Flutie says the NFL is turning into the CFL

Good Morning, Broncos fans! It's certainly not often our intent to open a Lard with NBA news.

But it's late June, training camp is a month away, and the news is ginormous, transcending all other current sports happenings.

LeBron James is about to become a free agent once more.

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John Clayton sees no problem with paying Jay Cutler $1M/year less than PMFM

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! The Kyle Orton Watch of 2014 continues.

No, it's not quite as dramatic as his last QB controversy, but for the dog days of late June, it'll have to do.

Apparently, Kyle remains silent on his plans for the season.

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TD: I may have suffered ‘thousands’ of concussions

Good Morning, Broncos fans! We've all heard/read countless accounts from former players about the head injuries they suffered during their careers, and their long term effects.

Several Denver legends, including Floyd Little, Randy Gradishar, Karl Mecklenburg, Dennis Smith, and Craig Morton have sued the league over concussions.

Shane Dronett was found to have had CTE when he took his own life, at age 38.

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Jeremy Beal heads north

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! Time and again in 2012, there was debate over how long it would take for Peyton Manning and his new teammates to get well enough acquainted to thrive on the field.

That same question is asked each year of new additions, whether via free agency or the draft.

Thanks to the WSJ, we now know that golf may be the key.

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Playbooks for everyone!

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! There's another new mini-controversy involving the Patriots and allegations of cheating.

Greg Bedard's profile of new Bills Browns head coach and former Jets DC Mike Pettine included a passing mention that the Pats had a copy of Rex Ryan's defensive playbook.

Well, it's a passing mention, aside from the embiggened quote from Pettine, and Bedard's allusion to it within his intro to the piece.

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No, not that Brandon Marshall

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As has become his practice, John Fox cut the team's final minicamp short by a day.

Players were dismissed after Wednesday's practice, and are due to report for training camp on July 23.

Interestingly, Mike Klis says linebacker Brandon Marshall was among the standouts of OTAs.

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Scouting the Broncos: Offensive line versatility

When someone visiting Dove Valley asks who will play right tackle, they’re going to get a stock answer.

Ryan Clady and Louis Vasquez will start at their traditional slots. Orlando Franklin will will start at left guard. Manny Ramirez leads at center going into training camp. Chris Clark has earned the right to head the right tackle depth chart going into camp, with Winston Justice his first competition.

Beyond those factors, it’s wide open.

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Washington may lose trademark protection of racist name

Good Afternoon, Broncos fans! The blatantly racist name of the Washington franchise was dealt a setback on Wednesday morning.

The U.S. Patent Office has ruled to cancel federal trademark protection of the "disparaging" name.

This is the second instance of such a finding, although the similar 1999 ruling was overturned on a technicality.

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Magazu: Garland is Denver’s Energizer Bunny

Ben Garland blazing military-NFL trail

“He doesn’t wear down, which is really incredible,” Magazu said. “Even some of the other guys will ask, ‘Aren’t you even tired.’ Yeah, but you don’t ever see it. He has that mental toughness and that physical toughness he can push through it. It doesn’t look like there’s a dent in his armor.”

According to Ashley Fox, Garland still has one year of practice squad eligibility remaining.

Orange Julius: Football is still new to me

Julius Thomas still learning after breakout with Denver Broncos

“Would it be fair for me to say, ‘Maybe a couple of weeks ago’?” Thomas said in a recent conversation, when asked when he finally started to feel comfortable with football. “Seriously. Last year, I was able to do a lot of good things. I kind of survived on self-confidence and athleticism. In one game, the defense did something, and Peyton was like, ‘Julius, did you see that?’ And I said, ‘Peyton, they got me; I had no clue what they were doing.’ There are still situations I haven’t been in before, and I’m still learning what to do.”

This is an interesting time to be discussing a contract extension; will the Broncos end up paying Thomas based upon 2013 production, or his potential - if not expected - growth?

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