Gut Reaction: Broncos picks on film, late rounds

Another round of YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure--without a defensive tackle.

I'll reserve total judgment until the free agency period ends, but the biggest beneficiaries of this year's draft were Ryan McBean abd Kevin Vickerson.

These videos feature Quinton Carter, Julius Thomas, Mike Mohamed, Virgil Green, and Jeremy Beal.

If you haven't yet checked out our videos from the first three rounds, you can catch them here.

Again, I've kept my commentary to a minimum because pretending to be Mel Kiper is both exhausting and ridiculous.

I also refuse to grade a draft of 23-year-old players in a few hours.  

What do you think of the new Broncos?

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Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Mike Mohamed, Virgil Green & Jeremy Beal

The IAOFM staff discuss the Broncos' sixth- and seventh-round picks in the 2011 NFL Draft:

Mike Mohamed

Douglas:  WOW another LB, Mike Mohamed.

Ted:  Mike Mohamed... this is a guy I've never heard of.

Emmett:  According to the scouting reports about Mohamed: “is a hard-worker who will maximize his natural tools on the field. Will come into your franchise, understand your defensive system, provide some instant linebacker depth, and contribute on special teams. However, he lacks the power to be a true force in the box against the run and the speed and range to make plays on the outside or mirror explosive space players in man coverage. Probably just not enough physical tools to work with to become an NFL starter, but still a late-round prospect who will bring some impressive instincts and great character to a locker room.”
I'd never heard of him either

Ted:  Well, he was a 3-4 guy at Cal, so that's a little weird.

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Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Quinton Carter & Julius Thomas

The IAOFM staff discuss the fourth round of the 2011 NFL Draft and react to Denver's selections of Oklahoma safety Quinton Carter and Portland State tight end Julius Thomas, plus the implications of the Broncos' defensive picks on the 2011 roster

Doug -  So who are we hoping for here?

Ted - Christian Ballard

TJ - It's like we have to hope that the Gods force Xanders to take a DT for these guys to draft one

Doug - Good thing this kid tested positive so he could slip to us? haha

TJ - Yeah, now that I've read all his grades - some had him late 1st

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Open Thread: 2011 Draft day three

Welcome to day three of the 2011 NFL Draft, Broncos fans! Enjoy the proceedings!

Keeping up with IAOFM and a quick hello

Howdy there Broncos fans, a quickie introduction: I'm the man behind the curtain. I'm not pulling any levers on the editorial crew here, but I am setting up the site and speaking the HTMLs and all of the other fun stuff we need to make this thing work.

As the troop is pumping out great draft coverage, I wanted to remind everyone that there are various ways to access It's All Over, Fat Man!:

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Bizarro World Lard 4-30-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Last night held a few surprises, as Denver came away without a new defensive tackle but moved down from #36 in a deal with San Francisco which added fourth- and fifth-rounders to bring the Broncos' total cache of 2011 picks to nine (for now). It's easy to be frustrated at the Broncos' brass for not having taken a DT (as you saw in our Chewing the Fat series), but don't forget that we're reacting to a draft that's completely different than most (if not all) of us are used to. Usually by now, the bulk of free agency has  already come and gone, meaning any holes that were not filled with veteran imports could reasonably be expected to be addressed this very weekend. If our team were really pushing the envelope, they might leave a big hole or two in anticipation of some significant June 1st salary dumps coming to save the day.

But our football world has been flipped upside down this year, and obviously some of us haven't quite adjusted yet. Yes, defensive tackle is a great need for Denver. Yes, the defense was atrocious in three of the past four seasons. But you know what? Before last night our projected starting lineup may have included Joe Mays or Wesley Woodyard, and while Wes is a favorite of ours here at IAOFM, he has never shown the durability to be a 16-game starter. Now we're looking at a starting trio across the middle of Von Miller, Nate Irving and D.J. Williams. D.J. has taken a lot of heat here, but it's not because he's a poor player - he just isn't the superstar (or star) we'd all like for him to be. But surrounded with more talent in 2011, he won't have to be a star, and he will no longer be the only linebacker offenses have to concern themselves with (post-Robert Ayers moving down to the line).

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Gut Reaction: Broncos picks on film

You've probably seen highlight reels of the Broncos' draft picks on ESPN or NFL Network.  While highlight reels are fun to watch, they rarely tell the story of a draft pick. 

So I decided to hit YouTube for some actual tape of all of the picks and put them into one place.

I hope you enjoy.

I've tried to keep my own commentary to a minimum.  As you can see from our Chewing the Fat series in the last day, I really have been disappointed in the Broncos for not addressing the defensive line.  But the truth is, trying to pass judgment on a draft immediately is somewhat foolish (albeit great fun).  We are talking about 23-year-old kids here.  It's impossible to know how these picks are going to pan out.  Further, as fans, we simply aren't privy to what went on during workouts with the Broncos.  Marvin Austin's workout and interview may have told the Broncos more than any tape possibly could.  

Do I wish the Broncos were sitting wtih Marvin Austin and Stephen Paea on their roster tonight? Absolutely.

Could the Broncos have done the right thing by passing on them? You bet.  

Half the fun will be finding out.

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Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Nate Irving at #67

The IAOFM staff's conversation leading up and reaction to the Broncos' third-round selection of NC State linebacker Nate Irving:

TJ - I guess Denver will have a few options at DT - are we even convinced they will draft one?

Ted - I'm pretty encouraged, but we can only hope.  I want Jurrell Casey

Doc - Is Christian Ballard still out there?

TJ - Yep

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You Got Served: Live third-round analysis

Ted Bartlett evaluates draft-eligible prospects in his spare time, among a number of activities he pursues, including golf, MBA classes, and dating women who are much younger than him.  When his kindergarten teacher told him that he was advanced, what she was saying was that, with minimal effort, he'd be able to do better than "really passionate" people who try their hardest.  He also focuses on the NFL's business and legal environment, offensive and defensive schemes, going off on unrelated tangents, and all 32 teams in the NFL. Follow along as he offers his instant analysis of tonight's NFL Draft.

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Chewing the Fat: Broncos select Rahim Moore & Orlando Franklin

The IAOFM staff react to the Broncos' second-round selections of UCLA safety Rahim Moore and Miami OT Orlando Franklin at numbers 45 and 46, respectively:

Ted - Rahim Moore is crying in the green room

Doug - Wow

TJ - I mean he's fine, but...

Doc - Oh, no...I've watched a lot of UCLA - I'm not even sure he's fine. He's good in a poor class.

TJ - I'd like to see the next pick please

Ted - I don't love the value here.  I'm hoping for a DT next. I do love Shannon welcoming him to the family, though

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