Cirque du Tebow

Set your clocks: It’s Tebow Time at 2:00 p.m. (ET) on SportsCenter

FR: When was the last time SportsCenter devoted an entire hour to one person?
MS: Whenever we have major breaking news or events a good portion of SportsCenter will be devoted to that particular topic. This past July, the day after the baseball All-Star game (traditionally a slow sports news day), we devoted a good portion of a block of SportsCenter to examining the growing role of Twitter in sports and journalism. Today will be unique in devoting a large portion of SC to Tim Tebow without it being based on breaking news.

Michael Shiffman's (ESPN producer) answer to this question tells you everything you need to know about what the Denver Broncos are about to become.

Lombardi: The spread is here to stay

Newton, Tebow prove spread option will work in the NFL

But in reality, few run the spread with the quarterback being a major ball carrier like they do in Denver, Carolina and to some extent Philadelphia. That added dimension is something I could see becoming a new trend in the league…I hate hearing the rhetoric that defenses will catch up to Newton or Tebow. They won’t, because their speed makes the plays effective…The Broncos tried running a conventional offense with Kyle Orton and it failed…The spread is here to stay. GMs and coaches must embrace it. In fact, both Denver and Carolina need to acquire backup quarterbacks who can play a similar style to Newton and Tebow so they don’t have to change their offense should either QB miss a play or a game.

Of course, some guy named Ted Bartlett has been saying this for years...

Archie Manning goes lawnmower parent again

Archie Manning doubts Luck, Peyton want to be teammates

Archie Manning was asked on FOXSports radio Tuesday if Indianapolis should draft Stanford QB Andrew Luck with the top pick next spring.

“I don’t think it’d necessarily be great for either one,” he said regarding Peyton and Luck. “I think Andrew’s the type of mature player ... he can walk right in (and play).”...“Peyton’s always tried to help Andrew and kind of be a friend. (But) I doubt if either one of them want to play on the same team.”

Okay, so let's see if I've got this right:

  1. Archie Manning is Peyton's father.
  2. Archie talks to Oliver Luck frequently.
  3. Archie suddenly appears on a radio show to tell everyone he doubts Manning and Luck want to play together.

You get the hint, Bill Polian?  Or does Archie Manning have to "smooth" things over for you a little more?

UPDATE: Archie went on the Dan Patrick show a few hours ago and tried to backpedal, saying he wasn't a GM, but a "daddy."  That's the point, Lawnmower Man.

Me So Horny, Jon Gruden

How Jon Gruden became America’s football coach.

But Gruden abhors the “stats sluts” who try to replace the judgments of a trained eye with mathematical formulas. He says, “You know what I hate, man? Guys that you know haven’t seen the film: they just quote a bunch of statistical bullshit.” Of course, there’s something absurd about a man who loves data railing against “statistical bullshit.” As Gruden demonstrates every Monday night, it’s not possible to assess football without statistics. If anything, his voluminous appetite for game film suggests that football needs more and better statistics: a way to measure all the things that Gruden notices when he is watching and rewatching plays.

I used to be a "stats slut" myself, but I'm fighting my addiction.

My problem now?  I watch so much game film, I've got hair on my palms.

(h/t SportsGrid)

Von Miller is a sore loser

Great expectations: Von Miller living up to the hype as a rookie

By the time the loss was complete, the rookie linebacker was beside himself. Elvis Dumervil tried to approach his Broncos teammate the following day, but Miller responded with the silent treatment. The two sat together in a team meeting room, and while Miller stared at the greaseboard and video screen, he ignored Dumervil’s attempts to engage him.

Practice time arrived, and Dumervil finally took it upon himself to end this nonsense. “I was like, ‘Are you mad at me?’ “

Miller explained that, yes, he was peeved — intensely so. After all, he wasn’t used to coming out on the short end in a matchup on “Madden NFL 12.”

Man, this kid is Elway/MJ-like in his competitiveness.

Karlos Dansby: Come-to-Tebow moment was come-to-Jesus moment for Dolphins players

Karlos Dansby: Tim Tebow Beating Dolphins Was the Work of God

“The young man is blessed. The young man has a special anointing on him. For God to show himself in the game the way He did, through the guy He did it through, it opened a lot of guys’ eyes on our team. It brought a lot of guys closer to God. Everything happens for a reason. That was something that we couldn’t control, and it was out of our control. My hat goes off to Tim, and God working through him like that. It opened up a lot of eyes. He’s a blessed young man, and I wish him much success the rest of his career.”

Tim Tebow, saving people's souls through his play on the field. Incredible.

Tim Tebow is the new Brett Favre

Tebow takes over SportsCenter on Wednesday

ESPN is dedicating a full hour to non-stop Tebow coverage on its flagship show, SportsCenter, from noon-1 p.m. MST on Wednesday.

First, we had Peter King turning his MMQB into a Tebow-laden slobberfest. And now that Tebow is winning, the Worldwide Leader wants to make sure it doesn't get outdone by NFLN in the Relentless Tim Tebow Coverage department. Plus, they probably need to overcompensate for the criticism of Tebow's play by their own Merril Hoge and Trent Dilfer.

Poor Aaron Rodgers. He just manages to get out from under the shadow of Favre, he's leading the Pack to an undefeated season and is amidst perhaps the greatest season ever by a QB. Yet, all everyone wants to talk about is Tebow...and Favre.

The Daily Lard 12-7-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! How anxious is Matt Forte to get back onto the field for the Bears? Well, he's already turned to PRP injections (platelet-rich plasma) to help heal his sprained right knee, if that tells you anything. There's basically no chance Forte suit up on Sunday in Denver; so the Broncos will be facing the fearsome backfield duo of Caleb Hanie and either Marion Barber or Kahlil Bell, who's spent more time in scout-team duty than actually playing in Chicago's offense.

Quite a downgrade from Jay Cutler and Matt Forte, huh? Just goes to show that when looking at a fearsome schedule months in advance, any multitude of events can change its complexion when the games actually roll up. Just two months ago, Denver's schedule looked like a largely-winless gauntlet with the Broncos headed back for another top-five draft choice in April. But, an improved running game, the defense stepping up in a huge way (even last week, some key takeaways were mixed into the poor play) and the mostly turnover-free play of Tim Tebow, and a slew of opponents injuries has the Broncos appearing headed for the playoffs. But it's not just the Broncos' fortunes that have changed so drastically, as Chase Stuart points out. Remember how the Bills and Shanny were each back to relevance? Oops...

Continue reading "The Daily Lard 12-7-11"

How I get from Joe Theismann to Chaka Khan

Retired scramblers weigh in on Tim Tebow debate

“You’ve got Aaron Rodgers, you’ve got Drew Brees, you’ve got Tom Brady that set a standard of excellence in football that we haven’t seen,” said Theismann, now an NFL Network analyst. “What makes 2011 so unique is we have seen quarterback play in this league at such a high extreme and in Tim’s case, the bottom rung when it comes to completions.”

Besides Tim Tebow, what other athlete in football can generate an article that includes quotes from Steve Young, Randall Cunningham, Bobby Douglass (don't challenge the spelling on this one), and Joe "Snap, there goes my fibula" Theismann?  Nobody, that's who. I find myself questioning my own position on Tebow if it at all approaches Theismann's.  The last time he was relevant, Turbo and Ozone (and Chaka Khan) were ripping it up in the first Breakin' movie:

Blinding Tebow with Science

Science says: Tim Tebow can improve as a passer

“Just as a simple example, say that a quarterback wants to throw a bomb, nearly 60 yards. The quarterback releases the ball at 50 mph with a release angle of 45 degrees, and the ball is caught at the same height at which it was thrown. The ball goes nearly 56 yards down the field in about 3.22 seconds if we ignore air resistance. A well-thrown spiral doesn’t have too much air resistance, so those numbers don’t change much when including the air,” Dr. Goff said.
“If you drop the arm a foot like in a sidearm throw such as Tebow’s, the range is just a tad over 49 yards and the time of flight is about 3.3 seconds. The conclusion of something like a 12 percent reduction in bomb distance is the new result, as long as one assumes the release speed has dropped 5 percent and the release angle has increased five degrees.” The result is a reason why players in the secondary are perhaps making plays on Tebow’s throws and knocking down passes.

Zed: Ahh..well. Bring out the PhD.

Maynard: I think the PhD's sleeping.

Zed: Well, I guess you'll just have to go wake him up, now, won't you?

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