday were Perrish Cox, Eddie Royal and Kevin Vickerson. Cox is apparently still dealing with the effects of his concussion, so it would be surprising to see him in London. It’s been a couple of weeks since Knowshon Moreno has been injured, so he reportedly grabbed his right hamstring at the end of yesterday’s practice for good measure…

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Three Broncos defenders ruled out for Sunday

Josh McDaniels has announced that Robert Ayers, Darcel McBath and Wesley Woodyard will not play on Sunday in London versus the 49ers and will not travel with the team. Eddie Royal, Kevin Vickerson and Perrish Cox are also questionable for the game and it is currently unknown whether they will make the trip. See Jeff Legwold’s article in the DP for more.

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