You Got Served: Thoughts on pass protection

Happy Tuesday, friends.  It’s been five days since the last Broncos victory, so I decided not to rehash it, since it’s been done to death at this point.  I have been working on a short (for me) essay about pass protection, and I decided to make it longer and more detailed and give that to you today.  Friday, it’ll be back to Digesting the Chargers, and we should be on the regular schedule from here on out.  Ready… BEGIN!!!

1.  Once, when I was three years old, I woke my mother up from a nap.  A man was breaking into the house downstairs, I told her.  He was tall and had dark hair, and was coming in through the window in the living room.  I was telling my mom about this guy in vivid detail, and like any mom, she got scared.  I had three younger siblings who were all also having a nap at the time, so my mother went and frantically made sure that they were safe.  Then she locked us all in one room and called the cops. 

As it turned out, that was an early indication of the kind of storyteller I was to become.  It was like little Eddie Murphy telling the joke about the monkey kicking the lion in the ding-ding.  We are all uniquely ourselves, and our character starts getting revealed at a young age.  I wasn’t lying, of course; I had just thought up some cool fiction and was sharing it with my mom.  She was not as impressed as I thought she’d be, and on the rare occasion I’ve ever heard her tell that story, the context is how hard it was to raise four little kids at once, and tangentially, that I had a hellion moment here and there.  (Both are fair points, of course.)

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Tebow: Whatever it takes

Tebow takes on Bayless, First Take

- 4th quarter comebacks: Tebow said he learned from Urban Meyer that to be successful at the end of games you must have “competitive greatness,” Tebow said. “We’ve been able to find different ways to win. More than anything going out there and having fun,” Tebow said. “The mindset is to do whatever it takes.”

Saw this interview this morning. I felt like Bayless was going out of his way to ask difficult questions so that he would appear as if he wasn't a Tebow fanboy.

In other words, the interview seemed all about Bayless, which, of course, is what one would expect from him.

As I said in my Gut Reaction from last week, Tebow is smart in not taking any of the bait that reporters throw his way.

Kacsmar: Tebow does it differently than Elway did

Captain Comeback Week 11: The Old College Try

How do you even describe watching a quarterback go to an empty backfield and just run the ball all over a defense for a 95-yard drive to win the game? Inconceivable! Tebow’s drive was the most run-heavy for a quarterback for any fourth quarter game-tying or go-ahead drive we’ve seen in the last 30 years…Comparisons to John Elway are always going to be there as long as Tebow is in Denver, and this drive features many…Elway was known to use his legs, but he usually used them to escape and throw the ball. Despite 49 fourth quarter wins, Elway never had a drive where he used his feet the way Tebow did.

Tim Tebow is thankful for so very many things in this time for giving thanks


I would also like to thank You for Ed, the groundskeeper, a simple and humble man who maintains the grass and is fighting off the liver cancer You gave him the best he can…And I’d like to thank you for glazed walnuts, which brighten up any salad, particularly when mixed in with dried cranberries. In fact, if a salad consisted of NOTHING but those two things, I think I might be committing a sin!...Sometimes, the moon will come out during the day and I almost feel like You’re overdoing it, but I know that You are just showing me Your Greatness, which is greater than even the greatness of a good Joel Osteen audiobook.

The Daily Lard 11-22-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his latest mailbag, Mike Klis again makes the case for Denver to draft Baylor's Robert Griffin III, claiming that Griffin can thrive on the same running plays that Tim Tebow does but is also pass better. He also suggests that the key to improving Tebow's accuracy is in sharpening his footwork, rather than his long and slow throwing motion. Klis isn't so sure that Tim tends to throw catchable passes, and that instead his delivery may hide the ball from receivers' eyes, he throws a "heavy" ball, and his passes often rise or dive in the air.

Klis believes Wesley Woodyard's role in the NFL will continue to be as a nickel linebacker who can fill in as an occasional starter but isn't bulky enough to play on first and second down regularly. He also foresees the Broncos trying to re-sign both Brodrick Bunkley and Marcus Thomas, who are currently playing on one-year deals, although no negotiations have begun with either player. At the safety position, Klis thinks it's realistic to imagine both Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter starting next season.

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Tebow among inaugural inductees to Trent Dilfer Club

Introducing The Trent Dilfer Club

So, how is Tebow winning?  Mostly on Defense.  In his 4 wins, the Broncos defense has a -.89 WPA.  Tebow personally lost the Detroit game and would have lost the Miami, Oakland and New York games, had it not been for the Broncos solid defense and some late game heroics.

Open Thread - MNF Week 11

Enjoy the game everyone, and Go Pats! Mike TanierMatt Bowen and Erik Frenz of CHFF share their thoughts on the matchup.

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Phil Simms: Tebow just needs to take a chill pill

Phil Simms: Tim Tebow has to stop worrying about throwing INTs

Dan Patrick: Would you want him as the QB of your franchise?

Phil Simms: Well, not now, no…He is throwing it better, and to me his biggest problem throwing is, he’s more worried about throwing an interception than he is completing the pass. He’s being so careful when he lets it go; I know he’s not gonna miss some of these 10-yard routes that are out there in front of him. But he’s neurotic about making sure it’s not going to be intercepted. If he stops that, he’s going to start completing more, and it’s going to look a lot better to everybody’s eye.

Starts around 7:38 of the podcast. (h/t tom3565)

The revolution is starting!

Bears' Urlacher selling Tebow Time, but Lovie isn't buying

“[Caleb Hanie’s] going to be able to move around in the pocket a little bit—maybe a little (Tim) Tebow offense,” Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune on Monday.

Don’t bank on it. Coach Lovie Smith wasted no time Monday pumping the brakes on ripping pages out of Denver’s radioactive read-option playbook.

If it's going to sweep the NFL, it's gotta start somewhere, right? So what that it's only in Brian Urlacher's head...

Passing > Running, still

Running For Three Yards Is Like Going Backwards

The cliché that it’s a passing league is truer than we realize. Advanced stats that can account for sacks, turnovers, penalties, and everything else show that the average running play is a setback…And what of the Denver Tebows, who have won three of their last four games with an offensive heavily tilted toward the run?...As hard as it is to believe, the Broncos won because they were the more efficient passing team. Tebow threw for 5.0 net yards per attempt, while Mark Sanchez averaged a net 4.4 yards per attempt, adjusted for his three sacks and an interception. So long as the other quarterback plays worse than Tebow, the Broncos can win. Unfortunately for Denver, that’s not going to happen very often.

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