Open Thread - MNF Week 13

Enjoy the game, everyone! Mike Tanier, Fake Jon Gruden and Christmas Ape preview the matchup.

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Whitlock: Tebow could be the NFL’s Magic Johnson

Tebow might be a true revelation

At this moment, no one knows whether the Tebow experiment Elway and Fox have been pressured into undertaking will result in anything more sustainable than Tennessee’s Vince Young experience or Atlanta’s Michael Vick roller coaster. What should be dawning on us — especially those of us who greeted Tebow’s Broncos career with skepticism — is that, thanks to a rock-solid, two-parent upbringing, Tebow is quite different from Young and Vick in terms of mental and emotional makeup. Those differences raise the real possibility that Tebow is the athletic-freak quarterback an NFL franchise should embrace with a revolutionary offensive approach.

Five championships? Sign me up.

Craggs: Covering Tebow has turned media into blithering idiots

Can Anyone Out There Talk About Tim Tebow Without Turning Into A Moron?

“But does God really care who prevails on the playing field? Ordinarily, we’d say no. Then again, how to explain QB Tim Tebow, who wears his devout Christianity on his sleeve and who led the Denver Broncos to yet another improbable comeback win Sunday?”

I’ve said all along that the backlash against Tebow is really a backlash against the way Tebow gets covered in the media. This smarmy little paragraph is as good an example as you’ll find. I mean, who needs St. Thomas Aquinas when you have the Broncos’ five-game winning streak, right?

Lombardi: EFX must embrace Tebowmania but have a Plan B if he doesn’t improve

Tebow changes Broncos' long-term outlook; more on Week 13

But what Fox and Elway did not foresee was the polarizing support Tebow would gain in his own locker room. His will to win, his work ethic and most importantly his ability to make plays in the clutch has made his teammates believers. Working hard and wanting to succeed is something most players have, but the key is actually producing wins. No one follows any player for just working hard. Winning creates support and with every win, Tebow adds more followers and believers.

With Tebow so firmly embedded as the leader of the resurgence, it would be impossible for Elway or Fox to move on without him. The team would revolt. They would lose their fan base and risk their own futures. If they replaced Tebow, it would have to be a sure thing, and we all know nothing is a sure thing in the NFL. Does this mean they have to be 100 percent sold right now? No, but they need to respect his work and adapt their plan.

The prudent course of action is to embrace Tebowmania and continue to improve the team’s overall talent, while making sure there is a plan in case Tebow fails to improve. In other words, the same course of action any front office would do with any player.

ESPN’s Total QBR can’t even admit Tebow played well yesterday

Tom Brady turns in top Week 13 Total QBR

Tebow had no success running the ball as he had zero rushes that went for first downs for the first time as a starter in the NFL. He also took two sacks, one for 10 yards that created a third-and-19 (which they failed to convert) and one that resulted in a fumble that was recovered by the Vikings.

Please, can someone put this stupid metric out to pasture? It's already long overdue.

The most dominant post-MJ athlete in all of sports now gets compared to Tim Tebow

Tiger Woods does his best Tim Tebow impression

Who does Tiger Woods think he is? Tim Tebow? With back-to-back birdies on the 17th and 18th holes, Woods engineered a comeback worthy of the Denver Broncos quarterback, who, himself, delivered another come-from-behind win for his team on the same NFL Sunday that Woods broke a two-plus-year winless drought.

Tim Tebow, transcending the golf world too.

FO: Tebow would be a lot more popular with a Gumby haircut

Audibles at the Line: Week 13

Vince Verhei: However, both touchdowns left the Broncos down by two points, and they opted to go for one each time. I know there’s a whole quarter to go, and the Vikings haven’t let you do much on the ground all day. Still, your quarterback is theoretically a great goal-line weapon, and it’s better to be tied than to be behind. Anyone want to argue for taking the single point(s) there?
Aaron Schatz: Nope. I agree. I think it makes sense for Denver to always go for two. Probably Carolina as well… Denver in short-yardage situations before Tebow became the starter: 33-percent conversion rate. Denver in short-yardage situations after Tebow became the starter: 67-percent conversion rate.
Mike Tanier: I guess one of us should point out that he looked real sharp much of the game and found a lot of open receivers. It might as well be me.
Aaron Schatz: Yes, Tebow definitely did look better as a passer today. It helped that the Vikings cornerbacks kept waiting for safety help that wasn’t there, but Tebow did have to find those guys with accurate passes, and he did.

John Fox sure is fortunate that his team bailed out his gutless decisions to forego two-point conversion attempts to tie the game TWICE.

Elway warps time: the future is actually the present

12-5 The John Elway Show Part 1

“Everybody wants to know [about Tebow], but our future is right now.  I think that when you look at where we are..the future is the Chicago Bears.  We’ve got three out of our next four at home, we’re coming off five out of six wins, and so..we’re excited to come home.  I think the city is excited is excited about it…the fans are excited about where we are right now.  So the future is now.”

Elway was asked directly again about what yesterday's performance meant for the future of the Broncos' QB situation.  Although Elway said Tebow made "big strides yesterday"  against Cover 2, he said about as little as one could when faced with a direct question.  Elway was sure to give credit to "all 53 guys," and point out that John Fox was "tremendous." 

In the second part of the interview, Elway managed to shower Demaryius Thomas with glowing praise, calling him a "weapon."  Later, Gary Miller pressed him for some more thoughts on Tebow.  Elway said his favorite play from Tebow was his audible to a go route to Demaryius Thomas that was barely out of his reach. 

Next week, be sure to watch out for the "one game at a time" cliche.

Fun with Peter King and Tim Tebow

Timmy Tebow Is Peter King’s New Favrecycle

The Bears visit Tebowville this weekend

TEBOWVILLE! Where the streets are paved with abstinence pamphlets and angels serve you home fries at the local diner. And it rains Kirk Cameron DVDs EVERY DAY.

I have nothing further.

PFF: Denver defense a mere shell of itself sans Von

Re-Focused: Broncos @ Vikings, Week 13

If a player’s worth is defined by what his unit does in his own absence then Von Miller’s stock should be on the rise in every single award category out there. Be it Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year or even MVP; he needs to be at least on those ballots. A defense that has been so stifling for the last month on the Broncos winning streak suddenly looked a shadow of itself against a Viking offense that has hardly been tearing up the league. Without Miller the productivity of the pass rushing nosedived, netting pressure on only 13 pass rush attempts of the 261 times that Denver defenders rushed the passer.

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