The Daily Lard 9-3-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's a big day, as final cutdowns are due across the league, and Denver is expected to be scouring the waiver wire for some much-needed depth - or didn't you see Thursday's game? Andrew Mason takes his shot at predicting the Denver roster (pre-waiver pickups, of course) and figures the team to keep only three RBs (Lance Ball over Jeremiah Johnson and Brandon Minor) and three TEs (with Virgil Green potentially sliding to the PS), plus five WRs (Eron Riley beating out David Anderson) and eight LBs (Lee Robinson and Mike Mohamed sticking). Mason also sees CB Chris Harris making the squad, with Darcel McBath beating out his fellow '09 draftee David Bruton at safety.

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Chewing the Fat: Preseason - Broncos @ Cardinals

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 26-7 preseason-ending loss to the Arizona Cardinals

Doug: Guys, which roster battles are you most interested in tonight?

Ted: S, CB, TE, OL, and RB.  I'll be interested to see if Mohamed plays well and gives the team a reason to keep too

Doug: Which CBs do you think are on the bubble Ted? I assume Harris and Bing don't really have a chance, right?

Ted: I haven't seen much from them.  I think they're trying to play on to the practice squad.  I'd like to see strong play from both Cox and Thompson.  If not, one of them might fall out in favor of a 5th safety

TJ: Rosario will be interesting too. I wouldn't have thought he'd be there on the bubble. But I wouldn't be surprised to see the Broncos keep more TEs and less RBs

Ted: Yeah, I could see that too TJ.  Something like 3 TBs and 1 FB, with 4 TEs

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The Daily Lard 9-2-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans, and welcome to the most parentheses-laden Lard in history! The best part about last night's 26-7 loss (box score) to the Cardinals is that it's over. There was injury (Syd'Quan Thompson - torn Achilles tendon, done for the year; Britt Davis - concussion; Nate Irving - chest; David Bruton - shoulder; Matthew Willis - turf toe), there was insult (Arizona led 26-0 until the final two minutes), and there was craptastic play on both sides of the ball, as the Broncos were outgained 398 to 293, with more than half of their yards (164) coming on the team's last two drives of the game.

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Gut Reaction: Preseason Week 4 - Broncos @ Cardinals

"That's about as bad as it gets," said John Fox at halftime.

He was describing the Broncos' play, but he could have been talking about the team's depth.

Here's something you can take to the bank--the Broncos will scour the waiver wire like crayfish.

Will they look for an offensive lineman, a defensive back, or a defensive lineman?

They'll probably grab one of each, and top it off with a running back for good measure.

The Broncos' second- and third-string units were as exciting as a Peter King fashion statement in their loss to the Cardinals tonight.

They will certainly test the theory that depth matters in today's NFL.

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Open Thread - Preseason Broncos @ Cardinals

Roster battles to watch: RBs - Lance Ball/Jeremiah Johnson/Brandon Minor; TEs - Dante Rosario/Dan Gronkowski; WRs - Matthew Willis/Britt Davis; OL - Chris Clark/Manny Ramirez/Eric Olsen/Stanley Daniels; LB - Mike Mohamed/Lee Robinson; S David Bruton/Darcel McBath

Enjoy the game, and Go Broncos!

Fat Guys In Cleats with Baxter McLove - Broncos/Cards

Here's our latest edition of Fat Guys In Cleats from Fat Man Live (FML).

Baxter McLove has a special guest this week.

As you might imagine, she's smarter.

Enjoy tonight's game.  The 'stache is never wrong.

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The Daily Lard 9-1-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Doug Farrar rounds up plenty of praise for Von Miller from Greg Cosell and Cecil Lammey, mixing it all in with his own. Farrar and Cosell see Miller as being similar to DeMarcus Ware, and they make note of Von's sack against James Carpenter where he starts outside and then suddenly shifts inside as his most impressive play thus far. Lammey sees Miller as being most successful as a 5-2 end, says he may be the fastest pass rusher in the league and lauds his anticipation of the snap.

Farrar also takes another look at Tim Tebow and the plight of QBs who run the spread option in college and their difficult transitions to the pro game. Farrar again hits up Cosell, who thinks Tebow's mechanics are just poor overall. Meanwhile, Jon Gruden echoes the points made by Mike Lombardi in that any team with plans for Tebow as a QB need to commit to him fully, and that means molding their offense to fit the player, rather than the other way around.

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Thoughts on John Fox as the regular season nears

John Fox holds to a theory of the game that has fallen out of favor with many. The advent of using statistics in football is still in its young stages. Even so, it’s impossible to argue that the NFL has become a passing league, which makes people wonder when Fox declares cheerfully that he believes in running the ball, defending the run and controlling the game. While it’s true, certainly, that the overall stats are more in favor of a passing game, Denver did try that with Josh McDaniels. McDaniels did a lot of good things that Denver is still benefiting from, but he didn’t turn the offense around much and the defense, which was gutted before he arrived, proceeded to head for the cellar while he was head coach. Pat Bowlen was ready to go out and find another offensive guy, but it was John Elway who convinced him that Fox was his man.

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The Daily Lard 8-31-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! In a column today, Legwold considers the emergence of new starting Mike LB Joe Mays, whom the Broncos acquired last summer from the Eagles. Naturally, I'm going to gloss over the quotes (ZZZZZZ) and focus on the minutiae - he paints the deal as one of, if not the only successful trade of the Josh McDaniels era - never mind the Cutler and Marshall deals. Of course, Legwold doesn't even get the details correct, writing that Denver got a draft pick along with Mays from Philly. Would be nice if it were true - rather, the Broncos dealt twice-signed RB J.J. Arrington to Philly along with a 2012 sixth-rounder conditional upon whether Arrington made the 2010 Eagles. He did not, so Denver owes the pick.

Interestingly, there's more to this 2012 Draft picture, as the Broncos may still owe another conditional pick to the Browns as part of the Peyton Hillis/Brady Quinn deal. The specifics are unavailable on that one (plenty of earlier reports had said Denver was sending a sixth-rounder, but that's obviously not the case since it's going to Philly), so it's unclear what's left of that trade, if anything. Perhaps it's tied to Quinn's playing time this year? Who knows - maybe Captain Journalism can dig up the facts, that is if we want to trust him with that kind of hard work.

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You Got Served - Football and nutjobbery

Happy Tuesday, friends, and welcome to another edition of You Got Served.  I’m excited, aren’t you?  We have some football to discuss, as well as some deep exploration of my use of the word “nutjob” on Friday, which got some people upset.  Along with that, I’ll have some expanded thoughts about the Tebow media environment, and why I believe that my comment is justified.  Beyond that, it’s a surprise.  Buckle your chinstraps, because this is going to be a full-contact Tuesday.  Ready…. BEGIN!!!

1.  There was a lot of excellent analysis by TJ, Doug, and Doc on Saturday’s game, and I don’t really have a lot to add to it that hasn’t already been said.  I decided to take a run at putting together a 53-man roster, since we’re now heading into the fourth preseason game, and a lot of the bottom 45 guys on the roster are going to be trying to get off the cut list with a big play here or there, ala Shannon Sharpe’s story.

The list that I’ve compiled represents the 53 best players that I’ve seen this preseason, plus Demaryius Thomas, who’s going to start the season on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list.  It includes certain assumptions about the numbers of players that the Broncos will keep at each position, which follow immediately here.

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