Get ‘em while they’re hot: Tebowing Christmas cards

For Unto You Is Born This Day In The City Of Denver A Savior, Which Is Tim Tebow (Expedited Shipping Available)

Some Coloradan soul has gone to the trouble of creating a limited run of 1,000 of these bad boys so get them while they’re hot (Five for $15). Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Unless…no that’s not for a few more months still.

I'm holding out for a Tebow tree topper...

Mort: Broncos less likely to use first-rounder on QB

Broncos may avoid 1st-round QB

If Tim Tebow continues to show improvement and leads the Broncos to the playoffs, the franchise is likely to commit to him as its starting quarterback in 2012 and not automatically use a first-round draft pick on another quarterback, according to team sources. Any commitment to Tebow as a starter does not mean the Broncos will ignore the quarterback position in the offseason because Denver only has Tebow and rookie Adam Weber under contract beyond this season. If Denver commits to Tebow as a starter, the Broncos will “draft the best player available” regardless of position, a source said, whereas the organization and executive vice president of football operations John Elway had expected to use a first-round pick on a quarterback in April’s draft.

Open Thread - Sunday Week 14

Enjoy the games everyone, and Go Broncos! Inactive for Denver are WR Eddie Royal, FB Quinn Johnson, LB Mike Mohamed, G Manny Ramirez, T Tony Hills, TE Julius Thomas, and DE Derrick Harvey, while Chicago will be without QB Jay Cutler, QB Nathan Enderle, RB Matt Forte, S Major Wright, G Ricky Henry, TE Andre Smith, and DT Anthony Adams.

This means Von Miller, Willis McGahee and Ryan Clady should all play despite their respective injuries. Julius Thomas continues to be in street clothes despite glowing reports during training camp.

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Fat Pickins (and probability) - Week 14

Although the Broncos are favored today, the ratings say there's a 51% chance they lose.

What does Jeff Sagarin know that we don't?  Nothing really, it's a glitch in his model that hasn't accounted for both Jay Cutler and Matt Forte going down in recent weeks.  It's the same glitch that took weeks for the Colts to work their crappiness through the statistical system.

So look for a Broncos win.

Enjoy the games, everyone!

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The Daily Lard 12-11-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As another slate of NFL games chock-full of bone-jarring tackles approaches, another sobering article is here to remind us of the long-term consequences facing the players whom we'll soon be imploring to lay down a harder hit, or to get an extra yard or two for the benefit of our fantasy teams. Peter King and SI spoke with 39 of the 48 players (46 are living) from the Week 1 roster of the 1986 Bengals, and they of course found a wide range of maladies, from the aches and pains inherent of any physical sport or labor to the precursors of dementia and worse.

How these ex-players (gladiators?) look back upon their careers is similarly expansive, from CB Ray Horton's I'd do it again in a minute, to S David Fulcher's it wasn't worth it whatsoever, to TE Eric Kattus not wanting his own sons to take up the sport at all. If I have a son someday, I doubt I'd encourage him to play the game. Yet here we are...

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A lesson on how to apply selection bias


This will be difficult. Whether because of altitude or whatever, the Broncos have the NFL’s best record at home (218-84) since 1975. They already have lost to Oakland, San Diego and Detroit at home this year.

The Broncos do indeed have the best home record since 1975.  Wait, 1975? 

Often in our quest to build a gigantic sample size, we end up creating a worse problem--we ignore the obvious, like new stadium construction, regime and player changes, and you know, recent five and ten year trends, which would match current rosters.

But it's one hell of a statistic.  Even the wine-and-cheese crowd that currently inhabits SAF can get behind it.   

RG3 beats AL, C-3PO, and R2-D2 for Heisman

Griffin wins first Heisman Trophy for Baylor

Griffin received 405 first-place votes and 1,687 points. Luck received 247 first-place votes and 1,407 points to become the fourth player to be Heisman runner-up in consecutive seasons and first since Arkansas running back Darren McFadden in 2006 and `07. Alabama running back Trent Richardson was third with 138 first-place votes and 978 points. Wisconsin running back Montee Ball (348 points) was fourth and the other finalist, Louisiana State cornerback Tyrann Mathieu (327) was fifth. Griffin’s highlights were spectacular—his signature moment coming on a long, cross-field touchdown pass with 8 seconds left to beat Oklahoma—and he put up dizzying numbers, completing 72 percent of his passes for 3,998 yards with 36 touchdown passes and a nation-leading 192.3 efficiency rating.

Got myself a little man crush on RG3, I'll admit it.  So although this has nothing to do with the Broncos (or does it?), it gave me the chance to express myself emotionally and work in a random Star Wars reference at the same time.  Here is the dizzying play in case you missed it:

Pete Carroll scared to death of Tebow

Tim Tebow: Flavor of the month, or long-term staple in Denver?

Carroll said the Seahawks were strongly considering taking Tebow early in the draft too. “When we got close to draft time, I had an awakening,” the coach said in a phone interview this week. “All these shows where they were talking about how he’s not throwing the ball right. He’s got all these guys drilling him, trying to figure it out, get his motion to where everybody would find him acceptable. It hit me, like, ‘What are we thinking? This guy’s like the greatest winner and champion of all time, and he’s going to figure it out somehow. Whatever he needs to do to figure it out, he’ll figure it out.’  “It really changed my outlook on his value going into the draft. I wasn’t surprised to see somebody else take him, that somebody else would realize the same thing. He’s going to find a way to be successful, more so than maybe anybody else we’ve ever watched come through the college ranks.

“Now that he’s jumped in there and he’s doing it and kicking butt, it’s like, who cares how you do it? What difference does it make? This guy is contributing to a great win streak, they’re in first place, and everybody is scared to death to play them because they can’t figure out how to beat them.”

If Tebow keeps winning expect to see a lot of quotes like this coming around the bend, from both coaches and journalists. Of course, it goes without saying, they are ridiculous.

Everyone needs to get their Tebow narrative straight as fast as they can. Here's the narrative: they knew it all along. As always, the story gets rewritten to fit the result after the fact, just like John Fox is doing now. 

So Pete Carroll had an awakening and says the Seahawks were strongly considering taking Tebow? Yeah? That's why Carroll drafted Russell Okung and Earl Thomas with his first two picks in 2010 when Tebow was still on the board. 

Elway and Tebow hug it out

Elway determined to succeed with Tebow

Elway — who was sometimes caught in media controversies during his 17-year Hall of Fame career — became concerned enough that he spoke privately with Tebow to clear the air.

“I said, ‘I know you don’t read those things, but I know you’re just like me in that your family and friends think it’s their obligation to tell you something that was said about you. I just wanted to make sure that as long as you and I are always on the same page I’ll do the best I can,’ ” Elway said. “I told him I probably answered with too sharp an answer which could be spun a different way. I told him I’m sorry it came out that way, but it’s not the case.”

Tebow told he didn’t take Elway’s comment the wrong way but appreciated his gesture.

“Just for us to talk and have an open communication and good relationship definitely means a lot,” Tebow said.

The two will become even closer in the offseason. Elway said he plans to “spend a lot of time” with Tebow and Broncos quarterbacks coach Adam Gase. Elway already offers suggestions to Gase but doesn’t want to meddle too much with the coaching staff’s efforts in developing Tebow.

If Elway plans to spend a lot of time with Tebow in the offseason, I'm guessing this puts the whole quarterback thing to rest?

Tebowites of the world, unite!

More God, more Tebow

Tim Tebow: God's Quarterback

...feelings about Mr. Tebow have been a litmus test of political and social identity. If you think he’s destined to be a winner, you must be a naive evangelical. If you question his long-term chances as an NFL quarterback, you must hate people who love Jesus.

Just in case you've not had your fill of philosophical meanderings about religion and sports.  All together now: "lightning rod." 

This little gem of a quote pretty much sums up how each side sees one another.

(h/t RSH)

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