Bowlen says McDaniels will be back in 2011 - well, maybe Lard 11-30-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I got a bit of a late start today, and since our good friend Ted Bartlett has plenty of rational commentary on where the Broncos stand with Josh McDaniels, let's just see what he has to say. Read that, and then come on back for the news.

As far as injuries, McDaniels announced yesterday that Demaryius Thomas and Andre' Goodman would again be out on Sunday, and Brian Dawkins will likely also miss the trip to Kansas City with a knee injury. Darcel McBath may return again, and Joe Mays is a bit banged up.

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Huge Decision of the Week: Bowlen keeps McDaniels

Pat Bowlen, at the age of 66, no longer runs triathlons; he tears it up on the stationary bike instead.

For those that question whether or not Josh McDaniels will be around to tear up the AFC West this year, Bowlen had this to say to AOL's Fanhouse tonight: 

"I am not interested in making a coaching change."

Straight from the horse's Broncos' mouth,  Denver fans.  Bowlen isn't taking his coach to the woodshed--this year at least.  

Get used to Josh McDaniels.  The hoodie, the baseball cap, and the baby-faced protege is sticking around for awhile, whether you like him or not.  Personally, I'd like to see him sport a Fu Manchu moustache for the last 5 games.  That way, he'd at least be dressed the part of the villain, which is the part the national media has cast him in for the last year week.  

Why would Bowlen--a guy known for staying behind the scenes and rarely granting interviews--suddenly give an impromptu interview to AOL Fanhouse late into the evening?  It's simple.  He had to do it.

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Another county heard from (Cuyahoga, that is…)

I’ve been feeling pretty hostile toward a large part of the Broncos fan base lately.  I used to think that we were a really educated and reasonable fan base.  Through the magic of Twitter, I’ve learned that neither is actually the case.  Broncos fans, by-and-large,  are tremendously spoiled, and short-sighted.  They don’t know much about football, and they don’t try too hard to learn about it from resources like It’s All Over Fat Man and Mile High Report.  (The Broncos MSM only has negativity and obviousness to contribute, of course.)

On that note, here’s the ever-growing media narrative:  the Denver Broncos are on the wrong track because their young egomaniac coach has set out to destroy a once-proud team.  Doug Farrar from the often-craptastic Football Outsiders grew up in Denver, and this is the truth, according to him.  Mark Kiszla thinks Josh McDaniels looks like a beaten man.  (Which for Mark, would be a big success!)  This whole thing reminds me of when noted assholes TJ Simers and Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times successfully ran Dodgers’ GM Paul DePodesta out of LA after 2 years.  They hated the young, Harvard educated, Moneyball-reared DePodesta, and called him Google Boy, like knowing how to use The Google is a bad thing.  Luckily, Pat Bowlen said Monday that it’s not going to work.

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Surveying the blitzed

Okay, folks, we’ve got a pop quiz, and it’s a five-parter...

  1. What team holds the NFL's single-game sack record?
  2. What was the year, and who was their opponent?
  3. Who was the Defensive Coordinator of the team that set the record?
  4. For extra credit - Who taught the scheme to the defensive coordinator for the winning team?
  5. For EC double points - What was the system that he used to earn that record?

If you can answer each of those, you understand much more of what happened at Invesco Field on 11/28/10. Invesco....ironic name, really. The company that bought the naming rights has gone belly up. When you come right down to it, the Broncos are doing the very same thing. 

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Was it really that close? Lard 11-29-10

UPDATE 9:45AM ET - In his MMQB, Peter King shares some insight into the situation in Denver and on Josh McDaniels, whom he claims to "know fairly well." King writes...

"McDaniels is adamant that he didn't trash the Patriots in his staff meeting Friday...McDaniels seems to know he's got a traitor in his midst...None of this will matter if the Broncos keep losing, like they did Sunday to St. Louis...If the Broncos lose out, McDaniels is probably done...The Broncos did him no favors by giving him an inexperienced GM, Brian Xanders, who clearly hasn't been strong enough to save him from making some bad personnel calls. The team should have invested in a savvy, veteran GM to help McDaniels navigate his way early."

As you know, we spend a good deal of time here mocking King, but there's some actual journalism in today's MMQB and it is an important read for Broncos fans. What stands out from the above snippets is the line regarding Xanders - is this McDaniels' way of laying the blame at the GM's feet, and/or a way to let us know that McDaniels did not handpick Xanders as has been previously portrayed?

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Gut Reactions - Week 12, Broncos-Rams


Wrecks, sighs, and videotape.

The wreck: losing at home to a team who is in rebuilding mode.  

The sighs: the Broncos' continued futility to convert on 3rd downs, lack of quarterback pressure, inability to tackle, and  turnovers (on both sides).

The videotape: The Rams' offense seemed to confuse the Broncos after their first drive with their normal misdirection and bootlegs; their receivers and tight ends had more space than Buzz Lightyear. Their defense, as Brian Griese pointed out from the radio booth, confused the Broncos all game, blitzing eight defenders on one play, only to drop eight defenders in coverage the next.

Quick, someone call Steve Scarnecchia and get him back on the payroll (and rolling footage).  The Broncos could have used six more minutes of film today.

Despite a late surge, some luck, and some conservative play calling by the Rams, the Broncos' season took another shot to the chin today.  

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‘Rams’ it down their throats

OK, I’m not really feeling that hostile, not even after the MNF debacle. Part of that is a post-Thanksgiving somnambulance - I shopped and cooked for three days to put together a meal that was fit for the holiday, and it turned out to be worth it. I ate with as much gusto as I prepared the meal, and it’s hard to get worked up with that kind of well-sated sensation. 

I was reading, this week, about some ancient Greek roots of words that we use in our own culture, and something came up that might bear on the Rams/Broncos game. There’s a couple of Greek roots to words that matter in how the Broncos are playing right now, and how the team will have to change. The task they face is not unlike breaking a code, or assembling a puzzle. 

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Week 12 Open Thread

Enjoy the games, everyone - and Go Broncos!!!

Dealing with the McDaniels debacle

Hey, folks. It’s been a very wild ride, this past day. I  sincerely hope that you’re weathering it well. Keep in mind that the consciousness of others - or the lack thereof - is not your responsibility. You won’t change the mind of the more hostile members of the fanbase. Long ago, it was written that against ignorance (other sources use stupidity, and there is disagreement on who said it first), the gods themselves contend in vain. It’s as true as it was then. Don’t bother - it just gives you heartburn. 

As you know, I believe that up until now there's been entirely too much rush to judgement on Coach McDaniels. From the time that he was hired, a large segment of the fan base that has tended to dump responsibility on him for the problems left by a former coach/GM:  he inherited a team that lacked talent, system, attitude and any rational plans to improve it for the future. Every move that he made was somehow a violation of something - much of it I can’t even fathom, much less explain. 

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The Jesus, The Generator and the Experts - Week 12

I have a confession to make.

I've been videotaping Peter King's picks all year.

I am cooperating with Fat Man officials.  I don't think it is good. To have this kind of attention is a distraction, and I think that is how I'm treating it.  I try to do the best I can to limit these distractions every week, and it will be no different here. Certainly I am never looking to do anything that is not within the rules established by Doug Lee and Emmett Smith.

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