Tebow fans subjected to persecution on Strong Island


A group of athletes at a Long Island high school have been suspended — no, not for completely inappropriate and disgusting hazing rituals or for drug and alcohol use — for the heinous act of Tebowing.

Kids these day, just no concept of right/wrong. Seriously though, WTF?!

Wellington Mara and John Fox

Hi, folks. Thanks to some fast repair work on my computer system, I’m able to dictate a little ahead of schedule and I just wanted to share a vignette with you. After the Broncos took over first place in the division with yet another late-game surge, It may help to put the hiring of John Fox and the way the team is coming together into a little more perspective.

You see, with regard to all of the things that people are excited about concerning the Broncos (and most teams), the head coach frequently ranks up there with leftover oatmeal and strep throat. It’s hardly an uncommon feeling in football cities around the league - few cities don’t have groups that publicly dislike the coach, from the many websites I’ve visited, and coaches go from icons to idiots as quickly as Champ Bailey can sneak a hand onto an incoming pass. It just goes with the territory.

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Brady Quinn, forgotten man again

Beyond Tebow: Broncos' backup plan changes with Quinn

What happens Sunday if the coaches must again tell Quinn to get ready? How does he prepare to be the next man up in an offense designed specifically for another very distinct man?...While the Broncos continue to implement their unique offense, Quinn is in the bizarre position of trying to self-scout a defense that Tebow will never face…If the Broncos stick with Tebow, the team’s current setup at quarterback makes it pretty clear they’ll need to focus on acquiring someone similar to Tebow’s skill set.

Quinn says he'd love to return to Denver next year, but it'll be a shock to not see him heading out of town, along with Eddie Royal.

Somebody was bound to say it

Top Ten with a Twist: Why Broncos will beat Pats

If I had to bet my mortgage on the outcome of this game, I’d put my money on the Patriots. But … it’s possible Denver somehow pulls off the win, especially given its amazing run during the past eight games. Thus, in this week’s Top Ten (with a Twist), I’ve come up with 10 reasons why the Broncos will win. Sure, Denver will probably need to play the perfect game while catching New England on one of its lesser days in order to pull off the upset, but as we’ve seen, you always should believe in the power of Tebow.

It's not that crazy...

Burke: Tebow’s bizarre early/late split likely a confluence of several factors

Week 15 N.F.L. Game Probabilities: Explaining Tebow

Perhaps opposing defenses are playing too soft with their fourth-quarter leads. Maybe Tebow plays too tight until the necessity and urgency of trailing in the fourth quarter allow him to play with abandon, a theory that is bolstered by fact that Tebow has played relatively poorly in his three overtimes this season. Is it by design? Perhaps the Broncos’ plan is to minimize errors and wait for opportunities for big plays while relying on their defense to keep the game close. Then in the fourth quarter, they roll the dice and become aggressive. My hunch is that it’s some combination of the above.

Nate Newton, small potatoes next to Sam Hurd

Bears WR Hurd facing federal drug charges after arrest

According to the federal complaint, Hurd was arrested Wednesday after meeting with an undercover agent at a Chicago restaurant. The complaint said Hurd told the agent that he was interested in buying five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week for distribution in the Chicago area.

Man, Nate's got nothing on this guy. We're talking half a ton PER WEEK. If you're wondering, Hurd signed a three-year deal with Chicago in July which included a $1.35M signing bonus and a $685K salary for 2011 (via Rotoworld). Apparently, Hurd told the undercover agent that he was already responsible for the distribution of four kilos of cocaine per week, but that he needed more supply.

Trailer: Borderline Beast

Here’s the trailer for the movie about Brandon Marshall’s BPD

A documentary’s coming out in 2012 entitled “Borderline Beast.” Here’s the trailer.

BMarsh should be commended for his introspection, and his willingness to share his story and use it to help others.

Trotter: Tim Tebow Now in no way resembles Tim Tebow Then

In short form, Tebow the QB improving by leaps and bounds

Tim Tebow Now in no way resembles Tim Tebow Then—other than being able to make plays at the end of games for improbable wins. He looks so comfortable, so confident. Instead of talking about his shortcomings as a passer, we’re starting to talk about passes his receivers are dropping.

Erased: first 55 minutes of game

Tanier: An ode to Elway

Walkthrough: Dear John

Dear John,
I saw you on TV and you did not look thrilled;
That body language is really gonna get you killed.
There’s lots of people trying to make you out to be a villain.
I think your position is pretty clear, but they’re unwilling
To accept that this is business, all they want to hear
Is that you hate your quarterback, and it’s not true, and I get it.

The whole thing is pretty hilarious

Peppers wins the battle, Clady wins the war

Marquee Matchups: The Clady-Peppers Undercard

The only real shame with the whole Tebow craze currently is that some really good football is being missed with the attention centered squarely on the quarterback and his individual merits…Peppers won the statistical battle against Clady, registering a sack and fives pressures, yet, in a game where Tebow passed the ball 41 times, Peppers was unable to make that decisive play in halting Denver’s comeback…Clady never quit on this matchup, the Broncos never quit on the game and they came out victorious in the end.

As always, terrific analysis from PFF

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