League may finally address domestic violence

Good Morning, Broncos fans! According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the NFL may increase punishments for domestic abusers.

Reacting to intense criticism of Ray Rice's two-game ban, the league is considering a four- to six-game penalty for first offenders, and a one-year suspension for repeat abusers.

These changes would reportedly be implemented within a matter of weeks; the NFLPA has reportedly not been involved in the process.

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Reports: Raiders still looking to move, probably back to Los Angeles

The Raiders and owner Mark Davis are continually increasing their pressure on the city of Oakland to back the construction of a new stadium.

According to the Chronicle, Davis has not sought an extension to the team's lease at O.co Coliseum beyond the 2014 season, nor does he plan to.

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An IAOFM First: We PC’d a comment at another site

Denver Broncos fans are very lucky

Annoymous fan Aug. 13, 2014 at 1:21 pm
I don’t agree with you and your article or even your first sentence…
Tim Tebow is a way better QB and deserves the right to a FAIR chance to play in the NFL!
BACK THEN the owner of the Denver broncos gave Freaking Elway a chance and the FANS wanted ELWAY GONE! The broncos should have given Tim Tebow a chance and he deserves to start as QB he earned it when he took my hometown team to the playoffs back in 2011. Mr. Elway shouldn’t of HAD ANOTHER NFL TEAM like the JET”S buy TIM out of his Denver bronco Contract back in March of 2012. What Problem was TIM? Are you the MEDIA jealous of TIM? Was Elway Jealous of TIM? TIM IS a REAL descend Man who isn’t MONEY greedy like most of these players.
Mr. Manning should have stepped aside as a Respectful legend as everyone so called calls him, should have worked with Tim so he can be good! Tim’s religion shouldn’t be an issue with you haters, media, and NFL team owners. And you call yourself a sports writer?! He’s a WAY better ROLE MODEL then those who go out and commit careless crimes but their FREAKIN allowed to play in the NFL even the one’s who do DRUGS are still allowed to have a FAIR chance to play in the NFL. But Tim’s NOT ALLOWED because of his RELGION?!

The article is craptastic, but never mind that.  Peep the only substantive comment on it (as of this writing).  All spelling and grammar errors are the commenter's and have been maintained in their original form.  Does anybody miss delusional people like this?  Is this dude PFT Commenter's role model?

Bradley Roby chooses his tutors well, that’s for sure

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Fortunately, Danny Trevathan's leg fracture will not require surgery.

A worse case would have involved pins and screws, and/or ligament tear(s).

In his stead, Brandon Marshall will get the first chance to start at the Will, with rookie Lamin Barrow behind him.

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Ultimate Training Camp Twitter Timeline

Ultimate Training Camp Twitter Timeline

No two training camps are exactly alike, but every camp-saturated Twitter timeline is exactly the same. If you kept your Tweet deck open during a typical midway practice session in the past two weeks, chances are you experienced something exactly like this:

Is camp over yet?

FCC commish: Down with the blackout rule

FCC commissioner calls for an end to NFL blackout rules

“Right now, the FCC is officially on the side of blackouts. We should be on the side of sports fans,” Pai said in his announcement. He said that he is going to ask the five-person panel that makes up the FCC to hold “an up-or-down vote ending the sports blackout rule.”

Damn straight.

Jokes about Raiders fans write themselves

Raiders fan swings helmet at Cowboys' B.W. Webb during fight

Dallas cornerback B.W. Webb said he felt someone on his back, swinging a helmet at his head. Thinking it was a player, Webb spun around and swung his right arm. Webb told USA TODAY Sports he didn’t know it was a fan. Many of the Raiders fans brought helmets to get autographed by players after the practice.

Hell, the Spurs are so concerned about keeping Raiders fans out of AT&T Center that they're trying to keep the team from moving to San Antonio.

Trevathan carted off with tibial fracture; expected out 6-8 weeks

Weakside linebacker Danny Trevathan was carted off during Tuesday's practice with a fracture in his left leg and may be out for as long as two months.

Although the emerging star was unable to put any weight on his leg after hurting it during 11-on-11 drills, Troy Renck had said the team's initial reports were promising.

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And thus begins the annual run on crappy quarterbacks

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The team returned to practice Monday, after a day off on Sunday.

Jacob Tamme was excused for personal reasons, while Emmanuel Sanders, C.J. Anderson, and Montee Ball were among those held out.

With Ball and Anderson out, Juwan Thompson got in some quality reps with Peyton Manning and the starters.

Malik Jackson was the apparent star of the day, even picking off Manning along the way.

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Is DeMarcus Ware overrated and overpaid?

He surely didn't know it (nor would he care), but Monday was a rough day for DeMarcus Ware in the football analysis corner of the internet.

The tenth-year player made two dubious lists - Doug Farrar's most overrated defenders, and Jason Fitzgerald's worst contracts per team.

Farrar cites Ware's position change under Monte Kiffin as having hampered his season.

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