Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations

Welcome to an eve-of-month-end-financial-close version of ST&NO, where I spent spent all day between a boat transiting Lake Erie, and Kelley's Island, which is a very nice place to visit.  Exacerbating matters is the fact that the lady-friend has been out of town all weekend, and her plane lands at 10 PM.  At that point, I expect to devote some time to talking to her, as I tried to lay off all weekend so she could hang out with her college roommate in peace.  It is now 8:54 PM, and I will write until she calls.  It's a lot like being down a couple touchdowns with 4 minutes to go, and no timeouts.  Ready.... BEGIN!!!

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Tales from the SunnySide: Kenny McKinley

Born in Mableton, Georgia on January 31, 1987, Kenny McKinley was a sought-after quarterback at South Cobb High School. Kenny earned All-County honors as a junior and senior. As a junior in 2003, he racked up 1,575 yards and 12 scores passing and rushed for 400 yards and eight touchdowns more. McKinley threw for 1,470 yards and 16 touchdowns while rushing for 750 yards and 12 more TDs during his senior year, and was ranked as the 57th-best athlete in the country by You can catch four recruiting videos of Kenny from high school at Mableton here:

Prior to the draft, commented,

South Carolina's Kenny McKinley (6' 0" 189 lbs) doesn't get much respect and I don't know why. He has gotten it done on the football field for years. He has been a four year starter with 2,781 career yards and 19 touchdowns. Now he goes to the combine and has a very solid performance. He ran a nice 4.44 forty and had the 2nd best 20 yard shuttle time of 4.10 seconds.

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In honor of service

Broncos fans, this is Memorial Day week. There is a very good article in the National Football Post that you might want to check out, dealing with the great service that some of our NFL players have given. I'd like to add something that came up for me due to the NBA playoff this week.

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Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells and the rise of the left tackle

Or, Golf and the Gridiron

In the game of professional football, being a quarterback, running back or a wide receiver is very much akin to baseball: You try to accumulate stats.  You could say that a 5-yard run is like a single. Pulling in a pass for a 1st down is kind of like a double. A 35-yard play is a triple for all involved and if it breaks an invisible plane, it's a home run. Increasing your stats is a positive. The quarterback even accumulates the ultimate stat - wins and losses. No other player has this ability and in many ways it emphasizes the way that we have chosen to portray and perceive this position.

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Receiving line

There was a second offering from Matt Bowen at the National Football Post that took the perspective that if you ask about the Bears' receiving corps, Jerry Angelo counters by asking you how many real #1 WRs there are in the NFL (no definition is given: you‘ll know one when Matt or Jerry sees one) in an attempt to avoid the question and to turn it back on the person asking. This is a good example of a straw man argument. It takes the question of Chicago's receivers and avoids it by claiming that most other teams don't have good receivers either.

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Zen and the art of self-hypnosis

Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true - Demosthenes, Third Olynthiac, sec. 19

Jerry Angelo of the Chicago Bears was quoted in the Sporting News daily before the draft, talking about his team's quality and chances next year. The same discussion was quoted by Matt Bowen in the National Football Post: 

"Well, I think that it will be better just given the fact that our quarterback is going to play better," Jerry Angelo told the Chicago Sun-Times. "I feel that will be something that is going to help that position and really the whole offense overall. If we stay status quo and nobody gets hurt, with our present receiving corps - and when I say ‘receiving corps you guys have to bring in the tight ends, too - I feel we'll be OK.

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Running game 2009

The Sporting News daily recently ran a ‘Scout's Views' article that listed the top 20 running backs for 2009. For those who feel that the Broncos don't appear on the major sports media radar, it will be no surprise that Knowshon Moreno, although he will be aided by Peyton Hillis, didn't even make the list. Chris ‘Beanie' Wells managed to sneak in at #20, but no info was given as to why him rather than Moreno.

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Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations

I am not a very big Sum 41 fan, but they had a great album title a few years ago, in All Killer, No Filler, which our friends at Wikipedia inform me was borrowed from Jerry Lee Lewis, who was significantly cooler than them.  I always thought of it as the Sum 41 rule, until I just looked it up, so that continues, I guess.

Anyway, I have adopted it as a rule of ST&NO, in the sense that if I can't think of enough interesting topics to fill a decent column, I won't post one, because I owe it to those who read my work not to waste their time with weak stuff.  I started writing some content last week, and it didn't pass the test, so I didn't post anything on Monday.  Here goes 2 weeks worth of material, on a Memorial Day Monday.  As a veteran myself, I would remind our American community members to take a moment to reflect on the brave servicemen and women who lost their lives in the service of our nation.

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The Dude Abides: A 2008 lesson in field position, time of possession, & turnovers

I bowl. I drive around. Occasionally an acid flashback. Also, it seems, I can't stop thinking about field position. After first posting on the subject here, and then subsequently here, I wanted to explore a little further the 2008 Broncos season, and what I consider to the be Cerberus of wins and losses in the NFL.

Cerberus? What the hell is this? For those of you that never had to suffer through Latin (Spanish that semester was full, hombre) or were too stoned to care, Cerberus was the three headed monster that guarded the entrance to the underworld in Greek and Roman mythology. And when it comes to guarding the gates of hell, three heads are better than one.

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A Few Good Questions with Brandon Marshall

This afteroon, I had the great fortune of speaking with The Beast - Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Brandon was in Boston participating in a photo shoot for Reebok and the Broncos' 50th AFL Anniversary Throwback jerseys. Turns out BMarsh is already familiar with MHR, and he was quite generous in offering his time to speak via telephone. We covered his hip injury and recovery, the new quarterbacks, and the draft, among other things. Most interestingly, I found out that Brandon gets along just fine with Philip Rivers - that may help answer some questions about who was responsible for the reported bad blood between Denver and San Diego in recent seasons. Many thanks to Brandon for taking the time to speak with me, and I hope you enjoy reading what he had to say.

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