Chewing the Fat: Preseason - Broncos vs Seahawks

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 23-20 preseason victory over the Seattle Seahawks

Denver’s first possession is a penalty-laden three and out

TJ: The Seahawks have a rookie at RT - Miller and Doom should test him tonight

Doc: They tried Tyler Polumbus this year, I believe. Didn't work out.

TJ: Wow, just saw why Brandon Mebane was wanted in free agency - good push from him. Penalties galore on this opening drive. Is this the 1st preseason game or the 3rd? Penalties took them out of their game plan, clearly

Doug: As Ted would say, right off schedule. Nice coverage on that punt from Matt Willis, and another huge kick from Colquitt

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The Daily Lard 8-28-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Last night's 23-20 victory (box score) over Seattle was about two things - the exceptional pass-rushing duo of Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil, and Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow's strengths and weaknesses encapsulated. The two defenders put on quite a show, combining for 3.5 sacks, six QB hits and three tackles for loss in just over two quarters of football as the defense held the Seahawks to 39 yards of total offense in the first half and just 183 yards overall. The extent of Von and Doom's dominance was likely magnified by the awful play of Seattle's starting tackles Tyler Polumbus and James Carpenter, but it's still cause for excitement.

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Gut Reaction: Preseason Week 3 - Broncos vs Seahawks

The Denver defense decided to travel back in time tonight.

Their destination?  The year 2005.  You remember that year, don't you?  It was the year the Broncos didn't allow a single yard on defense--or so it seemed.

The Broncos' first-team defense allowed the Seahawks only 39 yards in the first half tonight in their 23-20 victory.  By the end of the 3rd quarter, that total had hardly increased.

Was that Al Wilson or Joe Mays out there tonight?

Okay, I won't get too carried away.  The Broncos were playing the Seattle Seahawks; they were facing a young offensive line.  It's the preseason.

Things won't always be this way.  Will they?

Tonight, I'll dream dreams of Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil.  There will be a stopwatch.  It will start at 00:00.  Three seconds later, Miller and Dumervil enter the picture.

The stopwatch explodes.

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Open Thread - Preseason Broncos vs Seahawks

Enjoy the game, everyone! As expected, David Bruton, Demaryius Thomas, Marcus Thomas and Ty Warren are not dressing for the game. Go Broncos!

Fat Camp: Translating the language of strains and sprains

Denver had a pair of high-profile injuries two weeks ago, and confusion reigns as to what all these terms mean. I wanted to try and sort it all out for you. You might want to keep this one around - you’re likely to glance at it frequently in the coming months. I also want to sincerely thank Denny Clifford, MD (known around these parts as Ponderosa) for his help on the Western side of this piece - it’s always a pleasure for us to work and share information together, and Denny is without question one of medicine’s good eggs.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons gives these guidelines on their public site: Sprains and Strains: What's the Difference?

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The Daily Lard 8-27-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As Legwold points out, tonight's game against Seattle will provide the best and last preseason barometer of where the team is at, as the starters will play into the third quarter and sit out next Thursday's finale at Arizona. Tim Tebow is expected to be the second QB into the game, while the Broncos are expected to cut 10 players before Monday's practice - so tonight will be the final audition for several players.

As always, we'll have an open thread here starting an hour before kickoff, TJ's peerless Gut Reactions after the game's conclusion, and a Chewing the Fat tomorrow.

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Broncos release Richard Quinn

Third-year TE Richard Quinn was released by the Broncos with an injury settlement just three days after clearing waivers and being placed on IR. The former Tar Heel had been considered Denver's starting TE until the team signed veterans Daniel Fells and Dante Rosario, and he suffered a knee injury two days prior to the Broncos' preseason opener at Dallas. Quinn's brief stint in Denver was a rough one, as his most memorable moment involved getting chewed out by then-head coach Josh McDaniels in last year's regular season opener after the TE forgot his assignment and cost the team a timeout.

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Fat Camp: QB drops and passing game coordination

Happy Friday, friends.  It’s that busy time of the month for me again, so my goal is to provide maximum value over minimum length today.  Whenever I’m faced with that challenge, I tend to fall back to technical football, because there’s not really anything for me to research, nor is there a particularly exhaustive case to be laid out, since it’s not an opinion.  Thus shall it be today.

One of Doug’s friends, a youth football coach in NJ named Rob Arciero, asked if we could write about the technical aspects of QB drops at some point.  I decided to make “some point” today.  We’re a customer-focused website, after all.

When I was married, I went through this period of teaching my ex-wife about football, and she taught me about her favorite thing, cosmetics.  The end result is that I now know 10 times more about cosmetics than your typical heterosexual man, but I don’t know how well the football instruction took with her.  I bring this up not to brag on my vast knowledge of the product lines at MAC, but because I vividly remember her asking me once how come TV guys always say that QBs always take pass drops that are an odd number of steps.  That was a very good observation by her, and it lent itself to a good teaching point, which I’ll now share with you.

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The Daily Lard 8-26-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Pat Bowlen did his annual the team looks good the players love the coach I love the coach sitdown with the DP, although this time it's Mike Klis asking the questions (hasn't this always been Woody's gig?). In comparing Josh McDaniels and John Fox, Bowlen offers up this puzzler - "(Josh) just didn't have the level of experience that made me comfortable. John does." Okay, so why did you hire the guy in the first place, Mr. B? Honestly, there's not much in the way of substance to this one, although Klis does write that given his druthers, Bowlen would prefer an offensive-minded coach who'll lead the team to put up a ton of points. But as Klis puts it, Bowlen was nudged in the defensive direction by John Elway. BTW, someone should tell Klis that the Patriots have only won three Super Bowls under Bill Belichick, so the Shanny/Belichick/Coughlin total for SB victories should be six rather than seven. Ah, details.

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Fat Camp: Personnel packages

(Note: This is in response to the numerous requests we've received asking us to review the basics of personnel groupings) 

When considering personnel packages, it's helpful to start with the most fundamental and obvious notion in football: an offense has eleven players.  From here, we note that six of these positions are almost always fixed:

  1. Left Tackle
  2. Left Guard
  3. Center
  4. Right Guard
  5. Right Tackle
  6. Quarterback

This is an important--although elementary--reminder.  That's because it cuts right to the heart of football strategy.

How do you employ the other five positions in order to take advantage of your own strengths and your opponent's weakness?

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