Bill Cowher pushes for Orton comeback package and that’s just loco

NFL Pregame Show Week 11 Sound Bites: CBS' 'The NFL Today'

If I’m John Fox, I put together a comeback package with Kyle Orton. Take Kyle Orton and use him because you’re going to have to get involved and throw the football at some point…You’ve proven right now, when the game is close, I’ve got a quarterback. But if I’m behind, (Tebow) can’t throw it. I get Kyle Orton and I get a comeback package and it takes the learning curve off of Tebow. So John Fox, get a good comeback package with Kyle Orton.

Got to this a little late tonight, but just what the hell is Bill Cowher talking about?  What part of Tebow's comeback wins has he missed?  The 95-yard thingy?

At this point you live by the Tebow and die by the Tebow.  If he gets behind (like they've done in many of his starts), you let him work through it--that is, if you intend on developing him.

If you don't, well then, you're probably going to Brady Quinn anyway.

I remember whining really hard for Cowher to be the coach of the Broncos when they hired both Josh McDaniels and John Fox.  At this point I'm glad they chose the Marlboro Man over The Chin.

Santa Claus comes early for Broncos - Cutler likely out for the season

Jay Cutler injury affects AFC West

He was hurt in a 31-20 win over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. The Bears play the other three AFC West teams in the next three weeks. The Bears play at Oakland on Sunday, host Kansas City on Dec. 4 and plays at Denver on Dec. 11.

Denver has been anticipating the Dec. 11 game because would be Cutler’s first visit to Denver in the regular season since he was traded to the Bears in 2009.

Regardless of that drama, if Bears are without Cutler during the next three weeks, each team’s chances of beating the Bears has increased.

Have to agree with Pork Chop on this one.  The road to a playoff berth just got easier for the Broncos.

During the Broncos' last four wins, the Broncos' defense has faced a pedestrian Matt Moore, a comatose Carson Palmer, a flaccid Matt Cassel, and an erratic Mark Sanchez.  Coming to town in December will be the incomparable Caleb Hanie.  Until then, the Broncos face a suddenly jittery Philip Rivers and rookie Christian Ponder.

Who says the Broncos can't win if they continue to score only 17 points?

A Black Friday idea for Joe Ellis

Insider: Leinart in good spot to succeed

“There are people out there that think God is winning these games (for Tim Tebow) and willing him to victory- the right-wing coalition and the power of prayer. Everyone is going to be kneeling and Tebowing before it is all over. Someone is going to think of a way to make money off this one. They’ll create the Tebow doll where he is kneeling down and you push a button and he stands up and screams ‘Amen.’ “

Yeah, I know the idea of a Tebow doll sounds crazy, right?

I would have said the same thing about a 23-year old writing an autobiography a year ago.

Tebow makes the unexpected possible.  

Irvin chugs a gallon of orange Kool-Aid

Irvin talks Tebow and Super Bowl

“When I say ‘I believe,’ I’m talking about I believe Tebow can get this team to a Super Bowl because there has been in a shift in power in the AFC. It’s shifted to the NFC … We say run the ball, stop the run and don’t turn the ball over. That’s exactly what Tebow is doing right now.”

Make room aboard the Tim Tebow Express for Mike Irvin.

Expect to see a lot of this hyperbole in the next several weeks as the postseason draws near.  Tebow makes headlines, and producers will want all of their on-screen talent to start taking an extreme position on him either way.

You think Merril Hoge has sold less books in the last month?

Open Thread - Sunday Week 11

Enjoy the games, and Go Vikings Bears!

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Fat Pickins (and Probability) - Week 11

I'll disperse with the trivialities today and just say that Doug Lee is within one game of Mike Silver.

Will I see an elephant fly?

No way.  Doug spends a grand total of three minutes per week picking these games.  If only my brain worked so fast.

You may not like his take on Tebow, but all he does is win (pick 'em) games.

I apologize in advance for not getting to the probability and Baxter's locks.  There are several reasons for this.  Some could be true.  First, I can't get in touch with Baxter this morning.  When I left him last night he was dancing on top of a table and mumbling something about goldfish.  Second, I really wanted to bask in the glory of Doug Lee.  Third, now that the Broncos' game is over for the week, I don't care so much about the probabilities of the other games.  And finally, I woke up about thirty minutes ago and didn't have time.

Enjoy the games today, everyone.

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The Daily Lard 11-20-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Yesterday we covered the crucial Chargers/Bears game, so today let's take a quick peek at the game with the most immediate impact on Denver's season: Raiders/Vikings. An Oakland loss would drop them to 5-5 and into a first-place tie ZOMG with the Broncos, and they will be without several key players in RB Darren McFadden, WR Jacoby Ford and CB Chris Johnson, while three others are listed as questionable but expected to play: K Sebastian Janikowski, DT Richard Seymour and S Michael Huff.

As Jerry McDonald stresses, Oakland's first priority will be keeping pass rusher extraordinaire Jared Allen away from Carson Palmer, who will benefit from the absence of starters CB Antoine Winfield and S Husain Abdullah from Minnesota's secondary. The Vikings have struggled to put points on the board all year, but they also also lost to Detroit and Green Bay by just nine combined points, while Adrian Peterson has 11 TDs and nearly 1,000 yards from scrimmage; so you never know. Either way, how great/wild/unimaginable is it that we're talking about the Broncos potentially ending the day today in first place in the division?

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Elway & Xanders at OU/Baylor

Elway, Xanders scouting Oklahoma-Baylor game

With the Broncos off this weekend, Broncos’ front-office bosses John Elway and Brian Xanders are in Waco, Texas scouting the Baylor-Oklahoma game.

Tebow in a black and white world

What We Can All Learn from Tim Tebow

Of course, the bulk of the Tebow story has yet to be told, and the overwhelming likelihood remains that one of the league’s more archetypal quarterbacks will be the one to raise this year’s championship trophy. But for now, the education of Tim Tebow is also a chance for the rest of us to be reminded of some essential truths: that we must continually create spaces for new ways of seeing and understanding old systems; that we should always play to a person’s strengths, not their weaknesses; and that, sometimes, our institutions—and not the individuals who inhabit them—should be the ones to do the adjusting.

No matter what your view on Tim Tebow, the implicit point here is as solid as the ground upon which you stand (assuming you're not reading this in an earthquake): the world--and the systems we've created--are rarely black and white.   Remember this the next time you take a side on the debate.  No one really knows how this story is going to end.  Superlatives make for good theater, but they rarely encompass the holistic thinking required to grasp or understand an issue. 

When Tebow ultimately fails or succeeds as a quarterback, his critics or supporters will then write the narrative that shapes the history, as history is always written by the winners.  In hindsight one side will be able to claim they knew it all along.

This time, they'll be right.

Sanchez < Tebow

Toomer prefers Tebow to Mark Sanchez

Toomer later added: “I’m not a huge Tebow supporter, but when you’re going against Sanchez, it’s not that big of a curve.”

Pundits have questioned Tebow’s NFL credentials because of an unorthodox throwing style. The left-hander had just two completions on eight attempts in a Nov. 13 win over Kansas City.

Toomer believes Tebow will “work tirelessly” to correct his mechanics.

“I’d rather have a guy with a deficiency like that, but at the end of the day he’s going to put it all on the line and he’s going to play with his heart,” Toomer said. “I’d love that.”

Amani Toomer was given the choice Saturday morning between starting a franchise with Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez.

He picked Tebow, which is something Ted, Doug, and I all agreed with this week in our recent Chewing the Fat session. 

Mark Sanchez--bringing Broncos fans together in peace and harmony.   

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