Tomlinson reportedly out for Jets; McGahee iffy for Denver

Source: LaDainian Tomlinson won't play against Broncos due to MCL sprain

Although [Rex] Ryan remained uncertain about Tomlinson’s availability for Thursday’s game against the Broncos, The News has learned that Tomlinson won’t play in Denver.

The status of Willis McGahee, who was a limited participant in Tuesday's practice, remains unclear.

The SC crew discuss Tim Tebow among their roundtable topics

The Shutdown Corner NFL Roundtable: Week 11 Edition

Doug Farrar: The recent history of different option packages in the NFL tells me that the Broncos will indeed have success with what they’re doing. As I detailed in this article, they’ve set things up to fool defenses in ways that are virtually unstoppable against defenses that aren’t extremely disciplined…Of course, the question is — what happens in the offseason? Do they stick with Tebow as their starter, or do they go a different way?

Here's the article Farrar references above, unfortunately I'd missed it the first time around.

John Fox on the new Denver offense as crafted for Tim Tebow

Smart like a Fox: Broncos coach adapts to Tebow's strengths

It was after [the Detroit] loss when Fox and the rest of the organization would begin a two-week transformation that included a change in playcalling. The resulting success in turn led to a change in the attitude toward Tebow Time…The looks Denver has gotten from opposing defenses in the past two games has opened the door to more creative ways to exploit teams with Tebow’s skill set…On Thursday, after a short week of preparations, the Broncos will have yet another opportunity to progress their newly implemented option system against the Jets. They’ll add more plays and packages. They’ll continue to polish the ones they’ve already implemented in the past two weeks.

You Got Served: Now Digest the Jets!

Happy Victory Tuesday, friends.  Today, you’re going to get a Serving of thoughts on the Chiefs game, and something to Digest about the Jets, since that game is being played on Thursday night.  Get excited, because it’s a two-fer Tuesday.  Ready… BEGIN!!

1.  Sunday’s win came in an unusual way, but you should never apologize for a victory.  One of the Denver reporters got a little smart-assed with John Fox, and asked if he’d ever coached a game like that before.  Fox kind of smirked, and said that yes, he had.  It turned out that he won that one too.  Jake Delhomme was out, and they pounded the hell out of the Falcons that day and played good defense.

For the last two weeks, the Broncos have gotten in touch with their physical side on offense, and a creative and effective running game has led to back-to-back road AFC West victories against both of the Broncos’ most hated rivals.  For a Denver Broncos fan, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Somehow, though, being a Broncos fan has gotten to be more complicated than that.  Somehow, everything came to revolve around the Quarterback, and sides have been chosen; everybody seems to have a bias one way or another, and the Broncos and Tim Tebow keep confirming it, whatever it is.  For a while this was amusing, but it’s really kind of tiresome to me at this point.

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Ryan Wilson breaks down Tim Tebow’s Week 10 performance

Tracking Tebow, Week 10: Just win, Timmy

His misses weren’t nearly as off the mark as they have been in recent weeks. Two early deep throws should’ve been caught, another was woefully underthrown, and his running back dropped a short pass in the second half. Tebow’s worst throw of the afternoon was on 3rd and 4, when the ball traveled approximately 2.5 yards in the air before short-hopping his intended target. In that sense, Tebow improved, though probably not nearly enough to be considered anything other than a fullback with a pretty good arm.

The Daily Lard 11-15-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! PFF's John Breitenbach analyzes the Jets' loss to the Patriots Sunday night, and he says NJ played quite well at times but blew their opportunities with poor special teams play and turnovers. They allowed 4.5 sacks to Shanny favorite and Denver son Andre Carter, with Mark Sanchez deserving plenty of blame for holding the ball too long. We'll see how that works out against Von Miller.

Meanwhile, Breitenbach has plenty of praise for Jets NT Sione Pouha, whom he says is always involved in running plays and "occupies double teams but gets off blocks and makes tackles too." He then goes on to list the virtues of Jets C Nick Mangold, comparing him to ex-Broncos C Chris Myers, who has excelled with the Texans after Shanny & Co. sent him to Kubes in a rare sign-and-trade deal. Finally, Breitenbach writes that Jets S Eric Smith had a rough day trying to cover Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker, and that his tackles in the run game all came downfield. Hopefully there'll be more of that come Thursday...

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Open Thread - MNF Week 10

Here's what Matt Bowen is looking for from tonight's matchup.

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Chris Brown explains how to defend the Zone Read

Defending the zone-read: athleticism and the “scrape-exchange”

Defenses began reacting by using a technique called a “scrape exchange” to mess up the read. With this defensive adjustment, the defensive end always crashes for the running back, while the linebacker “scrapes” over to take the quarterback…But let’s step back from scheme: what else can a defense do? One answer, is just to get more athletic.

Texans QB Matt Schaub reportedly done for the year

Source: Matt Schaub out for year

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub will miss the rest of the season with a Lisfranc injury, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Poor Kubes. After five middling seasons leading the Texans, old friend Gary Kubiak had finally moved himself off the proverbial hot seat and his team into serious contention thanks to some help from another old friend, Wade Phillips. Now, with his QB likely done for the year, Kubes is apparently stuck hanging Houston's hopes on the left arm of the underwhelming Matt Leinart. 

Moreno done with torn ACL; Johnson promoted

Update 3:32pm ET: As expected, the Broncos have promoted RB Jeremiah Johnson from their practice squad to take the place of Knowshon Moreno, who was lost for the year with a torn ACL. Additionally, the team signed RB Xavier Omon to the PS to take Johnson's spot there. Johnson had suited up for the Broncos' Week 2 victory over Cincinnati, the first NFL game of his career. Omon is a 26-year old back out of NW Missouri State and has spent time with the Browns and Bills, where he played under current Denver RB coach Eric Studesville.

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