Reducing Ryan Clady’s salary a nice idea, but unlikely

In a recent post, Jeff Legwold suggests the Broncos might try to negotiate Ryan Clady's salary down from the $8.5M figure he's currently due (it's not $8M, as Legwold writes - that was his 2014 salary). It's an interesting idea, but is it doable?

Denver used its franchise tag on their left tackle two years ago, eventually signing him to a five-year, $52.5M deal. Unfortunately, a Lisfranc injury cost him most of that season, and nagging injuries in 2014 kept him from returning to his prior elite level. Still, he's never missed a game outside of that 2013 season.

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No, Denver’s QB of the future isn’t on the practice squad

Mason's Mailbag: Thoughts on free agency, organizational structure and more

...there’s a reason why Dysert was on the practice squad and Osweiler was the No. 2 quarterback the last two years. Osweiler has a year’s more experience under his belt, and it shows; he’s more consistent and can do more things well on a day-to-day basis at this point than Dysert. And when they play in the preseason, Osweiler has faced a much higher caliber of competition than Dysert, so that must be factored into the evaluation.

The extent of Dysert's play has come against fellow practice squadders and guys whose NFL careers are already over, so let's not enshrine him just yet.

Saints sign former CFL corner who worked out for Broncos

CFL All-Star corner Delvin Breaux, who reportedly worked out for many teams, including the Broncos, has agreed to terms with his hometown Saints. The New Orleans native was seriously injured during a high school game and was never cleared to play for LSU; he later played in the Gridiron Developmental and Arena leagues before heading up to the CFL in 2013.

New Orleans sported the fourth least efficient defense in the NFL last year, and the fifth worst against the pass. One reason for their struggles was the decision to sign Champ Bailey over a younger free agent.

Woody: I Love The 90s

Paige: Wade Phillips is Broncos' best choice as defensive coordinator

The Son-of-a-Bum was a lousy head coach, a victim of the Peter Principle. He belongs right back here as a brilliant coordinator. In his last job with Houston’s defense, ranked worst in the league, Phillips lifted it to No. 2. As a coordinator, he has elevated eight different franchises’ defenses, including Denver’s.

Woody thinks Denver should also hire Rod Woodson, which we think is a terrific idea.

Doom: Broncos’ last contract offer was a slap in the face

Elvis Dumervil, Mike Adams doing just fine after departing Broncos

“The last time I had 17 sacks (in 2009), I was an outside linebacker. Then I got injured and when I came back, I played defensive end.

“I didn’t complain. I did my job. I played hurt. I just wanted to win for those guys. The fans, the city. But then with the contract, they threw the fact I didn’t have 15 sacks in my face.”

Doom's Baltimore contract: five years, $26M. DeMarcus Ware's Denver deal: three years, $30M. Just sayin'.

Don’t hold Gary Kubiak’s Houston struggles against him, just yet

Carroll, Belichick excelled after failing the first time

When the confetti falls on either the Seahawks or Patriots next Sunday, 12 of the last 18 Super Bowl champions will have been coached by men who had felt the sting of the pink slip as an NFL head coach.

While trivia like this bears no indication of how Gary Kubiak will fare in Denver, the stories of Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll show us not to dismiss Kubiak's chances based upon his Houston tenure.

Do the Chargers already have a Los Angeles stadium deal in place?

Chargers call report of stadium deal in Los Angeles untrue

The San Diego Chargers refuted a report from a St. Louis radio station that the team has a deal in place for a new stadium in Los Angeles.

Andy Strickland of CBS Sports radio 920 AM in St. Louis reported Friday that according to high-ranking officials in St. Louis, Chargers owner Dean Spanos has a deal in place with Goldman Sachs to build a stadium in Los Angeles, and the NFL asked him to hold off from announcing or releasing those plans.

The Chargers claim they still want to stay in San Diego, which is about as believable as the Raiders moving to San Antonio.

Emmanuel Sanders thinks Peyton Manning will be back in 2015

Sanders thinks Peyton Manning will return to Broncos

Sanders said his only communication with Manning was a post-season text, but added that he thinks the quarterback will return for another season.

However, if Manning does retire, Sanders believes that Brock Osweiler could fit seamlessly into new coach Gary Kubiak’s scheme and help him get that Super Bowl ring.

“Yeah, I think Brock is a quarterback that is on the rise, he’s going continuously get better and I feel like Kubiak’s offense fits him really well,” he said.

FWIW, DeMarcus Ware, Woody Paige, and Vic Lombardi also think Manning will be back for at least one more go.

Dungy: Don’t forget about the Patriots’ substitution antics

Dungy: NFL needs to restrict New England’s substitution game

“The NFL is going to have to do something about the Patriots’ ineligible-eligible substitution game. It is nothing but an intent to deceive and they are doing it very well. They’re reporting so fast and going so quickly the defense can’t respond. In fact, the officials can’t keep up.”

There's pretty much no other way to view it, unless you live in a certain region of the country.

Also, the Patriots are even more dominant when it’s raining

Patriots Do Notably Well in Wet Weather, Analysis Shows

Over the past 12 seasons, the New England Patriots have played so well in wet conditions that their margin of victory in those games has exceeded the betting “spread” — set by a global market that tries to take all known advantages into account — a remarkable 80 percent of the time, according to a new statistical analysis by a sports betting information website.

In those 20 games, New England's average score has been 30.5-13.2, for a whopping 17.3-point average margin of victory.

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