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It’s All Over, Fat Man! has shut down. Here are our farewell posts.

Goodbye, and thanks

Doug bids farewell to IAOFM

Fresh starts

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Thank you, see you soon

IAOFM had a great run, see you somewhere else on the internets soon

It’s been fun, but I have to go

Ted says goodbye and explains why he won't be writing about NFL football any longer

Bubble boys make final bids

Bailey, Dreessen hope to practice Saturday; McCray has severely sprained ankle; Anderson off crutches; high school player dies after head-to-head collision

Injury Report: Bailey, Dreessen make limited return

Champ expected to make season debut Monday; C.J. Anderson and Chris Kuper practice in full

IAOFM community recognized

Disqus blog features IAOFM commenter Underdog

Draft Notes: LB superlatives and rankings

Ted discusses the homogenization of NFL schemes and evaluates the best of the draft-eligible LB class for 2013