The Dude Abides: The Stats That Don’t Lie, Week 7

"The Stats That Don't Lie are gonna eat lightning and crap thunder!"

---Burgess Meredith

Week 7 brought a well deserved break for the Broncos (God even rested on the 7th day), no less than 6 bona fide blowouts (an average night for a Raider at a singles bar), and 3 more interceptions from new Bears' mascot Jay Cutler (2 more and he can tie Orton's season total from 2008 in less than half the games).

In other words, a decent weekend.

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Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations

Happy Tuesday friends, and welcome to another (shortened) edition of Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations.  This is, the premier source of Broncos new and analysis in the entire world.  I have been feeling like we're still kind of peripheral, in the eyes of the rest of the worldwide media, but we beat the bejesus out of them every day, when it comes to covering the Broncos.

As they say, game recognizes game, and correspondingly, it also recognizes groupthink and suckiness.  By your being here, reading this today, and hopefully, every week, you mark yourself as having good sense, and at least a partial desire to be part of what is a collaborative learning and growth experience for us all.  I'm a front-page staff guy, obviously, but I learn interesting things from FanPosters all the time.  Those people are the lifeblood of the MHR community, and they should be commended for their outstanding contributions.

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The Dude Abides: Why more than one turnover is really bad for your head coach

Don't make the same mistake twice.

You've heard this nugget of wisdom a hundred times.  

In the NFL, it's literally true.  For if you turn the ball over twice, your chances of winning go way down.  Not quite as far as the Raiders' playoff chances in November, but very far nonetheless.

We know that turnovers are the single biggest reason for winning and losing in the NFL.  It's estimated that the team that wins the turnover battle in an individual game ends up winning the game about 80% of the time.  

But how do the number of turnovers a team commits in a game affect winning?  Do teams that commit 0 turnovers win more often than teams that commit 1?  Or how about 1 turnover versus 2 turnovers?   Does it even matter when we compare 4 turnovers to 5 turnovers?

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The Dude Abides: The Stats That Don’t Lie, Week 6

That's what I love about these Stats That Don't Lie, man. I get older, they stay the same age. 

 ---Matthew McConaughey

Week 6.  Another Broncos win.  Another way for Eddie Royal to electrify Denver fans (outside of Taco Bell).  And one to grow on for the kids:

                    If you want  to beat this year's Broncos, you better bring a lunch pail...and a whole lot of hope.

Welcome once again to the Stats That Don't Lie, your weekly shot of statistical Human Growth Hormone.  These are the Elvis Dumervil of stats.  You simply can't get away from them. They are the Mike Tyson of stats.  They will eat your children.  They are Turnovers, Field Position, Time of Possession, and 3rd Down Efficiency.

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The Dude Abides: What happens when you finally hit back

In the days of the old west, you didn't get into another man's face unless you were prepared to engage your pistolas in the center of town 10 minutes later.

The Chargers failed to realize this yesterday.

And the Broncos were the only team left standing after all the gun play.

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Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations

Happy Tuesday, friends, and welcome to another edition of Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations.  I had a fairly selfish weekend, leaving Cleveland on Friday and traveling to South Bend, Indiana, for the Notre Dame-USC game on Saturday afternoon.  My friend Ramona has a brother who is a graduate student at Notre Dame, and he was able to get us pretty good tickets.  I didn't get home until about 5 PM on Sunday, so I missed all of the early NFL games, and only got to see the second quarter on of a few late ones.  I recorded the Short Cuts of the 3 most interesting early games, with a plan of watching them Monday evening, after work and before the Broncos-Chargers game.  I apologize if this is a slightly thinner ST&NO than usual, but I don't ever want to be the guy who comments on football I didn't see, scanning the box scores for some stats which may or may not be meaningful.  You know who I mean, all of them.  Without further ado, let's get this thing moving, ST&NO style.  Ready..... BEGIN!!!

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The Dude Abides: Week 5 spotlight on the Wild Horses formation

My intention this week was to look at Robert Ayers and Jabar Gaffney, but as sometimes happens, things get in the way.  In this case, it was a pee wee football championship (no, it wasn't a Raider game).  So I scrapped the idea of Ayers and Gaffney and settled on putting the spotlight on the mutant formation that is the Wild Horses.  

Let me first say there have been a few other posts here at MHR about the Wild Horses formation, namely this excellent post by MHR member Flunkie and another by Vortex7 here.  And as our own Ted Barlett said in this post from August 2009, there is nothing particularly innovative about the Wild Cat formation.   However, it's worth examining the first drive because it shows you the kind of coach McDaniels is and the potential for the Wild Horses in future games.

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The Dude Abides: It’s Charger limerick time

It´s not Raider week, but still, it´s a division opponent.  So I decided to create a few Charger Limericks.

And besides, I really hate powder blue.  I mean, I really hate it.

As always, give your own Limerick a whirl.  You can probably create an even dozen just from the Tila Tequila incident alone.  And yes, Charger fans, you can play too.  That is if you can actually rhyme and count syllables.

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Broncos Thoughts & Musings: Chargers Week

Out with the Old News

Many congratulations to the Broncos on a come-from-behind-win over the New England Patriots! Following the game, Josh McDaniels issued as close to a retraction as he could get, admitting that when he claimed that it was just another game, "I lied." His understatement was closely followed by Kyle Orton's post-game comment, "I feel like I played well." Don't get all worked up for us, now, Kyle. I love these guys.

I covered a lot of subjects on Sunday night's post and I'm not gong to get redundant. There were a few little things that seemed to matter, though. Points in the 2nd half for NE - 0. Third down conversions in the 2nd half for NE - 0. Chances of winning if you don't score - 0. That's the kind of numbers that leave me SunnySiding. So, let's get started by breaking down some of last week's game and then preparing for San Diego.

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Matching up with the Chargers

Living in San Diego now (up north, in Carlsbad), I've had a classic opportunity to follow and spy on the Chargers. Milling around the town, lounging on the beach, watching the newspapers and the tube analysis, as well as breaking down the games, I had a year-long chance to get a little insight into the team. I wanted to share with you some of the things that I've seen over that time. The Bolts are a walking contradiction, just as they are every year, of late. They're starting slow, they have seemed unmotivated and they're been fighting injuries. They are going to be playing for their season, though. It's a great Monday night matchup, and I'm going to enjoy it.

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