Network TV contracts extended through 2022 season

NFL extends TV deals with CBS, Fox, NBC through 2022

The National Football League has agreed to nine-year extensions of its Sunday broadcast television packages with CBS, FOX and NBC that will keep NFL games on free, over-the-air television, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Wednesday…The agreements also enable the NFL to expand its Thursday night package of games on NFL Network beginning next year…(Flexible scheduling) will be expanded in 2014, including the ability to move games between CBS and FOX to bring regional games to wider audiences…CBS, FOX and NBC will each televise three Super Bowls during the term of the agreements, continuing the current rotation.

Tebow on NFLN’s Sound FX tonight

Must see TV tonight: Tebow miked up for Bears game

What struck me foremost is how remarkably calm Tebow is during what we otherwise call “Tebow Time.” Crunch time. Do-or-die time…Incredible calm under pressure. As a leader, Tebow is clearly confident and is firm when delivering encouraging messages to various teammates, but he’s not quite as rah-rah as I thought he was.

(9:30pm ET tonight) He's also on the next SI cover, for real this time, and the condensed version of the game will air on NFLN tonight at 8pm ET.

Benoit: Look for Pats to try hurry-up against Broncos

Film Room: Broncos vs. Patriots preview

In short, (Tebow)’s getting better as a passer but still has a long ways to go. He’s been very good against Cover 2 looks…The brilliance of Denver’s zone-option run is that it forces defenses to crowd the line of scrimmage when there’s still the threat of a pass…A smart, fundamentally-sound run-defending front seven can still stymie the zone-option. Usually, it takes two stud linebackers and two stud defensive ends…Keep in mind, the Broncos have a sound rushing attack even without the zone-option…It’s entirely possible that Tebow and the Broncos will be able to move the ball through the thin Mile High air this Sunday…The reason Tebow has not had to put together four good quarters of even semi-traditional quarterbacking during this six-game win streak is because no team has managed to jump way out in front against the Denver defense.

My only (minor) bone to pick with Benoit's take is that Chris Harris has stepped up in a big way as the nickel corner, although that likely won't be his role this week. So, revolving door/weak spot not of late, deficiency this week, a resounding yes.

Orton to start if healthy; could mean Tim v. Kyle Week 17

Orton or Stanzi to start Sunday for Chiefs

Romeo Crennel said on Wednesday morning that Kyle Orton or Ricky Stanzi will be the starting quarterback Sunday against Green Bay. Tyler Palko is going back to the bench. If Orton’s finger is healthy, he’ll be the guy. If not, it’s Stanzi.

If Oakland beats both KC and San Diego, and if a Denver loss to KC in Week 17 has the potential to land them in a tie with Oakland, Oakland would take the division on the merit of a better AFCW record. Could make Orton's return to Denver a fascinating matchup indeed, and perhaps a must win for the Broncos.

The Power of The Placebo

The Power Of The Possible

“There isn’t anyone like him,” Angelo said. “I’ve always believed that 60 percent of evaluating quarterbacks is based on intangibles, and he has all the ones you’d want. He has talent too, but the main thing that drives [the Broncos] is his teammates’ belief in him. You hear people talk about his religious beliefs—and that’s O.K. I’m strong in my faith as well. But I believe there is some divine intervention associated with what’s taking place.”

The more people that buy into the crazy notion of the Jesus wants the Broncos to win narrative, the more powerful the placebo effect, which only helps the Broncos' chances of winning.  Angelo, the Bears GM, is really stretching the notion of a personal god, but hey, if it gets you prepared to lose to the Broncos, you've got to hit that crack pipe.

I wonder if Angelo is now prepared to admit the Broncos won the Cutler trade.  All the Bears got was Cutler, Johnny Knox, and a lousy t-shirt.  The Broncos used one of Chicago's picks to package some other picks, which eventually led to Tebow.

An even better question, though: if Angelo gave the Broncos a king's ransom for Cutler, and he believes Tebow is divine, then what would he trade for Tebow right now?

Wade Phillips takes medical leave from Texans

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is taking medical leave

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is taking a medical leave of absence for two games and will have a scheduled procedure done Thursday morning, Texans coach Gary Kubiak confirmed on a conference call with Charlotte reporters today.

Get well soon, old friend.

What we’ve all been waiting for…no, really

It’s Almost Tebow Time

Look for a release of a final Tecmo Super Bowl 2012 at the end of the year…this time with TEBOW!

Best game ever. (via Deadspin)

Red and gold is the new silver and black

Jets fan in hospital after savage beating in stadium parking lot

A disturbing incident of fan violence was reported over the weekend in New York, where a Jets fan says he was badly beaten by a bunch of drunk Kansas City Chiefs fans who yelled 9/11 taunts before the attack.

Nate Jackson: Broncos trainers pushed dangerous pain-killing shots

No Pain, No Gain? Not So Fast

When I played for the Denver Broncos, from 2003 to 2008, Toradol was a popular pregame injection…We were told it would make us feel better. So we lined up for the needle…There was no hesitation, no trepidation, no point at which I felt that taking Toradol was a risk. I trusted our team doctors. They wouldn’t suggest a drug if it was dangerous.

The player rarely if ever has a say in the treatment process…If the player seeks a second opinion, which he is technically allowed to do, it is taken as an affront to the medical staff, and he will be treated in the training room like a turncoat…The player is not told how to access his medical records or whether he even has a right to them. The folder of my medical records was as thick as a dictionary and I never had access to it. Even after I filed a workers’ compensation lawsuit against the Broncos a year ago that later included a request for that folder, I still don’t have it. The team hasn’t released it to me.

With each anecdote Jackson shares, one has to be more interested in reading his forthcoming book. Of course, how can we help but wonder how reading it will affect our love for this game? (h/t SteveS)

The Daily Lard 12-14-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! I was just about to write how fascinating it was that Alex Marvez is the first writer to point to the fact that Mike McCoy worked under Urban Meyer at Utah (How could it be that everyone missed that one?!), but then I realized there are a couple of problems with that. One, McCoy never worked for Utah, only playing for them from 1992 to 1994. Two, Meyer coached there from 2003 to 2004 while McCoy was coaching quarterbacks for John Fox with the Panthers. Marvez also points out that Tim Tebow threw a pick-six against Detroit but ignores/forgets that a fumble by Tim was returned for a score too. Man, where does Marvez get his facts from? The latter omission is easily excused, but to link McCoy and Meyer after apparently interviewing McCoy in depth is just mind-blowing. Well, he does work for FOX where quality journalism isn't exactly the highest of priorities.

Anyway, the rest of the article is pretty interesting as it talks about McCoy watching college film for inspiration to help him add wrinkles to the Denver offense, and he has apparently consulted with Demaryius Thomas, who played his college ball in Georgia Tech's triple-option offense. At least, that's what Marvez says. It's not a direct quote, which it would appear are the only things we can totally trust are accurate from Marvez, our latest inductee to the Hall of Hackery.

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