Fat Man’s Trivia Trough: 300-Yard Passers

I don’t know about you, but I’m always hungry for useless knowledge - especially when it pertains to the Denver Broncos. Since you’ve all got pretty fat Broncos IQs, I figure it’d be fun to test your acumen every once in a while. Here’s the first one - can you name every Broncos QB who has thrown for 300 yards or more in a regular-season or playoff game? You’ll have five minutes to enter your guesses. I’ve even allowed for a few misspellings, although if you fail to get the top guy you will be immediately banned from Broncos fanhood for life. Enter your score in the comments, and no cheating!

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Can you name the Denver Broncos QBs with 300-yard passing games?

Never enough RBs Lard 9-15-10

In case you missed it, the Broncos traded a 2011 fourth-round pick to New England in exchange for RB Laurence Maroney and a 2011 sixth-round choice. A thigh injury apparently kept Maroney out of the Pats’ opener. Although he has been a decent player and scored 9 touchdowns in 2009, Maroney failed to live up to expectations in New England. Before you get too excited about the guy, it is important to keep in mind that Bill Belichick was apparently so anxious willing to get rid of trade the RB that he took for just perhaps 55 or 60 points of draft value in exchange for the former first-rounder.

Brandon Stokley was released yesterday after agreeing to an injury settlement. In three seasons with Denver, Slot Machine had 108 catches for 1,490 yards, 12 TDs and one of the most memorable plays of 2009 and in Broncos history. Best wishes, Stokes!

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Monday night thoughts

OK, I’m trying to figure out how to make time for this.  Today, I worked 8:30 to 5, came home to find my car broken into, and some stuff stolen, dealt with that, went to an MBA class (HR management… blech) from 8 to 9:15, and caught the end of the Jets-Ravens game, and most of the Chiefs-Chargers game.  Whew!

So, now, after all that, I’m going to share some thoughts from the first weekend.

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Broncos acquire Laurence Maroney from Patriots (updated 9pm ET)

The DP is reporting the trade. Denver sends a 4th-rounder to New England in exchange for Maroney and a 6th-rounder. Interesting, to say the least. Laurence Maroney of course, was drafted in the same round as Jay Cutler. After the draft, Shanny claimed he was going to take Maroney had he not been able to swing the trade up to take Cutler. He also claimed that Maroney would turn out to be the best RB in the ‘06 Draft, and although he’s been productive at times, he has not lived up to the billing.

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Huge Decision of the Week - Jacksonville, Week 1

Football, like just about anything in life (work, travel, choosing between a Vixen and Ratt concert), presents us with tough decisions.  Often these decisions are complicated by different risks and rewards that we must evaluate side-by-side.  Even more often, and without the necessary time to weigh all of our options, we simply go with what feels right at the time.  If we are lucky, we try to have our cake and eat it too (Vixen opening for Ratt?).  Usually, however, these decisions are mutually exclusive.  In other words, it’s one option or the other.

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A Second Helping of…Tim Tebow

*Note* We had a bit of a glitch with this one, so I’m placing this post above Lard to make sure folks don’t miss it - Doug

Each week we’ll bring you an extra look at a player the Broncos used in a creative or interesting way during the previous game.  This week, we’re getting a 2nd plate of Tim Tebow.

After the 2010 Draft, everyone suspected it was coming.  Josh McDaniels was going to use Tim Tebow in some sort of fancy Wild Horses package.  He had months of scheming and dreaming.  Jack Del Rio and the Jaguars read the papers, too.  So they spent part of their week preparing for Tebow.

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Three-way tie for second place!! Lard 9-14-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I’m a little tired and my ears are still ringing from seeing Spoon last night, so this may not be one of the more smoothly flowing Lards. Is that yucky imagery? Sorry, haha. I’m going to borrow something from my favorite Mets blog, Amazin’ Avenue over at SBN. As you all know, athletes, coaches and especially announcers, tend to make comments that could be interpreted in a suggestive and hilarious (or gross depending upon your interpretation) manner. At AA they call it the “unintentionally sexual quote of the game,” and at least for now I’ll call it the “Big Fat Innuendo of the Day.” Clearly, this will not be a daily thing, as I don’t plan on searching out these instances. They just tend to um, pop up…

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Face mask x 2 = 30 Lard 9-13-10

Good Morning, Broncos fans. Clearly, that was not the start we’d hoped for, as the schedule is about to get very scary after next week’s home opener versus Seattle. It wasn’t a horrible performance, but a familiar early-season Florida road trip dud. The kick coverage units made Tiquan Underwood look like Dante Hall or Devin Hester. Well, practically. Ryan McBean and Richard Quinn drew some serious McD rage as the former racked up two unnecessary face-mask penalties on Jacksonville’s game-winning drive, and the latter caused the Broncos to waste a timeout with 12:58 remaining in the game as he seemingly forgot the play call. David Garrard was the picture of efficiency, with 3 TDs on just 21 throws, while MJD had a solid 98 rushing yards against a poor Denver run D. Meanwhile, Kyle Orton looked pretty good but gave the Jags a bit too much time to reach him on all three of their sacks, and threw a few would-be interceptions. On the brightest of sides, Robert Ayers finally got off the schneid with his first NFL sack, Brandon Lloyd made several of his signature circus catches, and the Eddie Royal who can actually get open reappeared…

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Gut Reactions - Jaguars down Broncos 24-17

It’s never smart to overreact to an opening-day loss, but there are plenty of takeaways from today’s game.  First, let’s start with the positives:

1. Eddie Royal.  As advertised, he’s much stronger this year.  And it was good to see how many yards he picked up after the catch.  It’s clear that his move to the slot will pay dividends for Denver. Royal had 8 catches for 98 yards.

2. D. J. Williams.  Williams was flying all over the field in both run and pass.  Williams had 10 tackles today.

3. Kyle Orton.  Although Orton took two sacks that he could have probably avoided by throwing the ball away, overall, Orton looked very mature in the pocket. 

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Week 1 Open Thread, Broncos @ Jaguars

As I haven’t solved that DirecTV riddle yet, I personally won’t be around to contribute. Let’s just call this an experiment, as frankly we hadn’t discussed this option until Dennis brought it up (Thanks, DM!). If it’s a popular item, we’ll continue it. So, here goes - enjoy the game folks, and Go Broncos!!!!!

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