Not even Mets bloggers are immune to Tebow flaming

Only the Gunslinger can save the Mets

Only the Gunslinger can save the Mets. Tim Tebow, by request (don’t ask). More grission than you can shake a stick at.

Denver coaches wowed by Tebow’s work ethic

Debunking the myths of Tim Tebow

The talk is instead about a man who is driven, who arrives early in the morning and leaves long after most of his teammates have departed…Now that he is in the NFL, his diligence is in improving his throwing and studying opponents…The hour doesn’t matter. It could be 9 p.m., maybe 10, but at some point every night the phone of Broncos quarterbacks coach Adam Gase will ring and Tim Tebow will be on the line. “I’ve been watching film,” Tebow will say. Then a string of questions: What happens if a defensive player moves a certain way? How should he go? And what about the receivers? Are there other options? Quietly, Tebow has dazzled the Broncos coaches with his deep understanding of complex offenses.

Nothing is more important than footwork. This is where the Broncos coaches believe Tebow will thrive next…For 30 minutes before every practice and 30 minutes afterward, they work on gliding back and stepping forward…What they couldn’t have understood before they drafted him was how much he would practice this.

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Another of life’s burning questions, answered

John Clayton Does Not Have A Ponytail, But He Does Have A Mullet

The I-Team investigated this some time ago, only to be told by ESPN that NFL analyst John Clayton did not have a ponytail but only a “mess of hair in back.”

The combover mullet. Wow, that is something else.

The Daily Lard 12-15-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! In his latest mailbag, Woody Paige dumps plenty of blame on Denver's receivers when it comes to not catching Tim Tebow's passes, and he gets pretty creative with it. On one hand the bad throws are supposedly a direct order from John Fox to throw balls in the dirt, and some more fault lies with John Elway for not having helped Tebow much during training camp. So, let's get this straight - Tebow's been playing QB his whole life (despite the narrative being falsely put out there that nobody wanted him to play QB). He came into the league with question marks about his throwing and his accuracy, and he supposedly spent countless hours (remember, nobody works harder) fixing/working on his throwing before being drafted, and then again last offseason (in between selling books and underwear). He has shown those very accuracy problems each and every week, but John Elway has the magic solution and it's just a matter of him not having shared his proprietary secret with Tim?

But back to the receivers, gotta hit them some more - Eric Decker couldn't see Sunday, Demaryius Thomas runs before he catches, and all of them "are just using their hands, not their arms" (huh?), and Woody's double-secret inside source tells him Decker and Thomas are still "learning touch and control" and his other sources say the young receivers simply aren't very good. Oh, and Brandon Lloyd is selfish and was an anonymous source, but who knows what that has to do with this. Tebow wasn't working with the guy in camp anyway, right Woodrow?

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To club or not to club, that is the question

Denver Broncos team report: Von Miller experiment with casts

Miller used a full ‘club’ cast in last Sunday’s victory over Chicago. At the time, the leading candidate for NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, said that covering his other four fingers gave him peace of mind. The concern was that he could potentially catch a finger in a jersey or facemask and create more issues.

But Miller went through Wednesday’s practice with a hard covering that ran to his mid-forearm and only covered the thumb. He’ll continue to experiment but liked having the freedom to use the majority of his fingers.

Von Miller could play with a body cast and still end up with a half sack at the end of the game.

Club away, Von.  Club away.

Pastor Wayne Hanson gets it right

He is not Tim Tebow's pastor and he does not believe God plays favorites with the Broncos

“I don’t think God cares about who wins a football game,” he said. “I do think he cares about people and people care about football. I think Tim has favor from God in his life, but that is there win or lose,” he said.

Yesterday I wrote that Wayne Hanson was an imbecile.  I laced imbecile with a choice adjective.

Tonight, Hanson clarified his position on whether God cares about football.  If Hanson was indeed misquoted, he gets my sincere apology.  If he simply backtracked on his statement, for whatever reason, he still deserves one hell of a pat on the ass for the clarification.  It takes a man to do something like this, no matter where the blame lies.

Good on you, Pastor Wayne Hanson.   We're in agreement.  God has plenty of busywork outside of watching large men concuss each other for two hours on Sundays.

(Note: Commenting off)

Network TV contracts extended through 2022 season

NFL extends TV deals with CBS, Fox, NBC through 2022

The National Football League has agreed to nine-year extensions of its Sunday broadcast television packages with CBS, FOX and NBC that will keep NFL games on free, over-the-air television, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Wednesday…The agreements also enable the NFL to expand its Thursday night package of games on NFL Network beginning next year…(Flexible scheduling) will be expanded in 2014, including the ability to move games between CBS and FOX to bring regional games to wider audiences…CBS, FOX and NBC will each televise three Super Bowls during the term of the agreements, continuing the current rotation.

Tebow on NFLN’s Sound FX tonight

Must see TV tonight: Tebow miked up for Bears game

What struck me foremost is how remarkably calm Tebow is during what we otherwise call “Tebow Time.” Crunch time. Do-or-die time…Incredible calm under pressure. As a leader, Tebow is clearly confident and is firm when delivering encouraging messages to various teammates, but he’s not quite as rah-rah as I thought he was.

(9:30pm ET tonight) He's also on the next SI cover, for real this time, and the condensed version of the game will air on NFLN tonight at 8pm ET.

Benoit: Look for Pats to try hurry-up against Broncos

Film Room: Broncos vs. Patriots preview

In short, (Tebow)’s getting better as a passer but still has a long ways to go. He’s been very good against Cover 2 looks…The brilliance of Denver’s zone-option run is that it forces defenses to crowd the line of scrimmage when there’s still the threat of a pass…A smart, fundamentally-sound run-defending front seven can still stymie the zone-option. Usually, it takes two stud linebackers and two stud defensive ends…Keep in mind, the Broncos have a sound rushing attack even without the zone-option…It’s entirely possible that Tebow and the Broncos will be able to move the ball through the thin Mile High air this Sunday…The reason Tebow has not had to put together four good quarters of even semi-traditional quarterbacking during this six-game win streak is because no team has managed to jump way out in front against the Denver defense.

My only (minor) bone to pick with Benoit's take is that Chris Harris has stepped up in a big way as the nickel corner, although that likely won't be his role this week. So, revolving door/weak spot not of late, deficiency this week, a resounding yes.

Orton to start if healthy; could mean Tim v. Kyle Week 17

Orton or Stanzi to start Sunday for Chiefs

Romeo Crennel said on Wednesday morning that Kyle Orton or Ricky Stanzi will be the starting quarterback Sunday against Green Bay. Tyler Palko is going back to the bench. If Orton’s finger is healthy, he’ll be the guy. If not, it’s Stanzi.

If Oakland beats both KC and San Diego, and if a Denver loss to KC in Week 17 has the potential to land them in a tie with Oakland, Oakland would take the division on the merit of a better AFCW record. Could make Orton's return to Denver a fascinating matchup indeed, and perhaps a must win for the Broncos.

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